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  1. Yes it still stays hidden. The mod works just fine as long as I don't open the rape or debug tab in the mcm menu, but as soon as I click on it, it breaks mcm and the mod completely.
  2. Looks like my mcm has a problem with the mod It happened after I clicked on "globally enable rape" Does anyone know how to fix it ? Edit: As soon as I click on any option in the rape category or on the debug category it breaks the mcm menu for cursed loot and also the mod
  3. Already did. Was checking that after I found out that it works on the clean save. Sadly it doesn't work on the old save. Same issues, not working mcm, there are already 3 version of it in the mcm none of them work and all but 1 are broken with the SOS error message. Edit: Even with the command to reload all mcm menus, it still didn't work and just produced the same errors
  4. Quick question: The two items, the halo and the horns, they're considered as helmets right ? Is there a way to disable them completely making the slot available again ? Disabling them in the MCM doesn't seem to make the slot available again, since I can't wear helmets and I'd really like to wear one again.
  5. Th papyrus 0 to 4 logs ? They are old, really old, like 4 and more years old. Last time edited also more than 4 years ago. Oh well looks like my save was corrupted. After reloading a clean save it worked. Thanks for helping me out and sorry for taking so much time of yours.
  6. Where to find the error log ? Edit: So apparently it seems to work, but I'll double check it. Only MCM still doesnt work at all. Edit2: Its not throwing me the ERROR message on the screen anymore, but as said before MCM menu doesn't work at all and if I force start the mod it brings up another MCM menu which isn't working either and gives me the same error message again. Also it looks like that even though I have SOS installed, it doesn't work with the true SOS scripts. And DD seems to be a hard dependency, not optional. If I have to guess, I'd say
  7. Didn't change a thing. Still the same issues I use the false SOS scripts and get the messages below. I use the true SOS scripts, same thing. I use non of them, same thing. Edit: the only things working in the mcm are the haevy/light visual effects, the breathing and heartbeat effects. Everything else is not activateable/deactivateable or changeable. It also doesn't matter if I just copy/paste the files in the data folder or install it through NMM
  8. As said before its an battle axe. And I already found a "good" looking animaton set for it
  9. It works fine for me with ~ 248 plugins active
  10. I ran loot after installing the mod and as mentioned before. It happens on every version, even the one from previous page.
  11. Thats the problem, even if I choose the false scripts, the error message still occurs. It kinda only "works" with the dummy status script, but even then the whole mod doesn't seem to work for me. The breathing sound and visual effects work, but everything else doesn't. And for me the mcm doesn't work either.
  12. Is SOS a hard dependency for this mod ? Although I have SOS lite version or something like that, its throwing an error message at me every time. And it doesn't matter if I choose the true or false SOS scripts or none at all from the optional folder. And it doesn't matter which version of the mod I'm using.
  13. Got the armor. But another question... is there a way to use the spear from the mod as an actual two handed spear and not as a battle axe with extreme ugly animation ?
  14. Thank you very much, but if possible, could you give me another download link for the armor ? I have my "problems" with baidu
  15. Hey there. Could someone please give me the name and a download link, if possible, of the red dress from this video ? Thanks in advance.
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