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Description: Makes sex into a sort of 'need' for the player. Sex changes the player's lust (primal need for sex) and arousal (conscious need for sex). This plugin is not meant to dramatically change gameplay, but rather provide subtle changes and effects to the player/experience depending on sexual activity.


Instead of running off of a timer, as Sexout does by default, sex now runs until someone reaches 100% arousal and orgasms. It will still last roughly the same amount of time as whatever Sexout's "default time" is set to, so you can still control how long it lasts. But why use this? For a more immersive experience. Having orgasms (or not) will have an effect on your character, as does being aroused for extended periods of time and too much sex. Lust, sexy clothes, and sex toys increase arousal outside of sex. You can select some perks and traits which affect arousal, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll end explanations there. If you don't like it, you can disable Arousal in MCM.


Also, you can "pull out" of consensual sex. However, you have to set the "pull out" key in MCM first.


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hmm, maybe someone could help with that (heh not implying myself, cant do shit with scripts sadly, only have basic skills with the geck....) so it would not need an object, i think there are several people like me who try to avoid carrying around clutter and the like....


could maybe use MCM or a simple menu from the sexout book? wich would eventually be added to the MCM part i suppose

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Yeah' date=' the item just sits there and gives you warnings. I wasn't sure how to add a menu so you could check the lust value, as I've never done it in Fallout.


You can just add the Lust Value to the message but it would be better if it could be added like a Health Bar / Counter to Primary Needs HUD or similar.


Someone should pull Primary Needs apart sometime and try reverse engineer something :)


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I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes here, or anything, but I wanted to see if I could add this to the HUD. Requires Primary Needs HUD to be installed and active. Back up the XML files before replacing them. It shouldn't cause any problems, but let me know if it does.

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This is something I have no personal experience of, but have heard/read from several sources...


What do you think of the idea of jacking the lust up real high after a combat finishes? (perhaps the combat should need to go for longer than X-seconds and the player should have to be wounded at least once during it, so that it doesn't happen for petty little murders and quick fights with no danger to the player) I've heard reports of soldiers feeling an "uncontrollable need" for sex/rape after battles, which is the reason old-time armies were always given time to rape and pillage.

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You know, it would probably take a lot of work, but I was just thinking last night that it'd be nice for NPCs to have some sort of libido/lust stat. It could be used to determine stuff like when rapers gon' rape, when the Tryout faction members approach the character, all that kinda thing. Instead of just being randomly selected.

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Outside of your companions, you wouldn't be paying enough attention to individual NPCs to notice a change in libido. It might as well be randomized, with modifiers depending on factions.


I'll go ahead and add a link on the OP to the Primary Needs version. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll add in:

- Adjustable lust rate

- Optional, harsher effects

- MCM support

- Different messages per gender


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I'd like to see arousal as well as lust, but not sure if that should be better in the main Sexout Module

As far as the fighting causing lust, that could be like a perk, imagine the char can get extra stat bonus by going feral in combat but the side effect is it jacks up the lust.

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Updated to v2:

Update v2

- Adjusted "Desperate" stat effects

- Added "Madness" stat effects

- Alcohol/Jet will increase lust faster, by 35% and 15% respectively.

- The default time until max lust increased to 3 days.

- Added the "DaysToMaxLust" variable to "crQuestMain" (XX000AE3). No MCM support yet, so you have to adjust it manually.

- When your lust is uncontrollable, you might ask a nearby member of the opposite gender for sex. Alcohol/Jet/Lust can change the dialog and increase the chance of success.


I based the update on the Primary Needs version, so all you need is the XML files if you'd like the UI integration.

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This is a dangerous mod. LOL. my pc stopped in the middle of a firefight dropped to her knees and began to pleasure herself. she was killed before she could finish. so unsatisfying. Great work so far. I noticed in the update that the pc will be able to ask for sex. I was wondering, based on my pc's recent death, if there might be options: ask for sex, demand sex, sexually attack someone/anyone nearby or in the case of my pc in a fight, charge the enemy and F them to death or at least into submission. lol. once again great work.

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Update v3

- Added MCM support.

- Combat slightly increases lust rate.

- Losing control of your body takes longer while in combat.

I'm probably not going to do much more after this update, unless you guys have some good suggestions. Feel free to modify the ESP and rerelease it.

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okay just one little question, this REQUIRES primary needs?, cause i tried without and the game wouldnt start at all. havent tried with primary needs but if possible id like to maybe avoid? dont really feel like addind another thing to run the game, since i prefer using only MCM

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okay just one little question' date=' this REQUIRES primary needs?, cause i tried without and the game wouldnt start at all. havent tried with primary needs but if possible id like to maybe avoid? dont really feel like addind another thing to run the game, since i prefer using only MCM[/quote']Yeah, the new version of the mod was based on my Primary Needs version, and so still has the requirement. I have attached a version of the newest release of the mod that does not require Primary Needs.
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