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  1. @Ma Ri Thanks. @Harvald I checked your link, it just contains only outfit, didn't contains any physic (xml) for the outfit. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  2. @Ma Ri , did you managed to get physic for outfit of the link below, I can't join the qq group so , could you please check for the file in qq group. Appreciate your help. http://www.9dmdamaomod.net/thread-222317-1-1.html
  3. There were some work around, In case that you want to take some picture , or some short-scene video. These workaround using Jaxonz Positioner (available on nexusmod) to 'manually' adjust position of all actor you want to perform. First , you need to start animation , let's say Female warewolf with other actor1, then, use Jaxonz to more actor1 out from scene, then move warewolf to your desired location. For example (Bestiality warning):
  4. The SMP-meshes from realclone, requires SMP engine from 9damao from the author of link below . (I already forgot which link i downloaded from but if my memory serve me right its from this author.) http://www.9damaomods.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=4090&do=thread&view=me&from=space Requires membership? In order to download file, same answer as loverslab, you need free 9damao 's membership, then you need to answer their topic before view their download link. Lazy to register in 9damao membership ? , just grab the link and kindly post the url in link below, wait for these ladies and gentlemen grab the file for you.
  5. Nope, It's SMP and has been posted long ago, in this topic.
  6. Well, I think jackcee did a good job on this one, mfg command also working fine. But I could be much better if these follower use UNP/CBBE or any casual body. As for the physic, you just need to manually change the body mesh, and that all, want some proof ? click below spoil tag. PS: Due to this is forum is discussion, i will hide it in the spoil tag. If mod found that this picture are violate 'general discussion rule' please kindly remove picture below, thank. Wanring: NSFW, 18+, Beastiality.
  7. Claire teasing a husky AA 02 Don't Lick.webm Bonus:
  8. Could you please tell me which tools you used to back port to LE? Excepts convert to mesh & texture , did it need to configure its esp? Thanks.
  9. This? Ps. Search modern town in loverslab and you will found it.
  10. If you translate with Chrome, it said "For personal storage".
  11. Just found someone successfully port DOA6 Honoka into skyrim with mfg enabled! ith
  12. Anub 01.2020 pack https://gfycat.com/pl/@anubiss2167/collections/FTFZnpnM/01-2020
  13. AFAIK, Sir Anub animation has many Female-Female-Midget animation. You could find it here
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