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  1. Skyrim is probably the game with the most mods so you have quite an experience to enjoy. LE vs SE is a minefield subject. LE is from 2011 32-bit, SE is from 2016 64-bit. Some neutral facts. As Gukahn already said in previous post. Don't expect AI level conversations and relationships. Mods try to simulate life as good as possible. LL mods offer simulation of the erotic aspect of life in many different ways. If you make sure to only install the right version of mods, there should not be major problems. If you use Skyrim SE then don't install LE mods and vice versa. But all modders experience problems sooner or later. If you follow a guide you should be spared for most beginner problems. Also remember to read comments (mod Support thread here at LL, POSTS tab at Nexus) before downloading and installing mods. Some mods may be inherently buggy and other mods may not work properly when combined with some specific mods.
  2. There is no right or wrong. Vortex is probably best for beginners and modders with a limited number of mods. You get a lot more control with Mod Organizer 2 which becomes important as your mod colllection grows. Yeah, probably best to use Racemenu instead ECE. Racemenu seems to be better supported lately but you can choose what you prefer. Some off-topic hints: - Look at CBBE 3BA body mod at Nexus - A number of new-ish skins like Diamond and Demoniac at Nexus - While testing new build i would recommend mods like Live Another Life or Skyrim Unbound to avoid slow default game intro
  3. An alternative way is to disable female masturbation animations in Sexlab's Toggle Animation window. This will force Sexlab to use male animations. Though this will also affect non-futa female NPCs as they don't have any masturbation animations then.
  4. Which version of Devious Devices did you install? Should be version 5.1 for SE. Note that this support thread is for original Skyrim (LE). Based on your plugin list you have Skyrim Special Edition. There is a support thread for SE.
  5. I agree. Even though your hardware is rather old, playing with 24 GB system memory and 8 GB video ram in 1080p resolution should give you no problems. Though if using 4K textures everywhere (body, landscape etc) could be a challenge even with 8 GB video ram but you would be able to tell due to low framerate. Speaking of framerate. I can see that you have 120 hz monitor but you should not go above 60 fps in Skyrim. Very old graphics engine and some internal timings get messed up if running higher than 60 fps. Only other potential reason for random CTD's i can think of would be mods creating dynamic events, like enemy encounters. SMSkyrim - Encounters.esp OBIS Redone.esp Deviously Cursed Loot can be rather script heavy, depending on what options you have enabled. But if you CTD in the middle of nowhere with very few NPCs near player then that mod should not be a problem.
  6. Btw, maybe you already noticed but when on Nexus site and you click on MODS button in top menu, you have an option to select Mod categories. If you select a category you can then sort by most downloaded. Should be a bit easier to find something specific you are looking for. If many modders downloaded a mod there is a good chance it is worth at least trying.
  7. My advice would be to wait until your main game build is bigger (since that is your goal). When you are statisfied with content in main game and build is stable, then you can add extra areas. Extra areas can sometimes cause problems. Technical quality of mods can often vary so i would also advice reading in mod comment section what other modders write about it.
  8. Experience that quite often myself. In your version of Skyrim what could be improved... - First there are all the visual mods that just improves visual quality of vanilla things like landscape, building, NPC's, animals etc. - mods that add new actors (like OBIS with more organized structure and levels) or other new enemies, additional NPC's on the roads etc. - quest mods. Nexus has quite a few of those. If you want more task-like quests then Sidequests of Skyrim mod is quite good. - extra areas like Beyond Skyrim etc. - cool looking clothing, armors and weapons. - if you like magic gameplay then add more things to summon as helpers like Calling of the Conjurer etc. Some ideas to hopefully give you a bit inspiration.
  9. Hint: This request would most likely have a better chance of success if posted in Request & Find - Skyrim Special Ediiton thread.
  10. Indeed but this plugin SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp is heading your gameplay in a different direction (that you don't want) unless you configure it carefully. Great goal if you do it in small increments, i.e. do some gameplay before adding more mods. Otherwise it can become a debugging nightmare.
  11. The short answer is "usually not". But indirectly it is possible via Sexlab's Toggle Animation window. Disable animations you don't want Sexlab to use. However mods are typically using tags to search for animations. E.g. "Aggressive" or "Oral". While "Oral" is quite specific "Aggressive" is not. So usually not possible to completely control the exact animation being used.
  12. Well my bad then. I misinterpreted your load list. Modders usually have other plans when including creature mods. But there is no right or wrong. It is your fantasy world.
  13. Go for it A few suggestions for now: - maybe install 3BA body mod from Nexus. Improvement on CBBE base body mod. - maybe install Sexlab Separate Orgasms SE to make sex scenes even more fun.
  14. Very advanced build with 1000+ mods and using both CBBE 3BA and BHUNP body type mods and multiple skin mods. Way beyond my experience with visual mods to offer any advice about polishing visual imperfections. (i keep it simple with 1 body type mod and 1 skin mod) But impressive build which other modders can learn something from. 👍
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