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Is it worth restarting my save? (laggy save file)

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So... my save file is running REALLY slowly probably around 20-25 fps slower than a new save I made to test the fps.

I have been trying to figure out why for nearly 2 weeks now, and still have no clue.

I have used Fallrim Tools, searched through my modlist, checked the resources being used (which are the exact same between the test save and main save).

I am completely lost as to what to do now.

My only theory is that for some reason my save file broke when uninstalling a mod, which isn't that helpful since there is no way to fix that.

Here is my modlist: Link, I have no ENB, just ReShade.

My specs are:

  • GTX 1070

  • i7 6700

  • 16gb RAM

Before you comment 'Oh, it's probably HDT!' or 'Well there's some graphics mods on that list...', know that the decrease in fps between saves still occurs, so it's not the fault of any of them.

In fact, disabling all non-essential mods (Libraries and Fixes seperator) doesn't make a difference, the fps drop still occurs.

I guess my question is, should I just give up? I'd rather not, since this is my first save file and I did make some good progress through the game but I cannot think of anything that I can do.

All help is appreciated.

(I originally posted this on Reddit but the help I recieved there wan't much use)

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As someone who is testing mods often, constantly creating alt characters, and trashing saves going for as long as 40+ hours on more occasions that I'd like to admit, I'm pretty much immune to the notion of, "Oh no, all that time and effort down the drain!" So basically, if you were to ask me, I would easily tell you to just start over.


Here's why:

- You spend more time trying to fix the problem than playing.

- You can now take a slightly better (perhaps more efficient) route of achieving things compared to the first time.

- You can review your current modlist and change any mods that you realized were useless/redundant/broken.

- You theoretically should no longer have to uninstall a mod mid-playthrough, which seems to be the root of your problem anyway.

- Your save's messed up, so better to just accept that and start over, as continuing using that save could potentially cause more problems down the line.

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Mods like Mass Match Maker and Immersive Patrols puts a lot of strain on script engine. For each npc there is a script running and on top of that Match Maker is scanning all npc's in the area to trigger Sexlab animation. Keeps your CPU busy and thus not feeding GPU with data fast enough, while doing scripts.


You use a lot of quests mods. Probably contributes to increase size of save games. Notice that Beyond Skyrim mod has several bugs reported on Nexus site.


Skyrim modding uses a lot of both system memory and VRAM. GTX 1070 has 8 GB VRAM which is good, if you try to avoid using 4K textures everywhere. 16 GB system memory is normal but used quite fast when modding (windows cache steals some memory also and some of it used for GPU). At some point during gameplay, you run out of memory and windows begins to push data to harddisk/SSD pagefile to free up either system memory or VRAM. Result is usually stuttering for a while and in worst case a CTD.


It is certainly possible that removing a mod in the middle of a playthrough has corrupted your save game. Changing mod load order, without creating new game, can cause unpredictable problems.


Since you mention it is your first save file, i assume you are fairly new at modding. You can't rely on mod quality to be perfect. Very complicated to program mods and programmers do make mistakes. Some mods behave very badly towards other mods (like blocking dialogues etc). Before using a mod from LL or Nexus, check what people are writing about it in Support section for that mod (LL) or POSTS tab for mod on Nexus. Can save you a lot of time and frustration to verify first, that mod is not inherently buggy.


So my advice is to start small concerning number of mods. Run a limited playthrough to test mods. If all seems to work without problems, then add a few more mods and test again. This way you can build a large collection of mods that is stable and has good performance. Though your 172 mods is not a lot, it is probably too many for first playthrough, unless you have an experienced Skyrim modder to guide you with mod load order setup.


Probably not what you hoped to hear but i agree with previous poster. It is most likely a waste of time trying to fix the corrupted save game.


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Before you do anything drastic, try these

  1. Go inside a player home and chill for a week of game time. Sleep, craft, whatever, just don't go out. 
  2. Make a save. exit game, clean save with Fallrim tools.
  3. If you don't have it, install Elephants Script lag checker.  (this will allow you to monitor lag once back in-game on demand, uses a shout trigger)
  1. Reduce your scan rates (increase the duration between checks)  in whichever MCMs allow it, (and in whichever operations you really don't need 2 millisecond polling...)
  2. Try to avoid overlapping polling intervals to reduce stacked polling. (ie five different mods wanting to poll ~simultaneously).  Avoid multiples of 10 or 5 or 2.  Ideally use prime numbers where it works. (ex: 11 instead of 10,  17 instead of 15,  31 instead of 30,  61 or 59 instead of 60...). This *should help reduce bottlenecking, at least a bit. 

Finally, whenever things start to feel laggy, fire up Elephant and check, if the **average lag time (in play) exceeds ~90 msec, get inside and chill for a couple days. sleep only takes ~30-40 seconds realtime   (**ignore transients when exiting a menu, since the timer is paused during these menu operations and contributes a transient spike to the reported lag time) 


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