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  1. Not answering your question, but... I've changed my Follower Framework from EFF to NFF and it feels like a different game now. With EFF, Mistress kept standing in the same spot when sending me on the pony girl errand, now with NFF, as she's in an inn, Mistress talks to the people, has a drink - just as you'd expect surroundig-aware sandboxing. And, what made me change the framework, I got rid of that annoying wheel that pops up every time you try to talk to a follower. @HexBolt8 sometime NFF behaves weird - I've had it a few times that Mistress sent me on an errand, but didn't wait
  2. If that's your Load Order, no wonder it's crashing. I don't understand much of how and why, but at least you need to have all .esm before any .esp As @Marg597 said - use a Mod Manager and LOOT
  3. When I stumbled across this mod, v0.95 in August last year, it still had some instances when your defiance could kill you. That MrEsturk variant of SLtR was only form July 2020, so what you have been playing must have been something completely different. The changelog since I started playing this mod would fill some pages. Dunno about Slaverun and/or SLS, but enforced nudity, at least for Lola, is part of this mod. I am so used to be running around naked, that I only don an armour if the enemy is really tough and my followers can't handle them alone. Maybe
  4. Here ya go. Sadly the adding the master Faction to an NPC with the right voicetype doesn't appear to fix the Creation Kit is skipping a bunch of the .wav files when I run GenerateLips. I still had to go through and generate a ton of .lip files manually. Until I can find a solution for that I'm probably not going to be mass producing these. Having a voiced devious follower would be amazing... Would you (or someone else) be so kind to explain an old dafty what steps I need to take, apart from dropping the files into my Data folder? I understand that I'd need to do some
  5. No. That might have been the case with older versions of this mod, but not anymore since HexBolt8 adopted it. Yes, those shocks really hurt, and you might be down on your knees for good, but your Mistress won't kill you. Proper, well-trained slaves don't grow on trees. You might be lucky and find one tied to a tree, but it didn't grow there.
  6. Uhm, okay. If this mod would still not be working as it should (I understand that you found a solution elsewhere, so this is just to answer your question) you would have done the following steps: Uninstall the mod with your mod manager. Then have a look in your Data/scripts folder. Every script that came with this mod, be it the current or from the 1.1 version (I'm not sure about earlier) has the vkj_ prefix. Edit: has 'vkj' somewhere in the script name, so a search for "*vkj*" should find them all. If there would be any of those left, after uninstalling, that's a sign for
  7. 1. you need to have a certain submission score, IIRC that's at least 50 2. that's just for flavour, same with licking her sweaty feet *sigh* 3. You cannot ask that when you are gagged, or have been gagged recently. When we last talked about this, the cooldown was a whole day. I never had that, I'd expect that this line appears when you remove the collar between being collared by your owner and talking to him/her the next time. Does your collar have the right keywords? If you're using plain DD everything should be okay, if you're using something custom, yo
  8. I guess that's the one "picky owner" response when He is in a bad mood and zaps you for no reason. This mod is mostly consensual, you're right in that, but Skyrim is a harsh place, so sometimes things may happen that would cast you in jail in RL.
  9. Damn, so that might be the reason why Mistress, when asking me to bring her something to use on me, draws her weapon, and draws her weapon, and draws her weapon - for 30 seconds, without applying a single hit. Other instances of whipping had no problems. Suggestions to load order of NFF and SLtR? NFF wants to be to the end of LO, should I put SLtR behind that?
  10. Okay, the guardian stones should be well outside any town. I am using NFF recently, which I can only recommend. I had been using EFF before, which was okay-ish, but impractical to use with SLtR. It feels like a different game now 😀 Just learned the hard way, that it really needs to be at the end of my load order.
  11. This really should trigger, but... "the fields around Whiterun" is a bit vague, unfortunately what The Game thinks of as inside the city bounds is ridiculously large. It extends far beyond Honningbrew Meadery - I remember that I got my first prostitution event when Whiterun was barely visible on the horizon... Aaand by special request from some bloke called CaptainJ03, the event won't start when you're wearing a hobble skirt or anything that reduces your carrying capability to a negative value. Just tested it by console-adding some heavy stuff, in less than a minute Mistress b
  12. You need to be in the main inn inside a major city, between 8am and 4pm, and have a submissive score of... uhmmm... I think it was 50.
  13. Small bug report. I tried what happens when I don't pay my debt in a city. Okay, guard grabs me and puts me into bondage - but as my PC is Lola from SLtR I am already wearing a generic DD collar, which doesn't get unequipped. When I leave town, the guard outside the gate unlocks me - but an inescapable collar stays in my inventory. Happend two times now, that when I re-enter the town after being unlocked, though being ass-deep in debt, the guards inside just ignore that. I can ask about DAS, would even be able to pay my debt, but noone binds me. I'd expect a 100% chance on deb
  14. Do you have the latest version of DF installed? It had been a problem last year, that you couldn't dismiss any DF follower, but that has been fixed in the meantime.
  15. Bodyslide. When you generate the meshes for the piercings, it should be using the exact body of your character. Yes. Be sure to tick "build morphs" No - at least not for UUNP. If you've built the morphs, the piercings stay where they should be. I've set the breast size for this char to 1.2 and the piercings show where they should. Even when she's infected with a Chaurus parasite, which lets the breasts grow to a ridiculous size, the piercings stay on.
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