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Its almost Spring!


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I hate spring so much. And summer.


All that sun, and that happy go lucky, carefreee laissez-faire attitude everyone seems to adopt to life. And the birds... and that incessant, never-ending birdsong that bores into the depths of my skull as I'm trying to sleep at 3am.... urgh.


Bring back the snow, the dark, the cold and the rain, the moonlight nights and frozen glades that tell tales of how time has stilled.



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Oh geez...not again.  :( In next few months I'll be sneezing my brain out due to allergies, killing all kinds of stinging and annoying-as-fuck insects...preferably with fire. ..and avoiding all sunlit areas like a vampire..can't stand hot weather. Winter come back...please.  :unsure:

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Guest GuyWhoAbruptlyDisappeared

There is no spring in Canada.

From January to March, it is Fucking Winter.

From March to June, it is Winter.

From June to June 7th, it is Decent Weather Week.

From June 7th to January, it is Winter.

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Guest Mogie56

Incessant barking by every dog in the neighborhood at all times of the day gives way to a bit of birdsong. I can live with that.

Maybe not so much the chainsaws and hedge trimmers and what not, but hey...


I don't know why some people feel the need to even have a dog when they won't get off there lazy asses and teach them better.

All it takes is a bit of patience, but then these are usually the same idiots that have kids that run wild because there to busy attention whoring there entire lives on social media sites to be bothered to watch there own damn kids. I don't blame the dogs or the kids, only the LAZY asshats that breed.

And yeah summer sucks in california, which is a small part of why I'm moving to Utah at the end of the month. actual seasons.

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