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  1. I'm mainly worried about the graphical modding. Everybody's like "Yeah there'll be a penis in literally two days." But we don't know what we can do at all. There will probably be an "every always naked mod" very quickly, but the leaves will still be there.
  2. Very close to coming out now. Feels like it snuck up on me how fast it is. I'm more skeptical of the difficulty of mods than some people, but still very high hopes.
  3. Correction to the starting introduction: The voyager 1 probe is already the first interstellar object launched by humans. It entered interstellar space in August 2012. It still transmits and receives data from Earth. Though it's expected to run out of power in 2025. Maybe the Explorer can be specified as the interstellar part being its main objective unlike Voyager which was mainly to look at planets within the solar system, but also went outside the solar system.
  4. Looking at the menu to see my character's schlong size it just says it's handled by racemenu. What does this mean for changing the size? In the character creation I saw a lot of options for it, but none of them were coherent. Just like 10 copies of "Erection" on a slider and other nonsense that repeated itself several times. I've had like, 5 dragon essences and it doesn't seem to do anything. The troll potion didn't either.
  5. Okay so it turns out your link is better than all the others. I'm not sure what's happened exactly, but the download from the aroused link in this post is different from the one I got from, another link from somewhere. Probably from the SSE mod list page. I don't know why they're different considering the download page looked identical, but the file is named differently and contains different things. This one works, so thank you for that.
  6. I'd like to suggest that you please put that link into the first post so people can find it.
  7. Yes, please at least tell us what the different files are! There's absolutely no information given about this mod. I don't even know exactly what it does except there's another mod it's a requirement for. So I'm trying to install this but don't know how because there's so many different files
  8. How did you get this mod to work when Sexlab Aroused isn't working? The last page of the thread is people (including me) saying it stops Skyrim from launching. I'm asking because I'm hoping you have a solution to get Sexlab Aroused to work.
  9. Is there any mod or combination of mods that would let me look down and see my penis when in first person view? I've been trying to find something, but it's complicated.
  10. FNIS is telling me this mod isn't Skyrim Special Edition compatible. And I try to load my game with it, and it just doesn't load. Doing it through Mod Organizer 2 with SKSE. I can remove this and it loads, then add it back and it doesn't. I've tried disabling everything except SKYUI, FNIS, and Sexlab and it still just doesn't load the game.
  11. It lets you mod specific things quite easily but if it's not something they wanted moddable then it's impossible or very difficult. Reasons are complicated. I believe changing the map isn't allowed because the map is created with another company's software or something? Which they can use but can't authorize others to use. Models are very difficult to edit because they didn't want you to add new models I'm not sure why, but people figured something out eventually. I have no idea how much can be done with diplomacy. I think it's down to just changing how the AI does it, but nothing in it can be changed. At least, if it could I think I would have seen it by now. So no new agreements there.
  12. I wish I knew of any. I really keep an eye out for them and don't find any.
  13. Not really dead just very slow. There are plenty of slow threads out there.
  14. That's just an EU4 thing. Pope isn't supposed to be converted to another religion. That'd be... kind of dumb
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