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  1. As a workaround until you get it figured out, you could use Lazytools to adjust "genital size" (100% >> 120% >> 141% etc). Dunno if that would help the frustration level, but fwiw.
  2. Fair enough, and I agree. In that case, as I noted in my original reply (in so many words) , it's probably not something a newbie should be fiddling with. I was more responding to the claim that you "can't", which perhaps should be stated "shouldn't" until you're a bit more expert than someone who installs LE mods without realizing the problem with that.
  3. And is your fps restored in the exterior areas when the game is reloaded? If so, I recall a console command that can be used to purge cell buffers, oddly enough called PurgeCellBuffers, that you might try https://skyrimcommands.com/command/purgecellbuffers I'm not sure if it'll help or not, but it's worth a try. Sorry I can't offer more.
  4. If you say so. Odd that my game isn't playing by your rules. When BHUNP overwrote CBBE-3BBB (I installed BHUNP after CBBE-3BBB) things were screwed up for my player, and that's what alerted me to the need to swap load order. Interestingly enough, my BHUNP conversions all have the same color labia I chose when I installed BHUNP, which is different than the color I chose for my female player when I installed CBBE-3BBB. And as I said before, BODYSLIDE misrepresents the textures when a BHUNP preset is chosen, which simply makes it more difficult to duplicate a UNP follower mesh that has no existing bodyslide preset, (texture problem in bodyslide presumably since BHUNP is a child of UNP) but it's not impossible. As I said already, I only transferred the BHUNP designed meshes for those followers and applied them to/against the existing custom textures for those followers. They also respond to the hotkeys I assigned from the BHUNP MCM, whereas my player responds to the hotkeys I assigned from theCBBE-3BBB MCM Enjoy your game. I'm not going to continue this unnecessary flame war. edited for clarification
  5. First, when you installed CBBE-3BBB, did you make sure to install all the bells and whistles, including the optional racemenu support? Second, when you first built your naked body in Bodyslide, did you make sure to use a 3BBB preset to go along with the CBBE-3BBB amazing body? Personally speaking, I've found that using a stock CBBE or UNP preset doesn't result in a proper 3bbb result.
  6. Creating the meshes for the followers is using the BHUNP preset sliders, which are different than the CBBE-3BBB set and more accurately conform to their original (UNP-ish) designs. They also have the "extra" textures associated with my settings when I installed BHUNP. In game, they also react to BHUNP racemenu sliders, not CBBE-3BBB sliders. I run in SE (the version of skyrim for which this forum applies). I have one mesh for my player, another for Sha, another for Elwyn, another for Hikari, and several others (CBBE-3BBB) for several other followers. General NPC females use variants on my female player body. (I have both male player and female player game vectors) I respect your personal choices for your game, but I don't think you understand what my purpose was in adding BHUNP. BHUNP is handled using different slider sets in Bodyslide, and that's why I added it, so I could build more accurate pseudo-clones of the original body shapes for the noted UNP-based followers,. And yes, I'm well aware of how Bodyslide only uses CBBE(ish) textures for display in the utility. That's why it doesn't apply properly to BHUNP presets (or UNP presets either)
  7. Actually, you *can* ue both BHUNP and CBBE-3BBB. I use CBBE-3BBB for my female player and BHUNP for converting older UNP-based LE >> SE followers, since making the bodies look "right" (ie as close to dupes of their UNP originals) is far easier in BHUNP that if swapping for a CBBE-3BBB body. The trick is to have BHUNP load before CBBE-3BBB You also have to use BHUNP outfits for the converted follower(s), but that's not a big deal. I have three followers (Hikari, Sha, and Elwyn) who have been converted from UNP source that way The biggest PITA is using bodyslide with BHUNP, since Bodyslide doesn't apply skin texture correctly to the BHUNP body, and adjusting sliders (for the body) is more difficult with the breasts specifically (nipple and under boob shadow is misplaced) the weird hip-stripe thing is more of a nuisance than anything. Meshes also need to be sent to a dummy folder when built for BHUNP so they can be manually transferred into the follower mesh folder, (and use only the original untouched textures provided with the UNP follower mod) and in cases where the follower comes with its own skeleton, that needs to be swapped for the XPMSSE skeleton as well. Having said all that, it's probably not something that someone should be doing if they're not even aware that you can't use LE mods with SE., and that mods should be added slowly with checks in between to ensure the game is still stable after adding new mods...
  8. temporary or permanent? Caves and castles are general low resource environments, so exiting into the larger environment will cause some drop at least temporarily while resources are loaded. Not sure about long term, but the "wild " is richer, so idk if that's unexpected.
  9. I'll admit, that is very strange. And maybe not what I'm alluding to if every single male does it. I don't share a great number of mods in common with you though, so I can't really identify anything in particular.
  10. idk. At least one of the SL mods can be configured so that a certain level of NPC arousal causes the NPC to remove their body armor/clothing. Can't recall which one, but I'd check your MCMs. that's all I can think of
  11. From Nexus.com, although I believe some can be found here as well.
  12. 1.5.97 is the most current and the most capable (imo) (you'll also need at least SKSE64 2.0.17 for support of many of the more popular mods) Check the SSE conversions thread to see what is and isn't available for SSE in terms of SL stuff. Check over at Nexus for the more general mods
  13. What is your "native" race. Is it different than the one you chose for the r264 preset? If so, try this. (I'm guessing but bear with me) (if it works yay, if not, no harm no foul) open a pre-change save. open racemenu change only your race (to the one that the r246 preset will use) save as a new preset save changes save game close game reopen game using save made above open racemenu apply desired preset save as a new preset save racemenu change save game close game reopen game using newest save
  14. Hmm.. there's a menu that pops up in my game. Perhaps its from BOSSE, although I'm not exactly sure. I read in another forum thread that it is SOP Skyrim SE behavior (when I suggested it was because of BOSSE), but perhaps the person who said that is wrong. YES, i just checked so I could create a snapshot for you, and it's indubitably from BOSSE, so unless you use BOSSE, which, based on your latest reply, presumably you don't, ignore my ramblings on that aspect. Anyway, here's a link and a snapshot of what I see, just for clarity's sake BOSSE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21165 As far as "game save" goes, I mean create a savefile (save your game) wherever you are after you exit racemenu (as opposed to simply "saving your racemenu changes", since current racemenu changes are stored in your game save.
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