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[mod] [CK2] Grey World

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[CK2] Grey World

Grey World


A more toned-down adult themed mod for CK2. Less high fantasy and more medieval romance (or the porn parody thereof).  Follows vanilla sensibilities (and game rules) for supernatural content.


Features :


  • Masquerade: Decision to start a reasonably replayable event chain. Requires seduction focus.
  • HarvestSome fairly simple events for characters with the rulership focus.






  •   Way of Life DLC (will do literally nothing without it)
  •   Strongly Suggested:


                                      - Monks and Mystics DLC

                                      - Reapers Due DLC

                                      - A sexual traits mod




Unpack file into mod-folder ( C:\Users\User\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod). Activate in launcher.





  • Dark World/ Luxuria Fantasia: No known incompatibilities on a mechanical level. Should be reasonably aware of (some) traits, etc. thanks to some scripted triggers.  The tonal shift may be a bit jarring though.
  • No known (or expected) incompatibilities. Tested with a total overhaul mod.



  •  ngppgn and  noxbestia for Bigger Events v2. Used for most events in this mod.
  • dewguru for Dark World: Reborn. What little coding I know I learned by reverse engineering his mod.
  • lockeslylcrit for Luxuria Fantasia. Whatever I didn't steal from dewguru I probably stole from there.

  • Cheri Song for Cheri Scripting Library. If any compatibilities work it's because of this.






v.0.1 'Seductive Start' 06Mar2020

* initial release

* 2 event-chains




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I'm assuming you plan to expand this over time? I like it so far. The fantasy and superhero stuff was always my least favorite part of Dark World, that I mostly tried to ignore.

I also like that you've already demonstrated that this will be compatible with total conversion mods.

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On 3/7/2020 at 2:18 AM, whateverdontcare said:

I'm assuming you plan to expand this over time?

Yes. Though between other obligations and the looming CK3 I can't really make any promises on how much (and how quickly).


20 hours ago, leon-dor6 said:

Will  there be also remade decisions to have sex with your spouse/lover/concubine?

Is that something people want? I am really asking both because it's a common feature with other mods and because I started on a random event based adaptation of this and gave up in frustration.

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