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This mod is a revised version of Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps, made with permission from its author pchs.


This mod adds 85 female NPCs to vanilla bandit camps and hideouts, and also to bandit camps from the mod More Bandit Camps.

The added NPCs located outdoors are dressed in chains and have names to indicate that they are slaves. Most added NPCs located indoors are dressed in corset outfits and have names to indicate that they are whores.


The added NPCs are all marriageable, and are all potential followers, so you can consider this mod to be a huge follower pack.


The added NPCs all have KS Hairdos, but you do not need to have KS Hairdos installed, because this mod includes copies of all the KS Hairdos texture files that it uses.


This mod is ESL-flagged so it does not take up a precious slot in your load order.


The original mod had a requirement for Zaz, and the original mod added Zaz furniture to the game world. In contrast, this mod does not use Zaz. This mod adds nothing to the game world except for the added NPCs.


This mod has a hard requirement for Devious Devices SE 4.3 or later. All the added NPCs use the default player body. This mod does not use any scripted or locked devices from Devious Devices. This mod only uses unscripted armature models for their visual appearance.


This mod has a soft requirement for More Bandit Camps. You do not need to have More Bandit Camps installed, but if it is not installed, then some of the added NPCs will simply be waiting in the wilderness areas where those added bandit camps would be.


This mod has a soft requirement for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO). You do not need to have RDO installed, but if it is not installed, then you will not be able to recruit some of the added NPCs, depending on their voice types. RDO adds extra dialogue lines to enable recruiting NPCs of all voice types.


All the locations and added NPCs are listed below, along with their races, voice types, and names.


1. Bilegulch Mine (indoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Condescending  Cora the Cocksucker

2. Bilegulch Mine Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-EvenToned      Olara the Slave
        2. Female Breton    F-Shrill         Lora the Wretched

3. Broken Helm Hollow (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Sultry         Tiruna the Harlot

4. Broken Oar Grotto (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Zarla the Cunt
        2. Female Imperial  F-Condescending  Gina the Bitch
        3. Female Redguard  F-EvenToned      Viressa the Whore

5. Bthalft Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Redguard  F-Coward         Marisa the Lost

6. Camp Arcius (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Shrill         Ava the Stolen

7. Camp Bronin (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Bella the Broken

8. Camp Cloverhedge (outdoor)
        1. Female Redguard  F-Commoner       Agnes the Stolen
        2. Female Nord      F-YoungEager     Nina the Helpless

9. Camp Deaddrop (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Fiona the Weak
        2. Female Breton    F-Coward         Wanda the Lost

10. Camp Frostcliff (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Nord           Sasha the Wretched

11. Camp Hrjoldarr (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Ashla the Slave

12. Camp Jolfingand (outdoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Coward         Della the Broken

13. Camp Mossfall (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Marna the Broken

14. Camp Overwatch (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Shrill         Zia the Vanished

15. Camp Percius (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Nord           Hanna the Missing
        2. Female Imperial  F-YoungEager     Pippa the Forsaken

16. Camp Redfox (outdoor)
        1. Female Redguard  F-Commoner       Anna the Lost

17. Camp Steadwatch (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Coward         Tamitha the Broken
        2. Female Breton    F-EvenToned      Jorena the Slave

18. Camp Vallus (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-EvenToned      Riyana the Forgotten

19. Cracked Tusk Keep (indoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Nord           Jenna the Whore

20. Cracked Tusk Vaults (indoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Condescending  Panora the Cunt

21. Embershard Mine (indoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Commoner       Moraya the Cocksucker
        2. Female Nord      F-Nord           Lufani the Slut
        3. Female Imperial  F-Sultry         Shura the Whore

22. Faldar's Tooth (indoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Commoner       Fiorina the Whore
        2. Female Imperial  F-Condescending  Yuna the Cocksucker
        3. Female Breton    F-EvenToned      Trisha the Harlot
        4. Female Nord      F-Nord           Vexxi the Deviant
        5. Female Imperial  F-Sultry         Margo the Tramp
        6. Female Imperial  F-YoungEager     Nella the Eager

