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Crafting requires more - devious - equipment


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Crafting requires more - devious - equipment

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If you like the player to collect a lot of equipment before crafting is possible, than this mod is for you. 

Besides this the mod contains some additional features as an  extension to my other mod 'player exhibitionist'.


This mod is a WIP. I've started scripting on it before christmas, only forgot the year maybe 2017 or 2016.

The mod is still not as i wanted it to be, but it does not have real problems, so I decided to publish the state as it is now before again some years will pass by.


The MCM is not available when nude. If my other mod 'Player Exhibitionist' is in Load order than the MCM is also disabled when wearing restraints.

If your character is currently nude in your game better install the mod when the player is dressed up again.

The default settings of these mod could be improved.


Besides the increased difficulty for crafting there are some really good bonuses available, ( - Lots of melt down recipes) - For some features I'am  still searching for a good bonus system.

For the best ingredients bonus you should install : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26851?tab=description


Regarding the devious options: Devious devices can be required to wear instead of regular clothing. when crafting.

Anyway where to find or buy devious devices is not part of the mod. Also the possibility to unlock the devious devices is not part of this mod. So be sure to have the proper keys !!

Maybe wearing devious device for one station are not suited to use when crafting on  another station.

The selected devices can be configered using the 2 files 'DeviousFormLists.Txt' and 'DeviousSelection.Txt' in the folder PCE55. But since it is done several months before do not ask me now, how the configurating system works.


Some conditions (for smithing, alchemy) works are based on a levelling system with 6 steps (inspired by Novice, Apperentice, Adept, expert, master and legendary)

If there is no skill available, then it is based on the player's actual game level. (>= Level 85 means legendary)


Some translations still is not included either forgotten or do not know a good description. These texts all starts with $PCE55_ and simply can be added to the translation file (PC55_Equipment_ENGLISH.TXT). Feedback for added text is welcome

All of the meshes I've added, are from modders ressources and do not have reasonable world models (just hangs in the air if you drop them). - If you know how to fix it, feel free to do it, because i do not know how to do it and do not have the time to learn it.


For the body attire option, there was the same problem for me. You will find clothing in containers with the name starting tr. simply means transparent (invisible)

Transparent clothing is required for the levels apperentice or more (Instead of transparent clothing i would prefer skimpy clothes but ...)


Books are only available by doing a quest. The Quest for Novice book is really easy, while other book searching quests are more difficult.

Licenses can be bought.

Consumables can be collected, bought or crafted.

Tools can be found somewhere in tamriel.


Restricted armor and weapon exchange or buying is similar to the solution from "Sexlab survival", but my version requires Skyrim souls to be installed.

Do not intend to change this since skyrim souls is a must have mod! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83379


Hard requirements are

Skyrim legendary version


Papyrus Utils


Soft requirements are

FUZ RO DOH      - for the dialogues

Skyrim Souls 

Devious Devices - if you want to use them

When using the devious Devices options for a lot of forms the COBBAPI (an additional dll) is necessary: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95546

If you've already installed the mod and want to use devious devices then check the reload feature for devious devices on the status page in the MCM then close MCM.


I do not know if this mod is compatible with Skyrim Special Edition (Untested). But there is a big chance it is compatibel.

- I expected Skyrim SE to run as stabil as Fallout 4, but for me Skyrim SE still produces more CTD's than 'Oldrim'.


Removed the perk trouble.




Description how to configure the devious configuration by yourself, follows up in support thread page 2/3

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    Skyrim Legendary version, SKSE, Papyrusutil
  • Special Edition Compatible


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1 hour ago, Adetu said:

No, if option is enabled for possible (crafting) stations you need to wear devious devices. Similar to the other requirements

I think I get it:

You are limiting the access to crafting stations.

Means it doesn't matter what you craft, you have to wear something devious to activate the stations.


Intriguing, but highly disturbing ?

Have to try it!

Would make it harder for my PC to craft ammo, and she needs a lot of it (bad shooter ?‍♂️)

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Getting CTD on save with your mod installed.

Not sure if it happening, because I changed my LO to add your mod on a running game or if your mod conflicts somewhere.

This will take a while to find out.


Although I see already the opportunities that your mod creates.

With crafting that much harder or impossible right from the start I won't jump into the game with overpowered enchanted equipment^^

Means I saw the mod working on crafting stations.


If I save I CTD, but the save can be still loaded again, until I save again (which is odd, normally the save is broken after CTD while saving).


It's a bit of a pain to test the mod if it effects "DialogueFollower quest" tho, can't just add it anywhere in LO and would need to test it on a new game.



Skyrim souls is not a soft-requirement, but a requirement

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2 hours ago, Adetu said:

I always use EFF for followers and never had any problems with load order.

Maybe it's just NFF related then.

NFF overwrites the vanilla DialogueFollower quest and also allows followers to craft at workstations while idling (really crafting stuff, not faking crafting).


Also I have at least one more mod that forces to pay for using crafting stations.

