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  1. Yeah I have both but I don't notice any difference.
  2. How do you get the elves of stellaris portrait patch to work, what does it do?
  3. I think blush when aroused wasnt converted to SE when I wrote that. I am actually using that feature right now.
  4. This is a great concept. I've been turning off all the furniture animations because it was always so stupid to see a giant wall just appear out of the ground
  5. I have noticed when installing the DD patch with FOMOD the DD patch doesn't get installed. Download the loose version and copy the files from the DD patch folder.
  6. Same, it takes like a minute to start taking a dump after i clicked the option. That's why i stuck with private needs in LE, i had the same issue there.
  7. As title says, does anyone know of a seedit script that changes item slot? Yes, I know you have to go do it in nifskope too. I've changed item slots. Just want to know if there was a utility to automate this part.
  8. You replace the _conditions file in the folder that has the modesty animations. open up the conditions files in the folders, the modesty one will have look like: NOT IsWornHasKeyword("Skyrim.esm"| 0x0006C0EC) AND NOT IsWornHasKeyword("Skyrim.esm"| 0x000A8657) AND
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0lwwRjkGwg The concept this guy is working on looks amazing so far.
  10. I have been looking for something like this for a while now! I did a tweak to it! New conditions file for modesty animations. ALL characters will cover themselves, unless: They are in Sexlab Aroused exhibitionist faction They are in one of Hydra Slavegirls slave factions might have missed some factions but I did this in like 30 minutes. Not much testing, but really the worst case scenario if you use this is maybe some npcs cover themselves. _conditions.txt Does anyone know if its possible to add an embarassed facial expression?
  11. go to defeat mod and run defeat cleanup
  12. Is there a link anywhere to the bodyslide presets used in the pictures that give that amazing cleavage
  13. I like how this mod turned into a debate about womens equality.. in a forum where we play a modded game primarily about raping women.
  14. Any way you can make the cover yourself animation based on if there are NPC's nearby?
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