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  1. BHUNP is not a priority to me, I could look into it, but since I use CBBE 3BA, I would rather keep no promises πŸ˜‹. With bodyslide it should be "easy" to convert, it just takes some time to get used to it. It should just take a few steps, I'm not an expert in the matter, but as far as I'm concerned, it should be enough to: - Load piercing into outfit studio - Load BHUNP body reference - Adjust piercings position to match with body - Clean bone weights and repaint them with the ones from the new reference - Conform all sliders - Clean all reference meshes and save (This can al
  2. I don't know which chest armour you are using, but the problem is probably due to slot conflicts. I have some armours where the main cuirass uses 2 slots, including 52, also bikini armour uses a lot slot 52, so you may find conflicts with the slots from the piercings, depending on the choice you took. I use this mod to know when armour will conflict because of slots: SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS) ☺️. But bottom line is, you should find what slots you are using so you can adjust the piercing slots. You have to options slots for installation on navel piercings if you choose extended options (52
  3. As far as I know, as long as the chest piece is not using the same slot as the piercings, they should be visible 🀨, unless something else is messing with the piercings. I have device hider off on devious devices, so I don't know if it could hide the piercings for using the same slots as the DD ones. If the chest piece changes the shape of the body, that could hide the piercings too, because it may engorge slightly the breasts and the piercings will get inside. 😢
  4. If you only want the belt and neck chain piercings, those are already included because they were part of Skeuomorph's mod, otherwise, it is unlikely that I will add new piercings that were not already in the original mods, because this is mainly an adaptation of an existing package to SSE and not a new one, but like everything else, it may be subject to change in time πŸ™‚ I have the same problem, see if you can equip Devious Devices vaginal soul gem piercing, if you can't you will have to change from slot 50 to 53, because you must have some mod that uses that slot somehow, that's
  5. Yeah, I'm not intending on supporting those items because they are not piercings πŸ˜‹, but honestly don't know what caused it, the only thing I did to the meshes of the wing circlets and amulets was to optimize the meshes, and that may have been what broke them, so probably I'll just revert those changes on a future update. If you overwrite with the meshes from the original mod "CBBE HDT Piercing Sets", I think it will work πŸ™‚ Well, kinda yeish/noish 😁, it does include Newmiller's piercings, those AND also others, but their not in a recent version That may be a resu
  6. Finally finished updating the files πŸ˜ͺ. Please tell me if you guys find any more problems, I suspect most problems should be fixed now, but I might still have missed some aligment issues, it appears that the slider set and group files were not properly updated, besides that, a series of sliders had default values above 0 on all piercings, thanks devilcry for pointing it out 😌. On a last note, according to discussions about the slots, I decided to add support for slots 52 and 56 for navel piercings, and 50 and 53 for vaginal piercings, just chose the combination you want on the FOMOD. If yo
  7. Sorry about that, I use Immersive Jewelry SSE which implements its own solution for left hand rings and uses slot 60 for that, which does not have any impact with any of the options. I probably misplaced those sliders' NIF files, I'll attempt to fix it as soon as I'm able πŸ™‚ I don't disagree about a consensus on the slots, but since it would be really difficult to do so, specially with mods like immersive jewellery, dual sheat, bandolier and so on, which there are no slots that can be necessarily attributed by the default of their names, it would be very difficult to
  8. I tried with 3BBB lite and full SMP, it does not appear that the physics themselves cause any kind of problems, I think that it is probably a problem with the bones used and/or the sliders them selves, there must be some kind of incoherency that I'm not able to detect with my current setup 😡, or I can have misplaced some files πŸ€”. I'm still trying to have the navel alignment problems, but they always look aligned in my game, I guess it could be the body presets, but I can also try that combined compatibility to test if it causes those differences in the navel piercings. I'm
  9. I was still using version 1.50, but even after updating I could not reproduce any issue with the navel position: All navel piercings look align in mine either in outfit studio and ingame 😢 These were the problems I found when I tested them all again after updating the body and rebuilding the outfits: - AH1 nipple sapphire heart is offset - SED7 nipplering gold/emerald is offset - SED7 barbel v2 have the gold piece separated from the gem - SED7 labia rings are all invisible on extended options - HW white navel piercings is also invisible The ne
  10. Thank you for your feedbacks, I messed up some more stuff I see πŸ˜• I've verified the sapphire hearts and SED7 invisible piercings, I'll take to fix that when I have the time. I had unexpected problems with the next and belt chains, they don't appear in mine, I'll have to double check the slots they're using. Also I can't reproduce the problem with the navel, are those from a specific set??? It appears from SED7 or Newmiller from the photos, but I had no problems with SED7 naval piercings, didn't test with Newmiller. Please let me know if you find any more bugs to work on them dur
  11. Thank you 😊. I'm still trying to learn how to add SMP to parts of the outfit, I don't know how much time I'll take to do it, or if I can right now. Like pling94 already said, I used 51, 52 and 53, for nipples, navel and labia/clitoris respectively, I may change in the future, I wanted to match DD, but I had problems with slot 50 ☹️ I was trying to match DD, like I said before, 51 was based on DD, but I was having problems with using slot 50 for labia/clitoris, and I didn't know if it was caused by another mod or any limitation of the slot. In the case for navel piercing
  12. I don't know which preset is that, couldn't find it to test it out, but I don't have issues with the 3BBB reference in bodyslide so I don't know check that 😟, were you using a specific piercing? The original mod does not support SE, it doesn't mean it won't work, but might not, however for me it worked fine for the plugin, only the sliders were out of place πŸ˜‹ Mine says clearly in the "What was changed" section that the files were ported to SSE 😐, so you just have to overwrite the LE files like the plugin and slider data meshes with mine in order to have them ported and wor
  13. I'll look into that for the next update, it should work automatically as long as those presets were inside the CBBE or 3BBB slider group, maybe they aren't and that is why they don't appear on the piercings, but I didn't yet check. If anyone has any preset they use and would like me to check if I can add them to the piercings please post the presets in here to check them out πŸ˜„ EDIT: I checked both presets in my bodyslide and they were already included in the CBBE group and they show up:
  14. Make sure you are building the piercings to your body preset in bodyslide, otherwise they will look offset. You appear to have the same problem with devious devices soul gem piercings. Could you tell me which ones you tried on? I tested on CBBE base presets (Zeroed, Slim and Curvy) and it works well with those, this is how it looks like to me in CBBE Curvy using SMP and CBBE 3bbb Body Amazing:
  15. Ok Guys, I just spent a lot of time realigning and fixing the meshes positions and testing to check if they were all in place again, and it appears that they are 😍, even thou some deform a bit with movement, but I'll attempt to fix it some other time... For the people who had alignment issues with the prior versions, please try the new one and give me some feedback 😘
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