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If you could relive or experience but not change one point in time what would it be?


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To me the answer might not be as high impact as the invention of the wheel or the birth of Christ (if you believe in such things)

but to have witness this event would have meant the world to me.  


So tell me...







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When Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau and company wrote this. They traveled all around the world to collect every piece of information they could place in the Encyclopedia, I always dream of how amazing it would be to just board a 18th century ship with those dudes, sailing for a world of unknown knowledge waiting to be stolen and captured in rough white paper ... Maybe a little too lyrical lol 

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For me, it would be the first time I fell in love, and learned I was bisexual. It was over 10 years ago, and I still miss her :(



If it has to be something historic, I would have to say that I would love to experience the Renaissance era.

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I'm gonna go either with the man-on-the-moon picture, or one of Christ's miracles. It'd be nice to have my religion personally confirmed, but sheesh I'd love to walk on the moon. From the title I thought you meant within one's own life.

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Guest corespore

The moment the suns finally runs out of hydrogen and goes red-giant. As terrifying as it would be I bet it would be one hell of a good show. 

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