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  1. I had pubic hair disabled from overall settings menu but still had pubic hair on several outfits. Eventually I figure out you have to keep it enabled in settings and disable from the mirror on each sim.
  2. can we get a fresh link to this? Finally attempting to get DM, SoS, CoS, CBBE and UUNPS to play nice together. That is a fresh link. But just in case: Deadly Mutilation SOS patch.7z
  3. Deadly Mutilation SOS Patch Back by popular demand!
  4. I finally came back to finish this mod. I made some bug and compatibility fixes. I also removed the x117 race and MBP requirement to simplify the installation and for better compatibility with other mods. The vendors are all Moon Shadow and Ren Elves which are incorporated into the mod for easy installation. A huge problem with the last version was lag. This was caused by a high-poly count on too many NPCs in one area. To greatly reduce the lag I picked one outfit with a lower-poly count and I added it to every vendor in different colors for variety. It's not 100% perfect but the lag is gre
  5. You guys need to look up LSAR on the Nexus as see what body slots the mod uses. It uses quite a few of them which is how you get the ability to turn items on and off..
  6. You can use them together. I modeled the components in my merger on Hmm so they are compatible.
  7. Wjun is included in the MEGA merger, both colors, but only as accessories. In other words I made corsets you can wear in addition to other things. The reason for this is that there are so many meshes in the corset that making a zero weight version would have been near impossible due to distortion.
  8. Do you mean the undies on the outfit or the ones you can make separately?
  9. So basically you have multiple mods fighting for the same body slots which makes things go invisible. There are just not enough body slots for everything we want. If you are running Devious Devices make sure you have no hidden devices selected as it will turn those slots invisible. Go through all your mods in MCM and see what slots they use. Dual Sheath Redux, Equipping Overhaul, LSAR, etc.
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