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  1. It called 'plate piece' from Imaitem. Note: The author is really angry about uploader whose upload his file without his permission especially from loverslab (it said in read me file). I found one and not quite sure who upload it to mediafire . So grab it while you can from the following link. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22119-please-help-me-how-to-run-this-mod-imaitem/
  2. It's uniform of Thai college 's student. http://www.mediafire.com/download/42ryor2zbco8sni/NSF14-12-56.7z Credit goes to ben10omnitrix ,Jackhammer , Werewolf, NightasyTutorials , xemoses of Fox6000
  3. ?????????????????????

  4. hmmm. had a look at your profile, we don't realy have anything in common exept for membership to LL. thanks but no thanks mate.

  5. yea what tiger12081 said.

  6. yea its nice that you added me but why?

  7. Errr... do I know you? D:

  8. Great mod. I just finished maera quest and be able to moan with any dog for now. Thanks to all you guy who made this mod.
  9. Thanks to KindMan for your information.
  10. hi guy. Im new here and just starting use LB. I got some question that might look stupid. Where does the dog shop locate ? Is it rena house that locate near the north gate? Edited:: I found it
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