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  1. Rebuild your player body in Bodyslide using a nude option body/outfit entry. (and make sure to use a corresponding preset designed for the same body type ie, CBBE-3BBB body >>> CBBE-3BBB preset).
  2. Crucially, when you build your player, you need two things 1) Since you've noted you're using CBBE then you want to pick the CBBE physics or CBBE Special body 2) Then pick a CBBE compliant preset to shape your body (not all presets work with all the body types. Make sure it's a preset that's made for your chosen body type. CBBE body >>> CBBE preset CBBE-3BBB body >>> CBBE-3BBB preset BHUNP body >>> BHUNP preset etc Also, Make sure the current XPMSSE skeleton is installed. Make sure CBPC is installed. This will be the "bounce" engine Optionally, install Sinful CBP to allow adjustment of the CBPC bounce in-game via its MCM when building your body, make sure to also build your feet and hands using the two companion body/outfit selections for those elements. And if you want to be able to make adjsutments from racemenu in-game (in-game refinement for instance), make sure to check the "build morphs" checkbox. This generates a "tri file" needed by racemenu. Also, make sure that if you adjust any of the sliders, to save your custom adjustments to a new custom preset so you can refer to it later both for additional adjustments, as well as for fitting armors and clothing.
  3. Look for the SMP XML files in the /Data/ folder. I'm posting a screen shot of the associated entries because I have both CBBE-3BBB and BHUNP installed and am not sure how they'd be named otherwise, so I'm reluctant to simply list them. I'd strongly recommend you back up the files before fiddling. I don't think they're quite as forgiving as CBPC and I'm not sure how you'd "zero" them if you run into trouble otherwise. You can obviously ignore the "LE" entries. I think they're just some unintentional leftover of one of the body mod installations. The first and last entries are the ones to focus on. Especially the first one (SMP base) BTW, there are some other SMP associated folders here and there so these aren't all of them. For instance, I have another folder named (End All Be All ABC SE SMP" which is associated with MNC and presumably Baka ABC stuff, then there's my "hdt-smp ACup No belly" (through "D cup") folder, which might be associated with the CBBE-3BBB isntallation, the BHUNP installation, or perhaps HDT-SMP or the older "all in one" HDT mod I still have installed (not sure). Scan for anything with SMP in the title and go from there. My data folder has a bit over a dozen SMP related folder entries. SMP Base though, I believe goes directly to the player bod. /Data/0 SMP base/skse/plugins/hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs/ CBPC config files can of course be found in /Data/ SKSE/Plugins
  4. For an expeirment try using ["console", "$self", "sgtm 0.3"] for the first speed setting action. then restore to normal (1.0) at the end (using the same syntax).
  5. Hmm... is it a distributed mod, ie, does its garment pool get used by NPCs, or is it one that's used only by the player (or those the player purposefully distributes them to)? Possibly... some problem there. Or maybe a load contention, idk. Post your load order so folks can scan it? I'm no expert but there are others. fwiw, ymmv, etc etc... I sometimes run into a CTD-on-load problem after I've installed a new mod. In fact, any new mod far as I can tell. (maybe due to the large parse size for my save files and incorporating the new mod's material, chokes Skyrim's interpreter or compiler or whatever, idk). If it gives any glimmer of loading (ie it doesn't just instantaneously crash) and then fails, try it again, it might load a little further and fail, if so, try it again, When it happens, (about one in three new mod installations), it takes me between 2 and 4 attempts to get a stable load. Once it's loaded properly, subsequent saves seem to load just fine. Beyond that, if it doesn't load, I give up and uninstall the mod, look for solutions, failing that I shrug and move on. It's not a guarantor, but it's worth a shot.
  6. Have you fitted the armor? Many armors *require* fitting or their use can cause problems (in my experience, *including* CTDs) Does the armor require a specific version of the SKSE? Some mods still don't accept 2.0.19
  7. Build your naked body in Bodyslide using an appropriate physics model (body/outfit) (CBBE-CBBE-3BBB, BHUNP, UUNP SMP, etc) and a model-specific preset presets need to comply with the body model they're working on. A CBBE preset won't work for a BHUNP body, and visa versa. A CBBE preset will work *partially* with a aCBBE-3BBB body but won't properly address the extra "bits". That is, you can still choose them, but their output won't be correct. CBBE-3BBB body model (ie, the amazing body)? Use a CBBE-3BBB compliant preset to set its specifics. Failing that, I'd recommend that you reinstall the body model and try again, of course, making sure that all prerequisite mods (dependencies) have been installed first
  8. If you're playing SE and if you're using an up-to-date version and body, yes. Install the XMPSSE skeleton to resolve that one.
  9. Armors (the body piece) use a reference body based on whatever model they chose when creating the armor mod. Moreover, their physics is limited to whatever features the author chose to provide for it (the armor). Afaik, the only one really focused on with any particular consistency is breast bounce.
  10. Afaik, not all armor supports belly morphs. Or at least that's what I've found in game. Some do, some don't. I haven't figured out rhyme or reason, although it's probably the reference body chosen during armor creation at a guess.
  11. I think Defeat has a setting for that, possibly under the "as victim" submenu.
  12. FWIW, the CBBE-3BBB or BHUNP bodies include such "equipment". They both require CBPC and HDT-SMP physics engines and the XMPSSE skeleton. Other dependencies as required by the above.
