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  1. Hope you feel better soon! I took a quick dive into your code and I think this is the offending line (dfwsDfwSupport.psc, line 486): _qMilkMod = (Quest.GetQuest("MME_MilkQUEST") As MilkQUEST) If the user doesn't have the MilkQUEST script, then it probably stops the whole script in its tracks. From what I remember, using Game.GetFormFromFile as a generic Quest is what you want to be doing before you start casting the quest as specific script. That way, you confirm that the form exists (as a soft requirement) before ever loading a script (which is a hard requirement). My Papyrus knowledge is rusty, so I might be wrong.
  2. Not sure if this'll help anyone else, but installing Milk Mod Economy fixed the 2.05 MCM/startup issue for me.
  3. Well, unless you changed something, the purpose of that slider was to increase the chance of being enslaved if you had an armbinder on. I never intended for special topics for when you have an armbinder on. There was no system that gradually increased the chances of being enslaved, so wearing an armbinder was considered a sort of "total helplessness". I figured that the player should be much easier prey. I guess that didn't come across properly in the MCM description.
  4. That's more of an SD+ thing, not Deviously Enslaved. You probably need to take your collar off using the Master's Key, or use other means to free yourself.
  5. Can confirm, the first topic is missing the "hasFollower" condition. Probably my fault. I had one job.
  6. Nothing is safe in Skyrim! My poor character is now only safe cowering in the corner of an empty room, alone. Even the doors are out to get her. You wonderful monster.
  7. verstort, you have my full permission to make a new topic/download for your modified version of Deviously Enslaved. If you'd prefer, I can update the download page with your latest stable version. I should've mentioned it in the description, but I don't care what people do with my mods. The only reason any of my mods have made it anywhere is because wonderful people like yourself expand on my work when I enter hibernation. Feel free to PM me with any questions!
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to say that I haven't disappeared. I'm still working on it on and off. Next version should have better Defeat/Helpless integration, not be quite as CPU intensive, have more MCM settings to play with, and a few more kinds of dialogue.
  9. You should not need a clean save for 1.03 to 1.04. Just replace the old files.
  10. Your "[CRDE] rolled a 0" means the random number generated for a DD equip event was 0, which usually means a single device would be equipped. Do you have at least one "Equip Event Device Weight" item set to a non-zero value? That should be the only reason to see that exact line repeat. Regarding using this mod without any enslavement mods: you can do that. Just make sure you set the chance of enslavement events/dialogue to 0% in MCM.
  11. New version up (1.04)! Apparently, I forgot to finish wiring up the improved Maria Eden detection last time and no one noticed. - Maria Eden detection actually works now - Added support for the player to be used while on Maria Eden's Slave on a Stroll - Added more MCM descriptions - Refined triggers for enslavement events - Added more triggers for Wolfclub from enslavement dialogue (including without an armbinder, if you fully submit) - Disabled dialogue events while Deviously Helpless is doing its thing - Enslavement from Deviously Helpless shouldn't cause the master to go silent for 2 minutes
  12. v1.03 up with MCM controls for what gets equipped to your character, among other changes and fixes. Going to try and get some new features added for the next release, not just fixes and controls... If the MCM sliders haven't been working for you, try a clean save. The sliders do work.
  13. I'll have sliders for the different cursed devices in the next version, along with a less obnoxious (and toggleable) enslavement system. Also looking to get a few more mods integrated.
  14. v1.02 is up: -Added MCM integration -Added followers faction to filter -Attempted to fix NPCs repeating forced conversations -Added possible key taking after sex -Enslavement Events no longer trigger if user has no supported player slavery mods active I'll improve the MCM menu over time, but there's something for now. No descriptions, but at least there are sliders. @Mud, not sure what to suggest. There isn't much that can go wrong when starting SD enslavement. I'll take another look at it to make sure everything is running OK normally.
  15. Try a new game, Yuni. Looks like, for some reason, your game is still not happy about the old version of the script. Just boot up the game and immediately start a new game. Hopefully that works. If that works, you should be able to get it working on an older save somehow... Thanks for the feedback, guys! Working on MCM support now. Should help clear some confusion a few of you are having about what exactly happens in this mod. New features after.
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