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Hey there

If you're reading this, you're either someone who can help or someone who is interested.

Like 1 minute ago I had a thought. It would be cool (for the imagination) to have a camera item.

Did a quick check here and on the old NX, but all camera mods are about..yeah...the gameplay camera.


If anyone can make items in blender, a simple camera item could be used by your character (for selfie-like screenshots) or a follower (to document your travels).


Big ol' camera0055-2-600x428.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

  • Good for followers / cameramen / photographers
  • Movie-like / paparazzi
  • BUT not lore-friendly


Phone (camera)google-pixel-3-and-3-xl-hands-on-5112-2-1200x630-c-ar1.91.jpg

  • Character holding it appears more modern and realistic
  • Everyone in modern attire should have one
  • BUT not lore-friendly


Dwarven camera (those dwarves thought of everything)

  • Any size, make it your preferred camera
  • Lore-friendly- dwarven machinery is all over Tamriel
  • BUT yeah still not really lore-friendly. Any camera is a long way off from their time


Thanks for reading!

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12 hours ago, phvertical said:

There are camera items available in the #modern town# mod, somewhere here on ll

It was removed from LL

If you mean https://www.reddit.com/r/Eskyrim/comments/9ek1sc/would_this_mod_be_interesting_for_anyone_modern/, that's just maps and clothes with an old ipod item. No camera

Going down the rabbit hole took me to AS Knox which needs Aether Suite, both huge downloads and neither Nexus's 'preview file contents' nor Halo's forum search bar are showing any signs of cameras or phones


My guess is they were lost during the move from LL to reddit


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16 hours ago, Setekh said:


That's a camera but not what I had in mind. I mean a camera item that actors can equip and hold. Thanks for checking though!

Tbh kinda surprising that Skyrim has a plethora of modern clothing mods but not one phone mod

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27 minutes ago, GetTalon said:

I love it! But that camera is a head.

Yes unfortunately, but it is somehow funny.
the only mod which is available, unless somewhere in the internet universe is a camera mod hidden which one only has to find. :classic_smile:

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  • 11 months later...

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