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    I'm a bisexual goth stoner bitch that drives a 1979 Cadillac Hearse and manages an adult shop. I'm here because of... What else? Dirty mods that can't be found anywhere else, and my tastes in that matter can be described as "eccentric" If you want to know more, you'll have to PM me as I won't share too much more in here publicly :P

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  1. Yes, yes she did. Until the next error rears it's ugly head!
  2. Thank you SO much everyone, you've all done wonders in helping me to get my game up and running properly! ALL ISSUES FIXED
  3. Thank you! It's all working now, except for BBB bottoms. Those like to stretch off into the distance. And yes I had to start a new game for it to work.
  4. I don't seem to be able to find this "Autosetbody.ini"
  5. Ok.... Please explain to me like I am five how to fix it lol
  6. Error in script 2f000807 Operator<- Failed to evaluate a valid script File: setbody.esp offset: 0x522 Command: <unknown> Error in script 2f000807 An expression failed to evaluate to a valid result File: setbody.esp offset: 0x522 Command: <unknown> Error in script 2f000807 ForEach expression failed to return a value Both commands you gave me movomo return a value of 0, no matter how long I wait.
  7. I'm now getting errors that the body meshes are not found, and I know damn well I installed them >_< Also, the thing with Wrye Bash is that you have to run it outside MO once every boot up of your PC. Weird, I know.
  8. You've saved my life. That was ALL I had to do. EDIT: I should have known it was too good to be true. Everything is working as it should EXCEPT for Setbody. The spells work, the menus work, but no changes take place.
  9. IT'S WORKING IT'S FINALLY FUCKING WORKING! EVERYTHING IS WORKING NOW (fucking steam DRM, go GOG) Now Wrye Bash is suiciding on load. I launch it through MO, it loads, then exits. I need to create a bashed patch but am unable to with this current problem.
  10. Except me. I'm stressed to oblivion and back, quite literally
  11. But it's not piracy if I own the game, it's just called "Owning a backup copy" 😛
  12. Alright... Fuck Steam. I'm getting a "free" copy from the interwebs, and it won't be considered piracy because I already own the game on steam. I never had a problem with a rip of the physical disk version.
  13. I just want to mod my Oblivion and make it work. That is all. Why does it have to be such a stressful process😭
  14. Great... so MO is a load of shit? What Mod Manager would you all recommend?
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