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  1. That's all well and good, but do we have to wait 90 years before we can use it...?
  2. Possibly like this one? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28850/?
  3. Nice... bye bye Radiant Prostitution and the lag it caused... Even nicer... *looks around carefully...* Any chance you could put that back in as an option? (just kidding... now it's a little safer at home...) Wait... that was what was doing that??
  4. Got a problem for you, and I do think it's this mod that's doing it... chose mistress, abandoned campsite, full set of gear. Got asked if I've heard the sound of dragons before (or something like that) and went and used the bed. 2 hours playing later I checked my journal to find I've got an active quest telling me to use the bed. Used LADL before, never run into this... used AS-LAL by itself and never run into it either. Spent some time trying various other choices... only one that causes it is that combination that I've found. Granted I didn't try all the possibly combinations (heat-death is coming, and all that) but that was the only one that did that to me.
  5. Nice... less interruptions is good! Ooooooo.... that's just evil... just when you've trained us all to feel secure knowing that if you get a key you're not getting a trap, you pull this on us. I like it! Welp... time to go get tentacle raped... back in a bit! :edit: A phrase I never thought I'd see...
  6. It's worth noting that I've made a save for just before going and killing that little shit... just on the off chance that I feel like killing him again... and again... and again... Oh, who am I kidding... I load that one up every few hours!
  7. Oh, I dunno... if I wanted to be a complete git to whoever managed to kill me I'd do exactly that....
  8. Oh, thank goodness... now I don't have to search all over for errant boots... (which I found on top of the inn down in Winterhold, by the way... sorry to disappoint any Horkers out there who wanted some size 2 boots...) Come now... you just know there are some people out there who want you to make that an option...
  9. Holy jesus crap... is there any way you could make the flash-bang just unequip your stuff, rather than very impressively flinging your armour all over the place...? I have no clue at all where my Daedric boots flew off to when I looted that barrel in the College grounds, but I can tell you they didn't land anywhere close by. I'm guessing some Horker somewhere is feeling a bit richer now...
  10. Impressive... that very thing fixed it for me... *looks at the 160+ mods running...*
  11. Installed on existing game with clean save, not had DCL running on it before... 100% chance and no chests/barrels/bodies equip items at all. Debug messages do not show anything at all, as in no messages appear at all. Estrus installed, it detects it but defaults to not using it... activating that option does nothing, as it simply goes back to it not being used the moment the menu is exited. Dunno why it's not working... it's almost like it's simply not initializing in the first place. :edit: Completely fresh game started, 100% chance... nothing.
  12. They think so... time will tell' date=' but they think they did it. At least I don't have something stuck in my head any more. (go on, someone mention them taking my brain out... the GF already did... repeatedly...) True... I couldn't manage to string words into a sentence at first. Now, I can manage short conversations. Bloody tiring though. It was physical damage though... I can either regain or relearn skills, but reduced concentration for life is something that's a real possibility.
  13. I'm sorry guys, but I can't keep this updated now... just got out of hospital after brain surgery and I can't concentrate on things. (they're not sure if I ever will get back to hw I was either) If someone can take it over somehow, it'd be good... but I'm sorry I can't do it now.
  14. Updates to Sexout Tryout, Sexout MoreComplexNeeds, Sexout SewerSlave and Sexout CreatureLove. ~ 02/02
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