Think it's devious lore, newest version, still have to check how it performs in my game (new game start with updated mods, your mod was just one day too late to start the MCM setting madness all over again).

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2 hours ago, Adetu said:

Skyrim souls is not a requirement but 2 features trading and exchanging simply does not work, since the necessary quest does not start when dialogue already opened (game paused)

At the moment I do not know the reason why the followerdialogue quest is overwritten, maybe opened in CK and closed without any change.

The entry seems to be identical to the skyrim update. Can try to remove it in Tes5edit and see what happens.

thx for looking into it.

NFF is rather good at pointing out mods that might cause issues (especially custom followers, I'm surprised that it reacts to your mod)


Also I would wait till you get more feedback from other users too.

I would try your mod on a new game with Skyrim Souls installed to see if this solves the CTD on save issue (after adding your mod to a running game high up in LO, the CTD is pretty specific and odd).


Still, the mod worked if I didn't save and after moving it up in LO (but will need to check if it might conflict with other mods that try to limit crafting access too (newest DL Lore) and possible solutions, for example via MCM settings)



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No DL conflict issue, DL has nothing to do with it, my bad.


Just added Devious Adventures 0.5 to my LO, and it adds similar features to crafting stations (if active in MCM).


Crafting feature:

From now you need tools to start crafting, you need permission from owner. For using equipment without permission also using it in night will be punishable by guards. You can try to use it if you are lucky.




So this would explain some of the conflicts ?‍♂️

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1 hour ago, Adetu said:

I do not know what are the advantages of this framework.

Until now I am 'happy' with Extensible follower framework. It does not show any conflicts in mod organizer and it never caused me any problems.

Before using EFF I've tried Advanced follower framework, but Advanced follower framework makes my game really slow. (No slow down with EFF)

And in case you are needing a lot of slots for followers EFF still is the best choice. Up to 100 followers are supported (in case your installation can handle it).

thx for the update, will test it on the LO.

I know EFF, used it before NFF.

NFF is awesome, can't get enough of it's features and debug options, although still somewhat in development.

Not all mods play nice with EFF, but also not with NFF or the other way around.

At some point I had to made a choice and for my setups NFF is just the right mod at the right time.

NFF helps me with odd custom followers and debug of inventories if DD goes crazy.

I like the follower interaction, a feature that is still growing.

Don't need so many followers, because I have a lot of mods that run events on them, so more followers means slower game.


1 hour ago, Adetu said:

Saving game no problem.

atm I doubt the CTD is from CRM alone. More a conflict.

Testing first compatibility with NFF/DFC by just adding your mod at the end of the LO.

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2 hours ago, Adetu said:

Ok I have used Tes5Edit and remove the record for the followerdialogue quest. PC55_Equipment.esp May be it helps. --> Go back to your original load order.

In my game there seems to be no difference with the record there or not, maybe Nether follwer framework is more critical.

Installed with default settings for testing with MO and it shows some conflicts.  Saving game no problem.

WORKS!!! Yehaaaa ??

PC55 at the end of my LO and NFF didn't throw out any error.






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4 minutes ago, Adetu said:

Depending on what you need ask for example Adrienne Avenicci for smithing, Sadia for Cooking, Arcadia for alchemy etc.

But you must wait until the first greeting has finished (can take 2-3 seconds ?) than a very simple dialog option is added

Something like "About smithing...."

Crafting station(s) must be enabled and book option too, otherwise dialogue for quest should not appear, in case I remember it right.

SLdialogues has also a blacksmith quest, if everything works like intended I see lots of mod synergies coming up ?

This will be interesting.


SLdialoges + Devious Adventures + CRMdE

I might end up in RP heaven ?


(I hope you remember right, because every workstation cries that I need a book ?)

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33 minutes ago, Adetu said:

Do not know what happened if the boty attire option is off. If it is off enabled it.


If it does'nt make a difference, then I need the mod where the corset is from (including version number) and the base id of the form, usually they are from: Devios Device assets, integration, expansion or cursed loot.

Than maybe I can locate where the problem is. For the corset my mod only checks if equipped armor has keyword: zad_DeviousCorset.



I tried every devious corset option there was. I had body attire oprion enabled and still had the problem. 

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11 hours ago, Adetu said:

30 books in total. Books also can be bought somewhere, but that is less fun than a radiant quest.

Experimenting around a lot with your mod.

Lots of possible limitations and outcomes with MCM setting variations.

Your mod + SLS make my PC really week. I could compensate SLS debuffs for females with good equipment. But your mod makes a new game really hard. That's a good thing. Need new tactics.

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Firstly, may I start with:




This mod is something I have been looking for in my game since, pretty much the start now that I think about it.


The ability to make crafting much less simple and stop PCs being able to pull magical items out of their metaphorical(*) ass.


Gamifying and adding depth/compexity/high chance of comedic miss-adventures to the crafting system? I'll have some of that please.


