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  1. No specific mods involved. (my armor, clothing, body type, and preset choices are simply that...my choices. Yours may not (and likely won't) stack up the same due to personal preference) I simply meant that if Bodyslide isn't showing fundamental content, then something is installed incorrectly. (for instance, installing clothing, armor, bodyslide presets, etc, *prior* to installing Bodyslide will result in none of their content showing up in Bodyslide's menus, since they had no where to deposit their content before Bodslide established the based base directories) EDIT
  2. I shouldn't do anything. My game works fine. You on the other hand? At this point, since you're seeing a message about single vs multi player? I'd recommend that you contact Bethesda, because as far as I know, you should never see such a message for Skyrim SE. It sounds like you installed something else. Good luck. I'm afraid I can't help you.
  3. Ok, then I have nothing. TBH, I have no idea why since skyrim is s single player game.
  4. Yeah, it means run it as Bethesda meant for skyrim to be run, from its executable vs using SKSE64_launcher.exe. (launcching the game via SKSE64_launcher.exe afaik should only be done once the game has been opened using the Bethesda skyrim game launcher at least once.
  5. Have you run the program at least once using the standard game opener? Afaik, you have to run it once in the "bethesda manner" before using SKSE64 to fire up the game.
  6. I don' use MO2. My recommendation would be to reinstall Bodyslide. Then and only then install bodyslide presets and bodyslide-fittable outfits. Of course, make sure to install your body types too and any bodyslide dependencies Did you try running it from a shortcut?
  7. I'd ask these questions of yourself before proceeding with an evaluation What gender is your PC? What body model (specific) does your PC use? What body model is used for NPCs What reference body is the armor/clothing based on? for the first, while I suppose males can have wubba and stuff (see the HIMBO body for instance), I usually associate Bodyslide with work on females. For instance, I just use a stock male for my male vector, whereas my female PC is CBBE-3BBB (nd right now, some mash of CBBE-3BBBB and BHUNP, since I'm currently cloning onto a BHUNP follower
  8. PS> IFF you take the "calm" route and it actually sticks (it can require several castings to make it stick to higher order creatures), the time they remain calmed will (IME) be reduced from that of your average deer, rabbit, or even a bear or sabertooth, so I'd recommend that you hightail it out of there as quick as possible once you've done your business. For instance, a rhino (from immersive creatures fwiw) last night took 4 castings before it stuck, and he or she was back in action after only ~10 seconds, whereas a bear might take twice or three times as long to come out o
  9. What Sandatharius said usually works for me in these situations. Flee at high speed to wherever you can fast travel to a safe interior location, idle for a few game day (maybe use it as an excuse to do some storage-chest management or crafting) And followup: Normal guards or guards introduced by immersive creatures? I've found that the guard patrols introduced by immersive creatures will "go rogue" regularly. Options in those cases? Kill or be killed. Or if your skills are high enough, you could try casting calm double fisted.
  10. FWIW, I'm not sure about custom heads and so forth, but I *can confidently state that Racemenu jslots capture both facial and body changes (ie, all adjustments from the racemenu sliders section, be they scale or hair or mouth or head or the various body adjustments).
  11. In case JContainers IS installed correctly... SLAL takes anywhere from a few seconds up to about 10-15 seconds to load the animation pack submenus. Those few seconds can seem like infinite delay when in game mode and can cause one to overreact and back out of the menu after not immediately seeing what they expected. (it did for me early on anyway, and afaik a few other players have found this to be their issue too. Simple impatience). So I'd recommend that you open it once more, wait for half a minute. If it doesn't get populated by that time, then move onto further debugging. S
  12. Here's what I do. Get inside (player home for instance), idle there for a few game days, create a new save, exit the game. clean the save, load the game and cleaned save, idle a little while longer (maybe do some crafting or loot chest organization) , then play it tame for a little while once you reenter skyrim (ie outside your player home). It seems to help dispel whatever clogs are built up. YMMV ... On the other hand, if this has been a persistent issue ever since <insert name> mod was installed a few days/week ago, I'd probably check on that as well.
  13. Probably not asking anything you haven't already asked yourself, but... did you install any new SL mods (or for that matter, any new general skyrim mods) recently that might be breaking things? Try setting your reaction threshold in DWA to a low value, say 10 or 20, to see if that triggers some activity. Also check your skee64.ini values. Maybe something got bumped in the overlays section by some newer mod installation "w/extras!".
  14. for proper "jiggle" you need a body capable of jiggle (CBBE-3BBB, BHUNP, or one of the UUNP-with-jiggle bodies) physics modeling for jiggle (see CBPC and HDT SMP, along with Sinful CBP for in game management of CBPC values), both of the first two required for advanced Jiggly" body models) building the "right" body using Bodyslide&Outfit studio to produce the jiggly response desired. (ie, use the jiggly capable body, and a preset that supports that body selection. Not all Bodyslide presets are suitable for use with different body types. If you use CBBE use a CBBE spec's
  15. I usually see that behavior when the preset I'm using is for a different body type, OR the armor/clothing uses a different reference body
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