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  1. Where can i find the download link for beta03 it seems to be missing.
  2. I don't know what the policy on suggestions is but have you considered something like this mod seems exactly down this mods alley. Because you can circumvent alot of problems via crafting and this way you can both force the player in some unpleasant devious devices and there is a licence thing and asking for permission to use crafting. I dont know if it is too much work since the mod itself has problems with the devious part but the idea is nice. Anyway awsome mod keep up the awsome and amazing things you do.
  3. Again wish to thank you for the attention but sadly those will not help. I already have COPPAPI installed since it was wisted as requiered by your mod and for whatever reasen the .ini file seems unusable as I have atempted multiple times to edit it by removing the harness and other stuff from it in order to try and fix the issue. I removed the pieces I didn't want and clicked the ingame MCM thing to rebuild the device list but no change. I don't know how much work it is but if you come back to this mod it seems it would be easier to just copy the gloves and boots solution and hardcode the devi
  4. So I removed every Storageutil.dll file except papyrus util to try and brute force the issue and I can report that the issue is still there. Seems like the gloves and boots hardcoding solution you have chosen is cleaner as it regognizes all devious items that have the gloves and boots tag. I will attempt some other bruteforce ways to see if it will work. Well incase it doesn't work I will look forward to the time when you come back to this mod. I will just use the rest of the mod as it seems pretty nice for my playthrough.
  5. Thank you very much for the extensive answer. I am very sad that the mod is on hold fits what i wish to mod very well and was relly looking forward to having a use for all these devious devices. I do have papyrus util installed because i need it for other mods. And I am using Devious Devices 4. The wierd thing is its not the entire thing being broken just pieces of it. For instance it porperly recognizes Devious Gloves and Boots. On blacksmith crafting it doesnt recognize corsets, on Alchemy it doesnt recognize leg cuffs while it does hand cuffs and on the enchanting table it doesnt recognize
  6. This mod has a devious option which appears to be broken because it doesn't recognize things im wearing on my body from any devices mod. Can somebody please take a look at it?
  7. I found this mod recently but it seems to be broken. The devious crafting option seems broken because every station keeps asking for the body devious items despite having them equipped on me. I have tried with multiple devious devices mods starting with the basic devious devices. Please help me because this mod seems awsome to me.
  8. So after further testing every body part is bugged. Alchemy table keeps asking for leg cuffs and enchant table keeps asking for vaginal piercing. Love the idea of this mod but its unusable in its current state.
  9. Mod seems to be broken. Tried every single corset in the and item that takes up corset slot from every single devious devices mod i have. Both the basic mod and the expansion mod. It keeps saying it needs corset on the forge.
  10. I have AAF Violate and it used to work perfectly. And all of a sudden it stopped. Is there a way to troubleshoot the problem.
  11. I tried every devious corset option there was. I had body attire oprion enabled and still had the problem.
  12. It says I need a devious corset to craft but when I equip one it doesn't count.
  13. Can somebody please explain this in normal english I honestly don't understand a thing.
  14. Have you considered the vault slavesuit for thekite's amazing Fallout art? Seems perfect for you mod. Especialy since the art is basicaly your mod storywise.
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