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  1. For the file "DeviousFormlists.txt" you can add or remove lines for new FormID's of devious devices. For the file "DeviousSelection.Txt" removing lines will definetively break some things or crafting stations. For every station there must be exact 6 valid lines found !!!. These lines corresponds to your leveling up in skills ( novice, apperentice, adept, expert, master and legendary ) Further there is one header line and one separator line #. If some lines are deleted the system is messed up and will deliver unpredictable results. As a result wrong items are checked and you get an error message not fitting to the devious device that was checked. Usually all lines starting with 99 already uses the same system as the hardcoded solution --> haskeywordstring. Unfortunately with the function haskeywordstring alone there exist no universal solution for all possible devious devices. What is allowed: Replacing one keyword with an other or replacing a line with a keyword to use a formlist instead. So Formlists 7, 8 and 9 are still spare and can be filled with whatever you like I remember that I've checked the system from novice up to master level, but I did not check every station type. ( Too much effort for testing )
  2. Ok, So finally two more hints, I was not aware of since scripting this mod is at least several months ago. First) Only having a look into the scripts I see that for all devices in the formlist you also need the COPPAPI, which is not so common. There is a link on the main page. Second) I found the following function bool function keyword_with_slot (int islot, string skey) int iMask if (islot > 30) && (islot <= 60) iMask = Math.Leftshift (1, islot - 30) else iMask = 1 endif ; Debug.trace ("pce55 namepart " + islot + " mask " + iMask) form armo = pl_ref.GetWornForm(iMask) if armo keyword fkey = Keyword.getkeyword (skey) if fkey if armo.HasKeyword (fkey) return false endif endif endif return true endfunction This function was designed to identify devious devices using a special biped slot. I think I've already tested it until the line where you see the Debug.trace function Anyway the keyword delivered as parameter for skey sometimes was only a partial keyword and not fully qualified. I do not know if the SKSE function getkeyword can deliver something in case it does not match 100 percent. In the devious ini file you can see a line 59zad_DeviousCuffsFront This line contains a fully qualified keyword for slot 59, while 45ChainHarness 56ChainHarness 51ChainHarness contains only partially defined keywords. Maybe does not work (Full keyword something like zadx_HR_ChainHarnessPart) The advantage of the ini files: Can be changed by the user to personal likings !
  3. Devious devices and Devious Boots are "hardcoded" in the scripts and do not rely on the ini files. I do not know, if it makes a difference: Sexlab has a DLL Storageutil.DLL and PapyrusUtil 3.3 brings the StorageUtil.DLL, which is a little bit bigger and a little bit newer. So check if the Storageutil from Papyrusutil is not overwritten by the one from Sexlab.
  4. The mod was designed to work without sexlab and devious devices for a more vanilla game. From my point of view, the mod has at most beta status. Some things are only half done others have received only poor testing. The devious feature is probably in a state in which only a modder or a user with good TESXEdit knowledge can use it. I also assume that the devious feature still contains bugs. In order to be able to use the devious features, the Mod reads two ini files in which is stored how the devices are identified. PAPYRUSUTIL is absolutely necessary for this, because Misc_Util is used to read the files. I don't believe Papyrusutil belongs to the standard scope of delivery of Sexlab. That means nothing works without Misc_Util (as in your case). The two ini files "DeviousSelection.Txt" and "DeviousFormlists.txt" can be found in the PCE55 folder. In "DeviousSelection.Txt" is stored for different stations and skill levels which device or Device group is checked. Most of the time, slot "99" (No slot) and the specified "keyword" are checked. Caution: The function haskeywordstring isused. Unfortunately, at least in Fallout 4, it has been shown that sometimes this function is not always reliable working. (Presumably if there are several mods that use keywords with the same name then it can happen that "haskeywordstring" simply selects the wrong form) Unfortunately I don't know any kind of alternative to do this without creating a fixed dependency to Devious Devices. Some devious devices cannot be reliably identified with the keyword alone. A mechanism with form lists was then implemented for this. A number 10 in the selection corresponds to the Formlist with number 0, a number 19 in the selection corresponds to a formlist with number 9 (maximum) The form lists with the objects are stored in the "DeviousFormlists.txt" file. The (6-digit) FormID is specified directly for each device, as well as from which mod it is to be loaded (mod name). NOTE: The keywords entered as well as the stored absolute FormIDs are valid for Devious Devices Version 4.XX However, Devious Devices 5.0 was released a few days ago. So I don't know what still fits in with it. My future Plans: It will probably be a while before I get back to the Skyrim game. At the moment I'm still working on my mod for Oblivion, which I've been working on since March (?) and the oblivion mod probably only will reach beta status at the beginning of next year. After that, I have no idea. At the moment I would tend to Fallout NV to convert my FO3 Mod (Vault 101 collar) and maybe to give it a boost too. Anyway, scripting for Fallout NV, Fallout 3 is similar to Oblivion and this eliminates the "getting used to" phase for Skyrim and Fallout 4.
