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  1. Hello ! so i have been trying to edit a unity game files, i know what files i want to replace. but when i try to open the resource files i want to edit (using AssetBundleExtractor) it gives me this error: "(Unable to read the bundle file (invalid file or unknown version)" i have tried a different one (uTinyRipper) and it crashes when i try to load those files, Tho i have tested same resource file but from old version of the same game and they open normally with both extractors. it is my first time trying those tools so i looked into that issue and all i can get is that,
  2. the mod doesn't work with latest version, the body versions and sliders for all races are stuck on one type (elfs and dwarfs have same body as humans) and cannot be changed.. if by any chance someone could update this mod to current game version? or atleast a guide to how edit unity engine files? i think i could fix the body file if i could get the mod textures and put em on the latest version files
  3. Yo the only game i could remember that has an "underwear slot" is an MMO game on steam i played few years ago called "Mortal Online" it has few races and each male and female has a switch in options
  4. i dont really remember what i used specifically for my female sims... but i think it was Better bodies mod and for nipples textures i used this as a custom nipples then added this one for extra nipples diversity.. i think i used EVE nipples too and the one from Luumia (medium) that what i can tell from the files i have... i would tell for sure but haven't played since long time.. this ss here is example how it would look ig, not sure which one is what.. but i'd say to try those mods one by one till you find the best one for you
  5. Thats a great start! thanks for making it
  6. It sure does.. even the underwear in this game looks inappropriate.. a nude mod would be a must for it and it would fit with the armour types pretty well i have tried looking into its files on a desperate try after failing to find any mod for it.. but i couldn't figure out where to find the model textures
  7. my first PC game was Command & Conquer: Generals after it i started Counter strike and then battlefield 1942 and gta san andreas
  8. yes, i understand what you mean ^^ and its all fine now i did some research here and found some extra modding sites that makes sims look better and i kinda figured out a way to make some good sims and im satisfied with it for now.. thanks for the reply tho
  9. well i wish if there was similar thing.. but if that wont happen some people are willing to share their mod list for sure and you can look for them on web xD
  10. you have really nice collection, i love it. i wanted to ask if you mind sharing the mods you are using? because i have been struggling trying make my female sims look normal...
  11. well.. we can still say the nude body mod and bouncing boobies is adult mods aswell.. but i agree with you, i also believe that if somehow someone manages to get to its files or whatever that is, it could be like skyrim and even better cuz of the game unique design... i saw people talking about what is the possibility to create animations and such.. and it seems kinda difficult.. but still there is a hope for a saviour who will do it ;D tbh a first step would be a better body mod and more detailed one.. cuz current nude mod seems kinda primitive
  12. totally agree with you.. i love that game because of its gameplay.. it is unique... but i never liked the Apocalypse themed map or dat samurai stuff.. kinda wish if it was medieval with more greeny map and all medeival- fantasy stuff.. it could've really been great
  13. i was hoping for something like.. sex and breeding mod.. hmm some thing to produce ppl lol or just sex mod would be good to go... i'll wait b4 i start a new game till some gud mods comes out.. until then i'll be following dis forum post
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