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Bigger Events


What does this mod do?


As the title conveys, this small mod increases the size of some event windows - more exactly, those of narrative_event and long_character_event.


This has a double objective:


A ) Bigger event pictures: Vanilla event pictures have a size of 450x140px. While this is reasonable good, one can sometimes struggle to find pictures of the right format, or on the other hand find a picture which is thematically wonderfull but wouldn't fit the size linits. With this mini-mod, you can have event pictures of any size up to 450x440px.


B ) Bigger text box: Sometime you just need some extra sentences to convey a scene, and that might force your to use a narrative event (meaning smaller font and mandatory title, even if you would rather not have one). Well, Never more! Now both the narrative event and the long character event have much more writing space!




The mod is updated to the latest version of CK2 (2.6.3) and is almost self-contained: it only modifies two pairs of vanilla .dds files, so it should be usable along with any other mod wich does not touches these.


The mod has been created taking into account the wide range of resolutions members of the community use, and should be compatible with all of them.


NOTE: The screenshots are made using the 1280x1024 resolution.




You might find that the even pictures border is a little too shap against the parchment background. There is nothing that I can do to concile that with the posibility of larger event pictures, short of editing all vanilla picture events, which I'm not inclined to do. Anyone who finds a more pleasant solution to that feel free to let me know.


For the sake of simplicity of design, I've made it so event frames don't show for the two modified types of event, since the changed window sizes would mean modifying all the vanilla frames to fit the new designs. This might be done in a later version, but not in the foreseable future.




This mod has been designed and is intended to be used by others in their own mods, to have more freedom in their events. As such, you are free to integrate this in any mod you want to publish. I only ask that you give credit and provide a link to this post so that others can get access to the resource if they want to.


Thanks and Acknowledgments


-To this community and its members.
-To noxbestia, for some very valuable imput and the very idea that sprang the final design of these event windows.

What's New in Version v2


  • Adapted to the new functionalities of 2.8: now you can design your own custom even windows and tell particular events to use them instead of the vanilla ones, so now the vanilla events don't need to be affected!

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