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It could be nice idea if someone who is good with GECK can make mod that will switch continuously between posters of same type (if that is possible at all) .


That way you can have new poster each day (or few days) and rooms will look more dynamic . There is no need to switch too often .



Cheers  :)

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scn DPChangePosterScript

; * Changes poster textures every day

int Init
array_var FileNames ; * contains file names of added poster meshes .nif
array_var Posters ; * contains base poster objects in GECK
array_var entry
string_var file_path
string_var dir_path ; * contains directory path to where poster .nif are
int iChoice
float fNextPoster
ref Poster

Begin GameMode

    if Init < 2
        let dir_path := "My Mods/Poster/" ; * or whatever
        let FileNames := Ar_Construct "array"
        foreach entry <- (Ar_Range 1, 32)
            if eval entry["value"] < 10
                Ar_Append FileNames, ("Poster a0" + $(entry["value"]) + ".nif")
                Ar_Append FileNames, ("Poster a" + $(entry["value"]) + ".nif")
        let Posters := Ar_List DPPoster1, DPPoster2, DPPoster3, DPPoster4
        let Init := 2

    if GameDaysPassed < fNextPoster

    foreach entry <- Posters
        let Poster := entry["value"]
        let file_path := GetModelPath Poster
        Print "Old model path: " + file_path
        if TestExpr file_path := dir_path + FileNames[iChoice]
            let iChoice += 1
            let file_path := dir_path + FileNames[0]
            let iChoice := 1
        Print "Setting poster model path to " + file_path
        SetModelPathEX $file_path, Poster

    MessageEx "Posters Updated!"
    let fNextPoster += 1 ; change posters daily




I love NVSE 4...


Note: requires the assets uploaded above installed, so you have:

Data\meshes\My Mods\Poster\Poster a01.nif

to ~a32.nif.


Some of the textures come out at 90 degree to intended.


The .esp adds 4 base poster object that could be put anywhere, I added them into Mitch Mitchel's house. If you are staring at them when they update, you need to click them in console and type "Update3D" to see changes. But it works.. anyone is free to expand on this .esp..


post-158171-0-49277400-1409496817_thumb.jpg    post-158171-0-17056300-1409496818_thumb.jpg    post-158171-0-86869700-1409496818_thumb.jpg


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Thanks for script !   :)


If i understand correctly , if i increase number of posters (i will , have some nice pictures , just need time) , i need to increase only line : " foreach entry <- (Ar_Range 1, 32) "  ?




BTW , most are pictures of real WW2 and 40s-50s posters , if someone have copyrights , just PM me and i will switch it with other one .



Cheers   :)

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I will in next 1-2 days make some more and then i can reupload them all in one (too bad my Mediafire does not allow me to upload files bigger than 3mb - they will be splitted in few rars) .


You could propose some naming convention that will allow Odessa to quick adjust her mod . Something like a0001 (there will be more than 100 in the end , i hope) , than letters for groups like  medical facilities , bars , all around ...


For example propaganda posters (i have some WW2 propaganda posters , i hope you are not against them , although they are about different war) could be inside military facilities , shops and outside , advertisement posters for cosmetics products could be inside bathrooms and shops ...


According to this naming convention should have (after a0001-...) letters for places in which are posters allowed to show up .



Cheers   :)



Edit : Maybe some naming convention could help about posters that need to be at 90 degree to normal ones to show properly , or at least to separate them from others .


Also i would like to see someone else to upload more posters with pictures from game and funny comments like cecik did in (middle one) picture in page 1 post #19 in this topic .

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Next posters collection . Posters i uploaded on page 1 of this topic i counted as "Posters 1" , but now remade them so i caunt them obsolete . Also added more others , and few more types , for different aspect ratio and some with different frames . 


Also added to poster picture that endgameaddiction uploaded , thanks . There are 3 posters from Wikipedia from Fallout 1&2 .












Others can upload posters too , just use my posters as template . Be careful to not overwrite nifs or textures - try to rename it with numbers after my uploads untill we made new naming convention .


If you need i can make small "How-To" , although my Engrish is not too good .



Cheers   :)



PS : I made this statement on other places where i uploaded things i made , but to repeat here : all i do is free resource , you can use how you wont it , no need to even mention me . I am after all not owner of pictures that are on posters . 

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