  13. SMP can easily go unstable. It often happens during after a sex scene or other animation-intensive event (for instance, a "serious" battle) I do as you do, using the mode hotkey or if it doesn't work, with a full console smp reset I don't think there's any "fixing" it, just living with it. If I notice in time, I perform a hotkey reset (double-tap the mode-switch hotkey, to take it to CBPC mode and back to SMP) as soon as I see the breasts start to vibrate or when their "disposition" seems off (one breast hangs lower, nipples pulled slightly upwards, etc), and that seems to keep the more egregious motions from happening quite so often, but they still happen now and then. edit: missed the update. For NPCs, use one of the four NPC mode-switch hotkeys in the same way as for player. Once to return to CBPC mode, and once to return to SMP. I don't know why, but NPC SMP-destabilization seems to be "easier" to achieve when they're in SMP mode, for whatever reason, so I normally leave them running in CBPC mode and only rarely enable SMP mode, generally in a "quiet space" where there's not too much other stuff going on to reduce processing headroom. Of course, the problem there is that switching physics modes for an NPC results in them redressing, so you need them targeted prior to the animation and be ready to use an undress hotkey. PS> I find it really odd that you're experiencing issues in CBPC mode, not SMP mode. All of my issues with NPC body distortions (and player as well) are when in SMP mode. CBPC is my "safe" mode. Which leads me to think that either CBPC isn't installed, isn't installed correctly, or the ini files have been screwed up by incorrect tunings (I use Sinful CBP and just use the default choices to avoid breaking the control algorithms, in case you *have dug into the ini file and fiddled with settings)
  14. FWIW, an average save early on is a few meg, say ~3-4M (my first saves are ~2.9M). As your level and installed mods list and other save 'clutter' increase, so does the save file size. My current ~level 67 player is using ~17.5M savefiles. When nothing will open? That for me points to a recently installed mod that's causing issues.
  15. Hey, I'm a little confused about the character/keycodes being used for Time Control.json excerpt from time control.json [":", "MORE"], ["util_waitforkbd", "74", "78", "181", "55"], ["if", "$$", "=", "74", "MINUS"], ["if", "$$", "=", "78", "PLUS"], ["if", "$$", "=", "181", "RESET"], ["if", "$$", "=", "55", "STORE"], ["if", "$$", "<", "0", "END"], ["goto", "MORE"], for my keyboard, they're triggering on numpad hotkeys >> - (slow), + (speedup), / (reset), and * (store) I'd like to change them, but I'm a bit confused by the codes (74,78,181,55) I see in the json file. I apologize for my ignorance, but which character set or keycode set is being used here? None of these codes are ones I'd expect to see with numpad - + / or *
  16. When you detect SMP shudder, wild breast movements (total destabilized SMP), or other SMP type "oddities", use the physics mode switch hokey. Click it twice in rapid sucession, once to return to CBPC mode, then once to return to SMP. That should reset the SMP overload. Takes all of 1 second to accomplish. Push come shove you can drop into console mode and issue an "smp reset" but normally I find using the hotkey is supremely effective at resetting such instabilities
  17. if you use Chrome to view the page, there should be a translation utility built in with which you can translate webpage data. (ie, post content like what we're doing) As far as printed materials, best I can offer is cut-n-paste processing using Bing Translator.
  18. I concur on the Beastess callout. Had similar issue with immortal unkillable-by-any-means creatures when I had it installed. For me, it was trolls and ice wraiths mainly, but other creatures too, just not as often. Most were "disable-able" via console, but not nearly all of them. Some I just had to out run, even though they were really more of a nuisance than anything... since they presented no real danger to me. They just wouldn't stop trying to get my attention for fruitless battling.
  19. Can't speak for anyone else, but I've been using SexLab Aroused Redux SSE (Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE Version 29 2.9) for quite a while and it seems to work just fine. Maybe I'm just missing some nuance.
  20. Well, ymmv, but you could try extending the stage length in SexLabs' settings (see the MCM). There are afaik two kinds, consensual and aggressive, so you'll want to update each. By default, the stage lengths are rather short. I realize you said you tried doing things with auto-advance turned off, but tbh, I'm not sure if that might still be affecting things, at least during the final stage, hence the suggestion for increasing the stage lengths I *did* update mine (a long time ago). And I *do not* experience that last stage automatic kick-out when in manual-advance mode. It continues on the last stage (ad infinitum) until I either hit advance, end, or choose to open another scene (either the o-SL random hotkey, or 0-added-by-defeat to choose hotkey) FWIW, my last stage is set to around 60 seconds
  21. In SE, afaik (by default) the shift key is used for momentary sprint. The caps lock key is used to lock onto sprint mode. I find nothing "stupid" about it and nothing "ruined" by Bethesda in doing so. It's not 2012 and this isn't Skyrim LE.
  22. afaik, that has more to do with your bodyside and racemenu work ime. Both CBBE-3BBB and BHUNP looks quite similar in action for my CBBE-3BBB and BHUNP characters.
  23. Afaik, you can launch CK from the CK launcher via a desktop shortcut if you are online with steam.
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