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Friends and lovers 1.5 Galgat

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Friends and lovers 1.5 Galgat




:install data folder into your Oblivion folder. friends&lovers 1.5



INstalling :: just drop the data folder into your Oblivion folder, and let it copy into place

then put a check in the Frieds&lovers Plugin, so it is activated whan game starts.


and be sure to install all these items below. important>>>>>start game with OBSE loader.


need: OBSE 18 or later version



Should have, and use: OBMM (http://timeslip.chorrol.com/obmm.html) - Unless you know how to manually archieveinvalidate stuff yourself


should get :Universal Silent voice by Elys (http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622)


also should have: HGEC/Exnem's female body replacer (http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10171)


I'm expecting u to be able to install all that extra stuff, they all should have readme docs.



  GalGat::I have re textured the strap on, and Translated this version, as of this time 1.4 has not been translated to english. and according to the forums will not be... So i did it.




1.if you already have an earlier version of Friends and lovers install u need to uncheck it from plugins.


2.Start a new game and save a game with out friends&Lovers in it.


3.then check the new friends&Lovers.esp and load up the game u just saved.


4. Many of new feature will not work if you don't do this.


it has group sex, and many other features ( night life, Npc's have sex u can sneak around and watch them ) some more better rape animations added.


I find the V key is best Key to set for your sex Key, but just pick one that works...many standard OB keys are blocked from use.


if an NPC likes you 75% or more, sex is easy to start, if a guard dislike u and u use V key, and your HP is lower than his he will rape you.


some NPC like the students at Mage university will not have sex with your if you are the arch mage... some thing to do with there companion scripting.


if u lose a sex partner before completing the act, finding a private place. you will get message " But your not alone " from NPC


console: set RSVBusy to 0


and for group sex Console: set RSVPair i think to 0 " i think, have never lost a group pair yet"





all credit goes to  tenb1, and the Japanese original workers, as well as all the many, many Animation makers...Much much Of Slof stuff here, she is sOo good at doing, what others fail to have the ability to do.

I love her work.

******************This file was missing***********

Someone asked me if I could re post it, I have with what I think was the last working version. I don't support this any more, you have problems please figure it out. I have not worked on this file in over 3 years. I hope this was my last, and most up to date version, but I don't know. And I don't remember enough about it to be much help. Donkey posted this for me when this sight was first starting up, and I really don't even know what version he had posted.


It was lost I think when ashal did some repairs to the sight.


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Hahhaha nice joke Detman :P

I was using trial & error method.

Download Friends and Lovers then additional animations uncheck F&L and only leave FAL.esp

best way is to load it before lovers plugins (its pretty easy to check if load order is correct if animations trigger properly then everything is ok if characters stand still then we have bug... )

And it think its worth using

Here are few pics from additional animations I uploaded


Picture 1

Picutre 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

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It works great with version posted by badmojo

You just need to know how to install it.

I just tested this version with my FAL addition animations and everything is working smooth and without any problems.





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Maybe a conflict with an idle animation, also a "special" one?

Oblivion tends to show all kinds of weird behaviour when there are several files with the same name.

If you want to solve this problem I recommend to work your way into Wrye Bash: Looks initimidating first, but is extremely useful.

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