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  1. Well, time to make room in my load order, as I know I'm gonna love this.
  2. LOL, I had seen earlier this AM where 9.0 was up for LE, and just two minutes ago, I decide to check LL for the SE. and there it is. Kimmy must have been reading my mind. Thanks for the upload.
  3. Yeah, not working for me. You cannot open blahblah as archive. Or when trying all three at once, it's End of archive. Tried renaming them as well, redownloading, etc. 1. Can not open the file as 7z archive Is not Archive. 2. Can not open the file as 7z archive Is not Archive. 3. Can not open the file as 7z archive Unexpected end of data ----------- This is just really odd, as I've never had a problem with multiple zip files like this before.
  4. Love this one. Add me to the list of SE. Not sure if Cathedral/Nifskope will work on this one. I imagine it's quite script heavy, and I do not know enough of either program to know if scripts are interchangeable between LE and SE.
  5. Well, this I think Will have me revisiting Fusion Girl. I used to use that bod a few years ago all the time myself. Just gotta check if Vtaws stuff has F-girl conversion now. But yeah, I've liked this on for so long, that it is prob. the only thing that would get me to make the switch.
  6. Hey thanks for the explanation. I tell ya, I just appreciate the work you and all the other modders do here.
  7. Thank you for all your hard work. Erm, I have grabbed 1.04 here, But Loverslab is showing it was updated 4 hours ago. However the 1.04 is showing the same one I had from Jan 15th. Did I miss something here, maybe LL hiccuped?
  8. How freakin' awesome is this. LOL. I was just looking to see if by any chance this had been updated, around 4 this morning. Came over now, and boom. It was updated 16 hours ago. I honestly thought the old dev. 9 was it. Thank you thank you thank you!
  9. Man, new tats and follower pack in the same day! Outstanding my friend. One small question, as for the life of me, I can't seem to find it in the other threads. I've been using your other follower packs, that I grabbed way back in 11/21 . Now I've seen multiple updates to them, but I haven't really pursed it, since they work great as they are. That being said, I haven't been able to figure out exactly what was updated. Should I go ahead and add the new versions in? Like I said a while back, they are on my always install list for every profile I use.
  10. heh, I have to admit, this model had me trying new things. It's the eyes man. I always did the standard hi glam kind of model, but I use this, and add just a bit of "Ahh" and left/right blink to about .12 -20 , and she works great with a Skooma / Drunk playthrough. Can't thank you enough man. I swear, there is always something new, for Skyrim SE.
  11. Heh, Just saw you had released this and a few others over on discord. All of the new stuff looks great.
  12. Well hell, I'm way too old at 50, to be this excited over some pixels. That being said, Hell of a nice job with the preset. I really like it.
  13. Still loving this mod , after all the years. I looked at the main page and here, but didn't see any changes in the change log. Still Downloading just in case, but was curious, if it was just a "Paper work" like update, or did something major change? Thanks guys.
  14. Nice. Using a few of these for a Druid type character I had been thinking of making. Great work as always.
  15. No, the PC wasn't bald at all. In fact, I believe I used just some normal Imperial hairstyle, nothing fancy at all. I will def. try letting the hair grown then. But yeah, the split second hair, is the one that yps used.
  16. Hi all. question for you re: YPS. It seems that when ever I load a save game, my hair style is not showing up. Ok, it will show up for a split second, then disappears. I've tried adjusting the hide settings in Devious Devices, but to no effect. But my character is bald as a newborn. even tried turning on and off control in yps, Using showracemenu and giving myself new hair. Any suggestions good friends of Lovers Lab?
  17. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I've been using .44 sum and pop SE for years now. Looking forward to seeing what this does.
  18. BTW, thanks for doing the transfer from LE. Gonna try and hit it some more this afternoon.
  19. I've had that happen on occasion before. Maybe this will help. I simply open my map, and then close it again, might take a few times. But then the area lights back up. Getting a few laser beams from a a few models though still. Normally this happened to me with some texture issue with Hydra's slave gals , so It might be the same here.
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