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  1. Well, that's strange. This is what I see when I run FNIS for my game using the XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended v 4.80, which is afaik the current standard for Skyrim Special Edition (I was wrong in my initial estimation of the number of bones in the up-to-date skeleton most of us use (the link I provided). Haven't opened the game in a couple weeks and haven't actually watched FNIS do it's thing in probably a year or more (Vortex handles it all in the background, which I like) . Anyway, my bad.
  2. idk... Since you note that you've seen this in both CBBE-3BBB and in BHUNP... possibly reinstall the skeleton. or check to make sure that its load position is "correct". this is my load order rules for the skeleton, fwiw
  3. no biggie. world audience. I'm in the USA (lake erie area) well, anyway, I'd give a hard look at the OSP embedded head nifs. There's something really screwy about the neck in those nifs. I don't think it should be going up like my snap shot shows it. in any case, for now, I'm afraid I'm out of ideas. I know very little about CK, but if I think if anything later on, I'm sure I'll intrude again. best wishes.
  4. Btw 2: I went ahead and downloaded. Yes, the neck looks totally weird in the example images you offered. simple neck gap from the front, but the side view is downright wonky. I opened the head mesh (edit: from the OSP, not the one in the main folder...that one looks correct) in nikskope...no wonder the neck is weird. this is a snapshot of what nifskope is showing. the important thing to look for here is the neck (and that other odd artifact sprouting from her hair) nvm on the "odd artifact" .... it's actually part of her bow...I think., but afaik the neck is screwy, both on your m
  5. BTW, before anything else, have you tried fiddling with her *weight*? As I recall, some neck gaps can be fixed by either setting the character weight to 0 or 100. If not, try it and maybe the solution is as simple as that.
  6. link >>>> https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988
  7. Hey BG, Apparently not a 'popular' suggestion (I've gotten ... hmm.... "rebuked" a few times for noting I use both, because apparently, "you're not supposed to use CBBE-3BBB and BHUNP together!!!"), but nonetheless, have you considered running BHUNP along side CBBE-3BBB and converting her to BHUNP? I have a few older UNP-based followers (already converted for SE but still in their original static "packaging" that converted nicely using BHUNP ( ex: Yuih Sha). While I didn't have to deal with the literal conversion (ie from LE to SE) I did have to/desire to shake out the
  8. according to a few articles I've read, it has to do with allocating VRAM, although that's about as much as I know. If you like, perform a "wide net" search, ie, google, bing, duckduckgo, etc) on the term "iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes" and read up. maybe you'll get more out of it than I did.
  9. hmmm... well... my iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes value is far lower than either of the values you used iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes=153600 And afaik, it's been in my Skyrim.ini file for ~2 years, so.... idk if it's involved or not. please *do report back if you perform your line removal experiment. regards
  10. to expand on the "loop" psalam is noting... (in case, like me the first time I encountered it, you are running into this for the first time) Suppose you set the load order for three *plugins* as follows A loads before B B loads before C C loads before A now , what happens (with these three plugins) when the game attempts to compile all of your plugins? A loads, then B loads, then C loads, then A loads, then B loads, then C loads, then A loads... round and round she goes in an infinite loop, whereupon the compiler chokes and exits noti
  11. XPMSSE skeleton appears to be out of date. it should be showing more like ~117 or so bones afaik. (not sure the exact qty off hand)
  12. Celticviolin is referring to HentaiCreatures MNC (v12SE2 unless it's been updated recently), which does exist for SE See the compatibility tracking thread under the main Skyrim SE page for a download link
  13. bump your arousal multiplier value in SLA? The default is afaik 2 or 3. Try a higher value. Also SLSO can be used to accelerate the process by fiddling with its config values, here's what my Chiquita uses. She's a bit of a nymph. the last value in the second panel SLA orgasm arousal loss (mod) can be set to 3 or 4 or 5 and your character should get horny quickly. I try to keep mine down to 1 and sometimes 0 just to cool her down a bit, as she reached nympho status a long time ago, even before I installed SLSO good lucks!
  14. So...this is solved then? If so, It'd be nice if you edited the orignal post, then append "[solved]" to the title so others know there's an answer. best wisshes.
  15. FWIW, it's a .pex file located in the /data/scripts folder. (there's also a RacemenuMorphsCBBEUIListMenu.pex file, and a RacemenuMorphsCBBEUITextEntryMenu.pex, and a RacemenuMorphsCBBEUIMenuBase.pex....)
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