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NudeShy X (X5 BETA #10.4)

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sorry I haven't been around to answer everyone's questions. I've been on vacation for the holidays. Unfortunately, this means for the time being, I can't make any fixes until I get back home.


So this mod makes nude npcs to cover themselves - thats what I read - Fun . Did I miss something?

I am a little confused, does the mod require BreakUndies to be installed or any mod that is closely related to BreakUndies?


None at all. It's ready to use right out of the box.


Do you mean remove armor!?! Or is it some kind of OBSE code which adds durability to simple clothing? If there is a mod out there which rips/breaks clothing (Other than the Break Undies one!) I'd really like to find out more about it.



ah, yeah, it's actually remove armor. I enjoy just running around and smashing all the girls with the armor breaker hammer. :P


I was thinking, though, shouldn't there be a mod that makes simple cloth clothing breakable? It's a little annoying that some of the clothing isn't breakable at all. I'll probably get to making a mod like that soon if I don't find anything.


Is the script supposed to restart so much?


What do you mean? Come to think of it, I think I may have forgotten to get rid of one line of code that prints "script restarted" to console.


Is that what you're referring to?


If so, I put that in so I'd know when the loop was over and it started itself again. It's nothing to worry about, it just means that it's started checking on the NPC's again to see if they're covering themselves appropriately.


Posted by GenmaSaotome - Yesterday 02:08 PM

I can't seem to get this to work for the fellas. First time I set this mod to load after personality idles. Females would cover themselves when nude but males would not. I then loaded this mod last to see if there thinking that there was perhaps a conflict, and male npcs still wouldn't cover themselves when nude.


Well, since this mod originally had covering animations for guys, I went ahead and added the code for males to cover themselves too, and I'm pretty sure it worked before I released it. Given the nature of the code, there shouldn't be any problem getting the guys to cover themselves too, but I'll definitely take another look when I get home to see if I made any mistakes.


I have tried this out and it is working well!!


Hope that you keep working on it, good work


Thanks! :D I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Guest GingerTom

My experienc with it so far is that the females cover themselves all the time (some do it only when I get within range--it's almost a 'humbling' before me) even when fully clothed (and also naked.)

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My experienc with it so far is that the females cover themselves all the time (some do it only when I get within range--it's almost a 'humbling' before me) even when fully clothed (and also naked.)


Have you tried leaving the area and coming back?


usually when I switch maps and come back it fixes it.

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First off, I must say its great to see someone working on this mod again.


For some reason, though, it conflicts with all of my BBB armors, as well as at least one of my NPC mods (younger hotter NPCs, to be specific.) Any idea why that's happening?


Edit: Backtraced some of my BB issues to MAO and having anims that didn't use BB. Just need to figure out why your Nudeshy doesn't like working with my BBB/BBB BU armors.


Edit 2: Found out that the BBB issue was a poorly written .esp that I had no use for anyhow. No more conflicts there. However, your script is constantly restarting. See aloola's screenshot below. I have the same issue as him, and no sign of where the error is coming from.

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I had the problem with all the estrus' animations i tested (i ve not tested all the animations but it seems to be the same for each one):

the animation began (the girl is attacked by estrus' monsters)

then the girl stand covering herself till a new part of the

animation occure...

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Works great, I did the Sanguine quest last night and casted the Stark Reality spell. Everyone ran around covering themselves while trying to attack me.


However, some of my NPC servants in Castle Tantrivaylia sleep standing up nude covering themselves....very weird.



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alright' date=' I've uploaded a new one, but after finally seeing how zzbreakundiesmotionchanger works, I think it'd be better than this version of nudeshy if I just used that to make them cover themselves, instead.



Good idea?



If you think it's better for your mod, go for it. If the change will force people to use some other mod in addition (I assume that using zzbreakundiesmotionchanger means we'd have to be running that mod to get yours to work), you might want to put up a disclaimer in the OP and leave an old version without the requirement for people who still want that. The people over in the new vegas section of the site have a pretty long history of making changes to their mods that require users to install even more mods just to stay current with updates, and no one seems to have any issues with that. Make the best mod that you can, and people will generally do whatever they have to do to make it work for them.

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