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  1. Hey, maybe a dumb question, but can that command string be fired from console? If I'm reading your posts right, It looks like a generalized solution that's usually done by finding a crafting station to reset player lockups (unable to pan, enter first person, etc)
  2. If removing your shoes causes a CTD, unless you have some "fleet footed feetz" mod installed that's causing a conflict, I'd think you might have a problem with your feet. To which I would say... Rebuild your body in Bodyslide. Make sure to rebuild your feet and hands as well. ^^ not a guaranteed solution but my logic is as follows: removing boots reveals feet. if there's a problem with the feet themselves (ie the "naked feet"), then it would most likely cause issues when they're revealed, like when removing boots or shoes. Why would this happen out of the blue? No
  3. You'll need to install a schlong mod suitable for use with your player race. For instance, on my human ygnord player, I know that ERF works (afaik will work on all the styock humanoid race females). Bad-dog had problems, although I'll admit at the time I had it installed I was kinda newb so no diss on that. And when I installed a group of "fairie" mod NPCs, they came with some special schlong add ones specific to their race (fairie) too.
  4. for #1, install a mod that provides the glowing veins. Afaik there *is* one, although I can't recall the name off hand. ah...here it is: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9147 for #2 the same deal. Again, off hand I don't know the name but there's a mod already for that. Blowing in the Wind at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community
  5. Afaik, MNC is usually installed instead of the older Creature Framework (2018 release), which has largely fallen out of favor. (in fact, when I made the change to 1.5.97, I couldn't get the older framework to work at all). So, at least in my book, if you're playing Skyrim using ver 1.5.97 and using SKSE642.0.17 or newer, the older Creature Framework is obsolete.
  6. A simple (although crude) example would be just doubling the length of a flowergirls kissing session (say, Leito Kissing 2) by repeating the entire sequence (ie, dialog choice "Kiss Her/Him") with a suitable NPC/follower (and yes, which can probably already be done using SL Tools)es) A more complex one would be following Kissing 2 with Missionary_3, followed by Cowgirl_2 In each case, the actors would not redress or otherwise end scene back to their original standing positions, they'd simply start the next sequence. This is effectively already what happens w
  7. far as my experience goes, a crash that early is usually caused by a) SKSE64 version (some of us can't, for whatever reason, use the latest SKSE64 and have to use 2.0.17) B) A mod contention between two otherwise happy SE mods c) An installed LE mod, which, contrary to Bob Theleetgamer's advise, kills Skyrim dead.
  8. I don't expect animations to contend with each other (ie what you said in your first line). However, if , while in an animation, I open the animation selector (0) or use the random-animation hotkey (o), the animation change is visibly immediate, even if there's a tiny delay in changing animation stream. it simply moves to the chosen or randomized animation without any substantial delay (sometimes to the same step in the sequence for the new animation, sometimes it switches and starts at animation(0) of the new sequence. In both case, there is no observable delay, no setup time like when an an
  9. So, a thought has crossed my mind a few times. Just did again... Is there a way to chain animations? By that, I don't mean stringing individual stages (SL tools does that I think), but stringing entire (N)-stage animations so they play back-to-back without need for manual intervention or scene end. (like a scripted use of the animaiton-randomizer or animation-selector hotkeys)
  10. For what you NEED to do, review what I said in my original post and then the mod page descriptions and associated instructions provided by the mod authors, for those mods that you want to use. You can't just leapfrog over important steps. Each mod page has a "required" section, either as a literal section/tab or is provided in a mod description (sometimes both) , and most with any sort of complicated installation method usually often provide detailed installation instructions. One general thing to remember is that required mods usually must be installed *prior to mods that require them. (not
  11. I'm not sure. It could be a conflicting mod, improper installation of BHUNP, not using a BHUNP-qualified body PRESET when building the body in Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, or a problem with dependencies (ie prerequisite mods). check your installation of the XPMSSE skeleton, CBPC, and HTD-SMP, and any other required mods (ie dependencies, ie prerequisites) all of which are afaik, prerequisite mods for using the 3BBB bodies (both CBBE 3BBB and BHUNP,... and maybe even for the advanced UUNP variants, although on the last I'm not sure. Aside from some very early installation problems (
  12. You have to either install racemenu presets (which can then be laoded) or create them. Obviously, racemenu must be installed for this to work racemenu provides a "presets tab" that you access racemenu presets from. Unlike bodyslide, which defines the primary body mesh, racemenu augments it or layers a secondary mesh over the primary. PS> you open racemenu from console by using the showracemenu command.
  13. OP, which version of SKSE64 are you using? I read a post a couple weeks ago that stated "Sex Lab users must use v2.0.17" When I've tried to install 2.0.19, the game refused to start as well. reverting to 2.0.17 resolved that issue each time (I tried multiple times to update SKSE64). Couldn't figure out why, posted questions, got no answers...until I saw that post, which, true or not, makes sense from my perspective. I can't sue 2.0.19, I have SL. 2.0.17 works.
  14. Afaik, simple and short (and probably not what you wanted to hear) answer. You can't. Bodyslide is a unidirectional application. It only outputs. You can save your in game body/face as a racemenu preset, but there is (afaik) no reverse process to create a bodyslide preset (suitable for use in Bodyslide and Outfit Studio) from a tweaked in game body. FWIW, this is how I do it. Create a base body in bodyslide, tweaked using bodyslide options to the best of your ability, make sure to check "build morphs" and make sure to build the hands and feet (with that option
  15. Presuming you've installed all of its prerequisite mods (for instance, HDT-SMP, CBPC, etc) as stated in the BHUNP requirements tab, if you install BHUNP, check the in game MCM for the BHUNP menu, and if it is properly installed AND.. the BHUNP body has been built (BHUNP 3BBB Advanced OR BHUNP 3BBB Advanced ygNord and the corresponding hands and feet) for your player in Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, then there should be a corresponding BHUNP MCM menu. In it, you'll find hotkeys for switching between modes (CBPC or SMP) as well as several other hotkeys. PS> in case t
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