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  1. A few things I forgot to metion. a) The maximum length for arrays created with papyrus is restricted to 128 ! b) Enable and Disable per race instead of each possible NPC ? c) Maybe it is not necessary to add every setting to the MCM. In oblivion it is a common way to use so called "Ini-Files" for a mod. Something similar should be possible for skyrim and I want to use it for one of my one mods too. An explanation on how it could work. - In the skyrim console there are commands either to set a skyrim global variable or to set a skyrim quest variable
  2. Ok, No problem. Here is an example of an MCM that can handle 85 different settings (!) In your case creatures. And Adding one creature more should not be the big thing. This MCM has only a size of 5 kb (!!!). I assume most modders requires a MCM script which is 10 or 20 times in size. In the mod Apropos for the MCM the newer system with state functions is used, but this state solution for every creature I would not recommend. But it is possible to mix the old system with the OID's together with the newer state functions (Have done that already). Toggeling
  3. Is there a plan to provide a similar mod for the devices - cuffs and yokes - from ZAZ Animation and/or Heretical resources ?
  4. Hi The board still has guaranty, I guess I send it back next week. Well, my old PC already uses a GTX 980 and only makes problems with some mods for example the new NPC's with the fair manga body or followers with really big textures or when I am using script heavy mods. Slaverun, maria eden, devious cursed loot etc.. But never makes problems with a more vanilla skyrim. For scripting purposes or modding, I usually still use my notebook and not the "gaming pc". The reason is : Modding sometimes does not work good together with MO and you must install all masterfiles into
  5. I think I should give this mod a try, because I always wants to have Goblins with "equipment" in skyrim. In standard Oblivion the terrible goblins are already available and my favourite creatures. Ok unfortunately the mainboard of my new gaming pc is defect, I hope my 10 year old machine is good enough to run your mod. Regarding the MCM, is it self explaining what the settings should do ? I can take a look inside. When you are using a ton of checkboxes in the MCM, than the solution of vinfamy in his kidnap mod simply is ingenious, but more difficult to change and
  6. Hello, Is it okay when I use your papyrus scripts or parts of them for my Fallout 4 mod. Anyway, at the moment I am not sure if it is even possible. The papyrus scripts are very similar, but other things are different. For my Fallout 4 mod I am searching for something to change the player's skin colour depending on how much the player is already radiated. While scripting is not a problem, i am an absolute Noob regarding textures and meshes. Regards
  7. I do not know, what other mods you have installed. Skyrim Souls will unpause all or a lot of your menu's so that everything continues. Thereare also other mods, than can strip player and followers when entering a dungeon. -> Naked dungeons. If you think something is wrong have a look into your papyrus log.
  8. Yeah, the idea is quite good. But it needed something where it is possible to hook an event for pickpocketing the player. Most modders use a polling mechanism and call a procedure every ... seconds or minutes. But doing so, it always produces a constant pemanent additional script load to your game. Until now player exhibitionist is nearly completely free from such a polling solution. My pickpocket system either uses the already existing spoken comments from surrounding NPC's when the player is nude or additionally after sex is finished. A good possibility would
  9. I do not know, maybe you have something that changes the Fallout 4 default timescale (1:20). I dare to doubt whether the values provided by the papyrus functions are still correct in this case.
  10. I compiled a modified script with this feature last year for a user, when i was in good mood. But unfortunatelly I forgot the user, and I cannot find this special .pex file in my post. Maybe it was @youngfool, than you can ask him/her about this script.
  11. Just for information: It seem's to be depending on the Looksmenu version. Today I've made an upgrade from 1.18 to newer 1.20 and now using UNIQUE PLAYER the morphing system also works with Looksmenu and in my own mod too
  12. Thanks for your efforts, with your help I finally can find the entrance I have already tested a lot of mods for FALLOUT 4, (3 and NV) and mostly skyrim. If there is a point for critic I've found it very quick usually. Anyway here are some example picture for a modification at red rockets , where the location can be found where easily and never makes any problem. I would consider it as a good solution. Also you should think about all people which does NOT HAVE ENGLISH as their native language. I think i will test the mod a little bit,
  13. I know mods are a lot of work, but without the damn entrance, this whole mod is completely useless. A picture of the location plan would be helpful or a picture when the player is standing at or on the entrance and has a view to red rocket. Unfortunately, the pictures in the mod description are not helpful at all. What is inside the basement you can see exactly by yourself once you're inside. In any case, I don't have much patience with mods that consist of a searching a hidden object game, this is something for an adventure game. Maybe the entrance is covered by something else in m
  14. It seems not possible to correct a quote at the moment. Of coarse only 2 .pex files.
  15. The .psc file is for modders use. But I would recommend to install the 3 .pex patches.
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