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  1. What do I have to do, so that for version 8.0 the previous animations for the standing stones will be used ? I found this differences in the animation list. Is it enough to change it back or are more changes required in scripts or the esp ?
  2. Hey really great mod I always wants to have something like this, but never found the time doing it by myself. And the "whole thing" makes much more sense for me than the other possible mod "City bondage". Tested it with version 1.0.0 and does not find serious problems, I mean I did not find any probles at all for now. Maybe one suggestion, I do not know if it is good or bad idea. On page "others" there is the option "Remain restraints after event". Instead of only "Yes" or "No" you could replace it with a chance from 0 to 100 for no release. I do not know
  3. I've not yet tried it out for SSE, but since there are no own NPC meshes and textures coming with this mod, I assume it will run in SSE out of the box without changing anything !
  4. Adetu

    As I see you're still playing skyrim. As kind of an "old friend" (?) I send you an invitation to join my club. At the moment there is only my oblivion stuff. But maybe I will reupload my other mods there in future.

    1. Yuni


      I accepted it but it didn't seem to work. It just reloaded the page. Huh.

    2. Adetu


      I will resend it.

  5. Just for fairness (?) I've send you an invitation

    1. TheRealMissAmber


      ok im not sure what this is about but i will join.. sure

  6. Ok, thanks for the idea and the mod. I used it on a cleaned save. My player character goes to Morthaal and becomes a prostitute after speaking to thane .... After leaving the jarls hall the enforcers from Sexlab Survival immediately catched me and teleportates my character to Solitude. The player stays there for longer than 7 days and handles only one overtime client. After that I've expected something, but nothething happenes. (??) The player goes back to Moorthal, nothing happenes again. The Log files shows some errors on the main script stack: [PW_
  7. Forgot to mention: Some of the Indexof... functions in the ndun_configquest_src are obsolete. For compatibility you can replace them with a smaller version. Here is an example ;/ original version Int Function IndexOfActor(Actor value, Actor[] List) Int i = List.Length - 1 while (i >= 0) && (Value != List) i -= 1 endwhile return i EndFunction /; Int Function IndexOfActor(Actor value, Actor[] List) Int i = List.Find (value) return i ; return List.Find (value) ; maybe works too but not sure, since f
  8. You do not know SGO. Lol, that is exactly the same reason why i do not like shortcuts too. It means Soul Gem Oven. About whipping: Spank that ass I've never used - maybe I've tried it one times that's it. I think there were too much unnecessary features, at least for me. (That's the crux with Monomans mod, sometimes less means more :)) Prison overhaul has a feature, that NPC's can whip the player while travelling, but I do not know how it is done. --> Prison overhaul still has a high update frequency Bondage furniture world is only about whippin
  9. About the furniture, I cannot recognize it this time. Regarding the Health problem, I do not know if this is a general skyrim problem. Many other mods also use a health threshold, when the actual health falls below this theshold defeat also triggeres. (Done it in this way in Vault101 Collar) The health is restored only to the health threshold not to nearly full health. - That never makes sense, but do not know if it can be handled in skyrim the same way. About slow progress, yes this can happen and happened to me also. Even when things are new for you it takes much m
  10. Well after Naked Defeat triggered and the player was raped, the player should be put in some furniture and whipped. I guess at that point something was already messed up. I cannot change to third person and after 2-3 minutes with the escape button "I gave up" (I am not very patient) Maybe for that reason I could not identify the furniture. The Papyrus log showed [04/01/2021 - 05:14:16PM] Error: (FF0013E4): does not have an interaction marker. stack: [ (00000014)].Actor.MoveToInteractionLocation() - "<native>" Line ? [ndun_CaptureQuest (AB172
  11. In general a new defeat mod is a good idea. First the device selection in your MCM seem not to work. All is selected and the possibility to deselect does not change anything in my game. What I definetively miss is the handling of teammates which is supported from Defeat. I do not know if regular followers are supported with your mod, not yet tested. And defeat also has the nice feature NPC vs NPC, where the player is not involved. After my player was defeated and raped, the player was bound to a wheel and then whipped. Ok so far.
  12. Meanwhile I've recognized the long time sometimes too, I think there are some hard coded timers in the provided scenes, but I've not yet taken a closer look. Anyway this mod is the work and property of Tyrant99 and what you are asking me, there is no chance. If you really wants a changed script here then I recommend you to learn modding. For a detailed explanation why there is no chance you can look here. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/124770-fo4-nudebasics/?tab=comments#comment-2666032
  13. Event? At the moment per accident I am reworking and optimizing all the scripts of this mod for my own game (because this mod is flooding my papyrus log with unnecessary errors). There are not many events inside. Some for hooking into sexlab, one when loading game, one when equipping a special ring and the important ones for periodic checks. The periodic checks fires every 0.5 gamehour, which normally means 90 real seconds. And in this OnUpdateGametime it is checked also if the player meanwhile has stolen something. With your changed timescale I do not know how fast
  14. Oblivion Forced Nude basics and patches View File This file still is struct ION un derCon. At the moment only a first patch, that I use is included. Don't annoy me with request or bugs ! Everything here is placed as is and was good enough for me myself. Do not load and install something if you're not able to help you by yourself or if you are not a modder by yourself. If you're addicted of using Mods or want to use a ton of mods, than I recommend to use ModOrganizer2 for Bethesda games and nothing else !
  15. Hi,


    By accident I've found the mod "Northern UI" at nexus, which gave the Oblivion HUD a very similar look to the skyrim HUD.

    Additionally "Northern UI"  has a VERY GOOD BUILD IN SUPPORT FOR A GAME PAD.

    (Much better than XPadder)



    1. tuxagent7


      wow !!!


      built-in support for a controller that sounds great !


      thanks will have to check that out

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