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  1. Sure.But if you can, I hope you can only post Bodyslide files
  2. Hello,I am Xuniana (^o^)ノ , I port outfits for Skyrim from 2017, this is my patreon This is armor/clothes conversion/port thread ,to record and show what I've done Most of these "armors" will require AIM which allows you to just spawn items. Also mind install XPMSE or corresponding bodyt ype with skeleton inside. [Xuniana] XN_Beaded_bikini HDT-PE [Xuniana] XN_Piggy_Outfit with UUNP HDT 【Xuniana】Bikini_Gust_C 1.2 [Xuniana]XN_KILLER_FROST Armor [Xuniana]Bikini_Gust_Series 1.5 [Xuniana] XN_Tsumugi [SKYRIM MOD] XN_Swimsuit UUNP 1.0 [SKYRIM MOD] XN_String_Bikini [SKYRIM MOD] XN Sagittarius UUNP [SKYRIM MOD] XN_Mandarin UUNP [SKYRIM MOD]XN_MIXED_SCHOOLGIRL_H UUNP [SKYRIM MOD]XN_SLUT DRESS UUNP 【SKYRIM MOD】XN_Matabei_Goto 【SKYRIM MOD】XN_Bombay Bikini 【Christmas Gift】XN CrimsonFeather 【SKYRIM MOD】XN_School swimsuit 【SKYRIM MDO】FAIRY TAIL Ultear Cape [SKYRIM MOD]XN-Melty Heart 【SKYRIM/SE MOD】XN_Daiquiri_Bikini updating...
  3. Hey,Sorry I don't know anything about 3DS max , it is why I have not touch HDT stuffs... BTW why i have saw someone post it already HDT-PE
  4. Is this the same xuniana from nexus? o.o

    1. xuniana


      Yep,this is me <3

    2. datuputi666


      wew sorry a year late reply but I'm a fan.


  5. youre the best!

  6. Emmmmmm If u download this armor from there: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1977.html It is not Ninirim's, it made by dianchangx, this is another mod. IT IS A FREE MOD And. "fuck it, get Xuniana's cape. who needs clothes anyways. lewd is the way to go!"
  7. I love 2B,especially love her ass!!! I just made(edited) this mod and post it on my Tumblr Welcome download !
  8. hello xuniana.. welcome to my garage hello gutris1, I just want to say thanks for your mod and your work I like your mods! Plz porting more clothes from fucking KT's DOA!! I couldn't do this by a fucking letter now.
  9. Wait a minute... WTF? WHY MY EDI Mass Effect Armor mod ON THIS Japanese BLOG ??? I remember that I have said I stopped sharing this mod for some reason.... --------------------- Ok this is Korean file name on mega , so that mean is korean did it... Whats worst there is no credit to be seen, either link to the original source. fuck it... Sorry I should not say this on this thread but I just can't restraining myself Since we are both going off topic. Let me say I love you and your mods. Full homo~ I love you too Marry me! (owe~
  10. wew All the moonrunes looks same to me, not counting japanese ones. These are easy to distinguish. Pardon me, mistakes happen Yysh fixed it, asians are always so protective where it comes to their mods. Its like they despite filthy gaijins touching their holy mods with dirty fingers. Seen that happen with plenty of Illusion games or CM3D2/AA2 It is fine, anyway some chinese have do it, it's true. I just anger for they shared that mod what I stopped sharing without my permission, and no link.even renamed . But about that baidu passwords. I have to say if there no a passwords, maybe that file would pass away, by someone do not like erotic things.And passwords always share with download links, plz check it if u view a chinese site. About naver, sorry I don't know. btw. to distinguish chinese or korean, I think a easy way is to check that there are circles or not. If has circles. it is korean,on the contrary, chinese.
  11. Shit.... I just seen a korean steal my mod which i stop share,that one renamed it ,post it ,and no original link. then I seen a korean steal ur mod too and someone said that was chinese site??? Haha fuck it
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