Doing that right off the bat to an extent well beyond what I would have thought possible where you need to find books, suitable clothes for crafting in (#), the tools for crafting & the ingredients for crafting, all before you can actually start making anything? Excellent! That should keep me busy. - Or,  you know, I could just ask Alvor if he has any swords for sale like a normal person.


And bonus Devious integration etc because, well, it's a shame not to isn't it? I also quite like the concept that, well, if you are crafting strange magical items then there are prices one must pay to do so and locking yourself in some twisted Devious Device is one of them.


Something to do in gameplay other than wander around dungeons hitting things with sticks? Variety is the spice of life and all that. And maybe that's why all of these dungeons remain unlooted - everyone else is also spending fing ages getting ready for th next dungeon crawl!


You know what? It's entirely possible Graymane get's to stay the best blacksmith in all skyrim for the near future.


Err, anyways. Enough selling the concept and potential of the mod. I think it's clear at this point that I like it and would like to put some miles on it.




I've done some quick initial testing and the good news is it doesn't seem to kill my massively complex and overly modded game build stone dead. No CTDs on load or anything like that. Ace.


Armor unequips if I try it on without having temptered it first, and crafting stations spawn 'you can't use this because' feedback. All good so far. I ask 'about smithing', and get told "they can't help, but maybe try speaking to another smith?"


I ask another smith, and get a quest to go and get my first book. Cool.


...And then we start hitting roadblocks. Now i need Tongs to use the workbench so I can put my armour on, but nobody seems to sell tongs. I'd make them, but the forge requires bellows and nobody seems to sell them either. I try the tanning station in the hopes I can make bellows there, but that needs a knife that the smith doesn't sell.


I try disabling that requirement, but now am told I need Smithing Gauntles or something. Again, the smith doesn't sell these.


I'm not complaining - it's very early days yet, so the fact the mod is somewhat rough is entirely expected.


So my first question is:

  • How do I go about meeting the various item requirments to make things? Where do I find/buy/make them?



What would I like to see next?


  • Clearer signposting as to how I go about meeting the crafting requirements. I'm playing skyrim so I can go and do cool things with random perversion on the side. Not spend ages guessing what i might need to do in order to tick off the next quest.
  • Integration with Loot and Degradation($) to allow you to pay a blacksmith to temper your items. I like the 'you can't wear armor you havn't tempered' mechanism as it encourages me to engage with this mod. But unequipping prevents me from paying blacksmiths through L&D to temper it as they temper the items you are wearing! This integration can be as simple as simply offering the option for your 'only tempered armor fits' to only undress you outside of cities. So once you hit wilderness you still can't fight in armor or whatever, but you can wear it for long enough to walk over to the blacksmith and ask them to temper it for you.


There are some nice to haves as well, just for sake of throwing ideas around:


Another requirement option of 'Have the owners permision to use the crafting station'. This probably involves paying them, and might involve you completing their quest before they will even allow you to do that. Maybe sometimes they don't want payment in cash.


A clear availability tree for some of the items, which can involve some cross polination from other crafting trees. Ie in order to make/temper Dragonbone, you need a Runic Hammer. Which is made from enchantment. In order to make a Runic Hammer, you need Fairy Dust. Which is alchemy. And involves you having a jar of dead faires to grind into dust. etc.


Have a think about how this mod interacts with Devious Keys? For a long while, my method of dealing with all the Devices Cursed Loot dropped on me was 'sneak back into down trying not to get horribly raped, then I can make keys and escape everything at a forge.' The possiblity for interesting / gamebreaking synergies here with all sorts of mods is high.




Thanks again for bringing these ideas to the table. This is looking like it should be quite fun :)




(*) = This is LL. It's actually entirely possible there is a mod out there that integrates with needs functionality and does infact allow you to shit out magical items.


(#) = Ops? What's that I hear? You can suddenly no longer cheese the crafting system by crafting pants of +CraftingPowah, and then using them to make better pants of +CraftPowah before finally creating the sort of epic post-legendary sword Eorland Graymane would have wet dreams out? Shame that.


($) Loot and Degradation is the the load order to do something very similar to what you have brought to the table. Restrict the ability for me to just make cool things rather than having to quest for them. Voluntary absention from smithing myself and having to pay blacksmiths to temper my weapons combined with those tempers fading with use makes for some nice added gameplay. Do I really want to pull out my Epic Sword of asskicking? Maybe I should keep it back for the ineviable boss fight at the end of this dungeon and just use this looted item instead? What do you mean I need to pay you the cost of a nice house for you to repair all my gear?!....Yes, yes, i did get eaten by a dragon i guess...

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 I'm lost in mods. ?

Searching for the mod that does this to my game:


(admit it! this perk is from CRME and I have no clue how to skill me beloved and not skimpy yet armor ?, does that mean light armor is blocked until lvl 14 too?)


Seems there are a few stages and light armor perks can only be chosen at certain unknown lvls?

My first impression: AAAHHHH! BUG! Need find broken mod quick!


Mod prevents to skill Agile Defender



and adds this perk to the skilltree:


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