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should i buy skyrim for pc


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so hey just want your guy's opinion if i should buy skyrim now that it is on sale on steam for 10 euro 

i already have it on ps3 (yea i know bethesda on ps3 big mistake if you like mods :b ) just wanna know if it is worth it on pc 

with a nvidia geforce 720 grap card and i would  like to mod it so i wanna know what you guys opinion thinks for you help :)

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I played it on XBox since the day it was released on 11/11/11. I put well over 1000 hours into playing it like that and bought all the DLCS the day they were released as well. Now I'm sure I've seen damned near everything there is to see (but you never know with this game :lol:). I did start to tire of it, though.


But now that I am playing it on PC I can't get bored with it anymore. You can keep adding and changing and extending the life of this awesome game.

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With the amazing modding communities; you'll never get bored of Skyrim since there will always be new content being added every day.  The advantage of the PC version is that it allows changes to be added into the game world whereas the console version is fixed and restrictive.  


The difference at that point is that the console version will always be bugged and the PC version, you have everyone helping locate and fix those bugs making Skyrim even better!   Skyrim is like 3 years old, but a modded version of Skyrim is just as good or even better than today's games of the same genre that are being released.

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Just be warned - once you've played Skyrim on the PC with mods, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. You will continue to yearn for mods and you will be compelled to forever buy Bethesda games on PC for the modding alone. You will begin to look for mods for all the games you own...and when you find them, you will never crawl yourself out of your mod-ridden hole of debauchery. And you'll never want to. Because effing mods.

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Skyrim isn't great, only thanks to mods has it kept my attention and racked 580+ hours of gameplay. I should just say thanks to LL. Started with AP (yeah big mistake) and found this site one day. There's tons more mods if you don't want adult but there's plenty either way. Just make sure your system can run it. Especially with everyone telling Skyrim players to use ENB crap, that'll destroy you if you don't do every little thing right during installation and during gameplay. I say get it for PC if you want to mod it and add on to your experience. Wasted $30 on it years ago, and another $30 for DLC. But in the end it wasn't all that bad. But Bethesda will be Bethesda, good ideas poor execution. Come for the mods, stay for the mods.

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I see skyrim like something else, not a game, i like games, some times i play assassins creed, crysis, even watch dogs when was release, but in time i got bored, skyrim is something else because i cannot get bored, is a way of hobby in a new level, because honestly, who gives a crap what happens to partunax these days? I think the only game that gives this kind of imersion and hobby like is the sims.


For your video card, today i have some bizarre good card, but i start playing skyrim in a 660gtx, and the game runs ok with it. Find performance friendly enb´s, compressed textures and you are ready to go, i think the biggest problem in skyrim could be the cpu not the gpu, in special with all this HDT and stuff.

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Skyrim is not a game... it's a sanbox. Just like Oblivion, Morrowind and the Fallout series.


It's also a huge time sink and the reason I haven't played another proper game in years (my games shelves are stacking up with unplayed games, which is good since the amount of PC games in stores these days is shrinking fast.)

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If you want pretty with an outdated video card try this instead of ENBs. It has virtually no performance hit at all and makes Skyrim far better looking than it does on XBox, plus you can make adjustments on the fly.




Cool didn't know that one. Last time i tried to install an enb, it killed my skyrim and i said " NEVER AGAIN " :D. Going to try that :)

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Play sinds 11-11-11 on PC(Hardcore PC gamer over my DEAD BODY a console in my house :D ).


Sinds last year im only making screenshots ;)


Inferior console or superior PC seems to me no brainer which one to choose.


PC mods


Console Vanilla with no mods and inferior graphics.


The choice is yours :D

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Holy mother of god, left house to buy a paysafecard, when i got back, the promotion ended......fuck

Skyrim seems to be one of the games that are very commonly put on steam sales, so if you feel patient and tight with money, you can wait until a sale comes up again.  It's a quarter year before we start having Black Friday and Christmans specials, nevermind anything that gets between now and then! ^^

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