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Slave Jane - PAHe

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The idea is to add unique slaves with increased starting stats to the world as House Moms or Bottom Bitches to keep the rest of your team in line, working faster and harder.

Slave Jane will be updated in the future. (Updated 5/25/21)

If any issues arise please leave comments.



     Type:                  Mage / Fire Mage

     Location:            Riverwood Trader

     Owner:               Camilla Valerius

     Cost:                   200

     Submission:        70



     Intro quest will start at level 6, if Slave Jane hasn't been purchased yet.

     Power to summon Slave Jane as a follower, if ever in need of her services.

     Once enslaved her name will change to Slave Jane.

     Slave Jane is essential.



     New alternate look for Miss Jane.



     IDK, leave comments of ideas or possible improvements.



     Open Perms - Feel free to change, manipulate, or improve upon Slave Jane how ever you see fit. Enjoy!

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    Paradise Halls, SexLab, Brows, KS Hairdos, Eyes of Beauty.
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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Noticed if recruiting her as a follower first then enslaving the follower her name doesn't change to slave Jane, I plan to fix this on Monday and add custom start location for her if using an alt start mod so she's easily obtainable early on in any play through.

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I like this idea.  If I had the expertise I'd like to make a mod add-on for PAHE HSH where you could buy slaves with maxed out stats to train your other slaves, or bring some of your slaves there to be trained.


I just find the training bit of PAHE to be real grindy, and not particularly fun.  So your mod idea is similar to mine and I'll have to give it a try when I get back to Skyrim again.

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Really like the Idea of predefined Slaves in a mod.


I have two ideas about Slave Jane:


first, would you mind to make her "stand alone"? I would do it myself if i would know how, but unfortunatly ... i am at really beginning doing such myself.


the other idea is about the "Diary of Mine", so it would be a great idea to make her (or a future slave you create) to make a "patch to give her special traits for that mod.



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I love the idea of this mod.  Do you have any plans to release more of these, or to separate the different models into distinct slaves?  I've been trying to figure out how to do something similar.  With Diary of Mine, having unique slaves means you can have custom personalities for them, which is quite attractive.  Her price is a little... unimmersively low, though.  


Can you explain how you've managed to knock her into bleedout through dialogue?  I was trying to figure out how to do this to make the slaves from Devious Bandit Captives PAHE-compatible a while back, but I couldn't find any information about how to do it, and my bumbling in the dark didn't lead to anything.  I just poked around your .esp with SSEEdit, but I don't really know what I'm looking for, and nothing jumped out at me.  


Here's my DoM personality for Jane, if anyone would like to use it:


You'll need to change the first two digits to match your load order; the file name needs to match her BaseID.  Then just place the file in:

\Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Diary Of Mine

This personality is a nice companion, relatively easy to train, and just someone I'd enjoy having around; it does not make for a good trainer under DoM's rules.  

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I haven't been into Skyrim for a while now just starting to poke around in Fallout again, Your work deff seems a higher caliber than mine but I'll open it up and look and post some notes here or prob youtube :). Also all my work is free to use or modify or reupload here on LL, or affiliates LL approves of.

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