23. Faldars Tooth Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Nomi the Hopeless

24. Fort Fellhammer Garrison (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Brisha the Whore

25. Four Skull Lookout Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Nord           Bekka the Slave

26. Gallows Rock (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Rhonda the Slut
        2. Female Imperial  F-EvenToned      Danela the Whore

27. Halted Stream Camp (indoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Commoner       Linda the Whore

28. Halted Stream Camp Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-EvenToned      Pella the Slave

29. Knifepoint Mine (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Carla the Cocksucker
        2. Female Breton    F-Sultry         Donna the Harlot

30. Knifepoint Ridge Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Commoner       Betta the Hopeless
        2. Female Imperial  F-Coward         Ella the Broken
        3. Female Redguard  F-Shrill         Tina the Vanished

31. Lost Knife Hideout (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Condescending  Angela the Deviant
        2. Female Redguard  F-Coward         Merta the Vanished
        3. Female Nord      F-EvenToned      Rachel the Harlot
        4. Female Nord      F-Nord           Helka the Cunt
        5. Female Breton    F-YoungEager     Varona the Helpless

32. Mistwatch North Tower (indoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Commoner       Maggie the Slut
        2. Female Imperial  F-Condescending  Nasha the Whore
        3. Female Breton    F-Sultry         Ramona the Cocksucker

33. Nilheim Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-YoungEager     Mina the Helpless

34. Orotheim (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Miri the Whore
        2. Female Nord      F-Nord           Aria the Cocksucker

35. Redoran's Retreat (indoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Commoner       Dinah the Whore
        2. Female Redguard  F-Sultry         Vena the Slut

36. Rift Watchtower Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Nord           Wilma the Stolen

37. Robbers Gorge Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Commoner       Alessia the Stolen
        2. Female Breton    F-Coward         Rosa the Vanished
        3. Female Imperial  F-EvenToned      Luisa the Slave

38. Silent Moons Camp (indoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Nord           Luna the Whore

39. Silent Moons Camp Blacksmith (outdoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Coward         Sara the Forgotten

40. Stony Creek Cave (indoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Sultry         Lily the Whore

41. Swindler's Den (indoor)
        1. Female Nord      F-Commoner       Nora the Cocksucker
        2. Female Breton    F-Sultry         Krista the Harlot
        3. Female Redguard  F-YoungEager     Candace the Eager

42. Treva's Watch (indoor)
        1. Female Breton    F-Commoner       Bess the Cocksleeve
        2. Female Imperial  F-Condescending  Oliva the Cunt
        3. Female Nord      F-Coward         Misha the Lost
        4. Female Nord      F-EvenToned      Sarena the Slut
        5. Female Nord      F-Shrill         Raquel the Bitch

43. Uttering Hills Cave (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Vera the Slut
        2. Female Nord      F-YoungEager     Arianna the Eager

44. Valtheim Keep Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Commoner       Mona the Slave
        2. Female Nord      F-Coward         Gretel the Broken
        3. Female Nord      F-EvenToned      Rita the Hopeless

45. White River Watch (indoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Condescending  Elena the Slut
        2. Female Redguard  F-Sultry         Brianna the Whore

46. Winter War Exterior (outdoor)
        1. Female Imperial  F-Coward         Vivia the Broken
        2. Female Nord      F-YoungEager     Nara the Stolen


What's New in Version 3


In order to avoid NPCs in the same location having the same voice type, Fiona's voice was changed from Coward to Commoner, and Vexxi's voice was changed from Sultry to Nord.

Changed all slave NPC-player relationships from Lover to Ally based on feedback from @PInute. Kept whore NPC-player relationships as Lover. This change primarily affects Sexlab Eager NPCs and greeting dialogue from Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.

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