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Ages & Relationships


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Hello I was wondering how old most of the people here were.

I often hear that those who consume adult content are quite young usually, but that doesn't sound right.

I also often hear that people in relationships don't consume adult content.


So I must ask how old are all of you? 


If you are in a relationship now, do you still consume adult content?

*Either on your own or with your partner.*


To start with myself I am 22 and turned such a few months ago.

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31 yr old married woman. Husband knows this about this site and knows I like to have my Skyrim/Fallout 4/Sims 4 characters slutty and have slutty adventures. ? 

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I'm 39 and enjoy the single life. I stopped dealing with commitment at the age of 23. I chose to put aside commitment and have fun for a while. And while it was supposed to be temporary, I enjoyed the freedom and not being tied down in a relationship. As years went by, sure I missed being in a relationship, but I also got to see how marriage itself was becoming more of a joke and chose not to be another divorced man. Then MGTOW opened my eyes and I am completely thankful I avoided all that hot mess. Now I just watch the world burn without any worries.


But if I were to be in a relationship, I wouldn't be on the net, let alone on LL, playing games or modding for that matter. I was always very out going in a relationship.

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I am 40 a single man, no children. To me playing console and video games are freetime hobby. I do use adult mods in skyrim and sims 4. Not the most hardcore ones thought

Amorous adventures, romance, are always in my load order as well wicked whims. Slen is also always active for using the kissing animations and maybe some romantic action now and then with gorgeus ladies of the skyrim ;) 


occasionally i do use adventures and prostitution mod i have them both active in my recent playtrough and i must say that my poor dragonborn is having really interesting time with ladies where ever he goes XD . 


Of course if in future i am at relationship i do make sure that my lady friend is ok with the mods i use, sexy dresses had been fine with female friends i have and that romance mod  so it depends lot of person too. 


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Male, 54.  Retired from the relationship thing.  Women are a delight to be around, in short, controlled doses.   


I was recently retired from work as well, by a driver more intent on her children than watching traffic.  Indian motorcycle vs Mercedez SUV, I lost.  Now with an abundant amount of  free-time and were-geld I get to indulge my lifelong love of fantasy RPGing and recently discovered fascination with, interspecies pollination.

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