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Sexout Posters

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I'm just starting this topic in the hopes someone with the ability or interest will pick it up. I'm thinking it would be good to have some 50's Safe Sex/Rape/Disease/Contraception/Abortion posters around the wasteland in Doctors clinics etc. Or any other poster related to Sexout we can think of too.

But I have no idea how to get them onto a poster I could stick on a wall in game.


I suspect it's only a matter of manipulating it in Paint.NET to a dds to create a retexture put on a copy of an existing vanilla poster, had a quick go but no luck.


So here's all I have so far, unfortunately they are the best resolution JPEGS I've found. feel free to add more if you find them, we just need someone to get them inworld ready.



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 You need to get yourself some vintage women's magazines and

scan the adds. I see stuff like that show up in flea markets and

antique stores sometimes . I've got Photoshop CS4 and I can edit

and save dds files ok, stuff like skin textures, so I could always

try converting something if paint.net isn't working for you.

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I'm more just putting the project out there, I'm pretty flat out with what's on my plate now but it's probably something a newer person could do pretty easy to contribute :)

I can save it as a dds ok, but I think it will screw up wrapping around the 6 sides of a poster object, I got no idea how that stuff works :)

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I love that poster, but every time I see "mimsy," I think of this and laugh due to how inappropriate it is.






FWIW:  In the film, the "mimzy" is the rabbit.


And trivia (because you don't really care), you're not supposed to give rabbits baths unless they are SUPER dirty (as in, they're probably so incontinent and messy that you've already got them wearing a diaper anyway).



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Found these:

(the archive contains the same, but allready converted to dds format, well, my attempt to that)

They are awesome, they fit the lore nicely (even though AIDS wasn't known to be around in the 50's, but we have it in Wear and Tear anyway :))


And yeah it's not about Porn or 50's Porn posters there are already mods doing that, it's about subtle atmosphere and making the player stop for a sec read a poster in a restroom and go "WTF?" wondering if it's a vanilla game thing or not.


I'm not sure if this should be a separate mod or a feature in Wear & Tear :)

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Why wouldn't it be in SCR?  /says the girl who doesn't use Wear and Tear   :angel:

Well, I don't see a need to put them in SCR as I doubt they need to interact with other Sexout Mods. And SCR isn't supposed to make changes to the world it just holds asset tags & formlists for mods to interact.

Also with the world editing involved in this, it's better done by someone with better vision & world editing experience than me :)

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just a trial of how it would look in-game:

Comparatively, I prefer the look of posters made from In-game screenshots than illustrated or actual advertisements. True actual ads will fit the pre-war era better, but I find them, glaring, where they stand out too much and seem out of place. Posters made from game assets just blend better. Just my observation though.

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Hmm I think they look quite good, maybe a little smudging would give them more lore look, but the posters may have been made before the war but not put up till after it being they would be in Clinics and places like that, Decrepit bathroom ones should look tatty but maybe not ones in Gamorrra or other Brothel bathrooms.

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Guest endgameaddiction

I found this a few days ago and thought I would post it maybe for some reference or something for you guys. Maybe it's been posted already.



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