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  1. Making some assumptions, we can extrapolate an estimate. The last five updates have been released on the following dates: v0.8.1 - Sept 03, 2017 v0.8.2 - Feb 03, 2018 - 153 days v0.9.0 - Sept 29, 2018 - 238 days v0.9.1 - Dec 21, 2018 - 83 days v0.9.2 - Feb 15, 2019 - 56 days We're going to see a v0.10.0 and a v0.10.1 before too long (see this post) - roughly between the end of July and beginning of September most likely. If we assume the best case and go with a date of August 1st, we would then not expect to see the Patreon-exclusive update until about October 1st. Again assuming the best case, we would expect about another 5-6 months before a v1.0 release, which would put it sometime between March and April 2020. Bottom line: you will probably be playing Cyberpunk before the final release of this mod.
  2. Before I go digging through scripts again, have you tried just targeting the horse and using the kill command via the console?
  3. You'll need to identify the 2-character index of your Thief.esp, but the command you want is: startscene XX027E7A This will force the scene to play, and will thus advance the quest correctly. Edit: took a couple hours of tinkering to figure this out, but now that we know we can do this we should be able to force any scene we want at any time - totally worth it.
  4. I didn't have any trouble downloading the file from that russian site, but since the file appears to be nothing but a re-packaging of assets from other modders I don't have any qualms about re-uploading it on mediafire.
  5. The only hint I've seen about the ending was that the memory potion would be returning, but I believe that idea was scrapped.
  6. The skip function asks about how you treat the beggars because you get +/- karma depending on your actions. There are some interesting things I've found in the quest scripts relating to beggars, though: there are a few references to a "RiftenBeggarQuestStage" state var, as well as a "BeggarsRape" scene. Based on things posted by Dogma and evidence I've stumbled upon in the quest data, I expect the following scenarios to manifest by v1.0: If you promised to return to the old man and didn't return before the end of the Falkreath portion of the quest, he makes good on his threats in some way. If you took the poison from the khajiit and didn't kill the old man, he makes good on his threats in some way. If you're rude to all three of the beggars added by the mod, they at some point take revenge on you.
  7. Lemme mess around with this and see if I can figure out what might lead to this situation.
  8. I can understand the aversion to following a walkthrough, especially on the first go through the mod. There's enough stuff in this mod right now that you could do the whole thing five times and still be finding new paths to take. The old man isn't going anywhere; you can always return and do that scene when you get the 90 karma you need to go through with it. If you're inclined to just farm karma so you don't lose access to things, you can always go back to Liorel (with at least 60) and do some practice with him, which will net you +5 karma for each "session"
  9. But it does work on him. I've been killing him that way for forever. I've also had no trouble beating him with just some elven-quality weapons.
  10. I feel like anyone who gets lost at the point of following the blood trail is going to have some real, real difficulty figuring things out later on. If you're getting stuck you can always check the FAQ for a full walkthrough. You're playing version 0.9.1, and you were supposed to install the "fix1" patch, which fixes this bug. Unfortunately, due to an issue with the Skyrim quest engine, installing the patch now won't fix your game and you'll have to use the skip feature to go back to the beginning of v0.7 right before the encounter with Lod.
  11. Can you be more specific? Have you looked through the FAQ?
  12. Ah, so you got the v0.9.1 version of the mod files and tried to load the v0.9.2 translation esp. That will definitely set you back, what with over 140 scripts and nearly 250 animations missing. Due to the difficulty of maintaining two distinct branches of development, all Patreon-exclusive versions are rolled into the following public release version.
  13. The DogmaEngine.esm has a dick mesh in it, which you can equip on anyone to fix this issue by targeting them and calling equipitem XX00c022 The fix suggested by @Highborn is pretty much exactly what I did with the "Mesh & Texture" patch. The occasionally missing junk is caused by the fact that not every NPC added by the mod has an instance of the one from the esm, but they may randomly have whatever the default one is depending on what you have installed. I discovered a while back that having SoS in addition to the mod was the reason why I was seeing inconsistencies both in the presence or absence of dangly bits, but also in texture matching the rest of the body. At some point I need to dig back into the M&T patch and make sure that every male NPC has the bait and tackle from the esm, and then I can put a note in the FAQ to suggest that the mod will work better if you don't have conflicting trouser snakes.
  14. I can't imagine where you might have found this thing, but here is a link to the mod download. Read the FAQ for details.
  15. Text file? Where did you even get a text file? It's more often than that. There have been three updates in the last 9 months.
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