  5. The horse was killed by real enemies in game, not using console command. Anyway I do not know if killing actors using the console makes a difference, but sometimes i had the impression it does. I am still not sure if my save was 100% ok, but instead of using my last save which is defenetively "damaged" i use a much earlier save ( loosing more than 30 hours ) to install the mod. With this save everything still seems working ok, since I had not seen any unexpected strange effects. And yes i know, not every effect can be reproduced. And yes, I could change that easily by myself and yes the 2 most important scripts "the horse script" and the "quest script" can be improved a little bit besides of this change.
  6. Maybe this part of the Horse script is not correct: begin OnDeath MessageEX "%n has died. I hope there is another at the Stables." Self Resurrect moveto GodivaMapMarker set Aggression to 0 end The description says: Syntax: Resurrect AnimateFlag Resurrects the calling actor. If the AnimateFlag argument is 1, the actor will animate getting up (as if from a knockdown). Scripting or AI packages may interrupt the animation, so one should be careful to avoid these. The AnimateFlag appears to be optional when Resurrect is used from the Console, but not when used in script. Whatever that really means. Indeed my Goddiva Bay horse was killed by an enemy. Back at the stables I've found a dead Goddiva Bay horse there.
  7. You can use TES4EDIT and add the keyword to the armor. Unless you only want to change a handful of armors maybe it can be an alternative possibility. But it also depends to which mod your armor belongs. If it is part of skyrim you must create a new mod with an overwrite of the forms. Than if you have sexlab installed you must add sexlab as a master to the mod containing your armor. If you do not use sexlab in your game, you can instead create your own "sexlabnostrip" keyword and this should work too, since the function 'haskeywordstring' ... searches for a loaded form with the corresponding text.
  8. Is this mod still maintained by the author ? I had some problems with the settings causing unexpected messages, that still appear after the settings are changed back. Besides I had some questions about the sourcecode. I am also missing an interface to start and stop the mod using an interface function. I changed some things and also added the interface in my private/local version
  9. Could I use the milker for my FO4 NudeBasics mod ? I still are searching something to replace the oppai milk pasties. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40562 which does not really supports bodyslide and therefore is not usable at the moment. (I Only use the 2 milkers from the sky armor convertation mod) (My NudeBasics has an option to increase Boobs because of 'hormone irritation' and the milkers are used to shrink them again)
  10. You can try sexlab survival. It had some features like this. (but not the nice animations of get stripped) You can set the setting that the player needs a license for normal clothing. Without license the player is stripped at the gate. In small villages like riverwood the player is approached by an agent and the stripped. Maybe slaverun reloaded. You can konfigure the nudity rule for the big city and also that the cities automatically fall under the enslavement rules after a short time. When you enter a city you adjust the settings that the player is stripped without further consequence.
  11. That works if you install mods directly into the game folder, but not when you are using mod organizer. With mod organizer your game folder is always nearly as clean similar to a fresh installation and ordinary compiling will always fail. There exists only very few excemptions like the skse dll, enb maybe some others that must be installed direct into the game folder. Using mod organizer the mods are then "virtually hooked" into the game, similar to the usage of a subst command in a dos shell. Therefore all executables must be started from within Mod organizer: the game, the creation kit, Tes5edit and so on. The only excemption as far as i know is Papyruscompilerplus which can read and use the path of the installed mods from the active profile in mod organizer.
  12. With mod organizer you can install it like any other mod.
  13. You can try "Pee and fart" ? for NPC/follower needs, but it was not my thing. Regarding vanishing. The responsible script is "PN_Excrement". It only does cleaning and nothing else. Without cleaning your savegame increases with every poop placed somewhere. You can change the script or maybe deleting of this script will work too. But I assume it will create a lot of errors in the papyrus log, when the script is missing.
  14. Ok, I am already old, but sometimes I have good ideas in the morningtime nevertheless. The compiler does not find the source files of the SKSE scripts. For ordinary playing these are not necessary, but they are necessary to compile every mod using SKSE.
  15. I recommend you to recheck your developing system. If you think your esp has a problem or is defect than reload it from this page as I've already said. To verify everything is ok I've redownloaded my own file here from Loverslab and make a compare of the 2 versions using "Beyond". THEY ARE IDENTICAL !!! "Dateien sind identisch" means "files are identical".
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