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Hello there! 


It's been a couple times I sought or asked around for something or for a mod-gone-MIA, when trying to re-install/set up Skyrim - something I try to sit down and get to do every last week of the year. 

I've been heavily into Skyrim and dumping it with all the cool stuff I could find, edit and mod it with, specially in the NSFW regard, until moreless
early 2015 to early 2016. But after a lot of stuff happened, I pretty much had no time to be around, keep up with what was new and actually play it.. when I tried to hastily update what I could, I got nothing but a gamebreaking combo that made me uninstall all of it, in rage. ?


I always keep trying to push myself into coming back and going after all that stuff again, also now with a new PC and whatnot, however, I'm always madly stricken with a massive overload of mental fatigue and a touch of anxiety when thinking of going aaaaall the way back into the Skyrim setup I once had, while fully updated with all the new content. It's just so much stuff to do and search for.. I used to love spending hours and days browsing and browsing content and trying to find new things, but, I can't keep up with it, in the same pace, but I can't manage to fully explore 3-4 missed years of novelty. ?


There's SO much stuff, so many small details to remember, from fixes in the .inis to downloading order, manual changes, all that whole fixing and testing with TSE4edit, SweetFX, optimization and all.. URGH!.. that it just breaks my morale and will, thinking of even trying to start over again.. ?


So I'd like to seek help in finally getting to, even if slowly, mod my Skyrim back into full activity.. getting back into what it once was and expanding on that. These are some of the questions I had, which may prolly clarify some doubts and give some aid in the headstart; ?



• 1- Is there any guide or step-by-step guide on where to start all the modding frenzy, or what to set up first? Or a mega compilation page where all the NSFW categories of mods are listed? I remember seeing a guide on the likes of 'Starters' Guide for a NSFW Skyrim' or something similar, times ago, but, it's gone.


I always followed some kind of pattern (like 'environment>gameplay>quality of life>systems>chars>NSFW'), but I'm kinda lost now, still..

Any kind of 'Where to start - 2018/19 edition' would be extremely appreciated..


• 2- What's the deal with NMM? I always used it, but it seems that 2-3 years ago it started acting up and it was rendered unusable, from what I recall.. Is that so? Should I just avoid NMM and go after something like MO? Is it ok to use NMM now, still?

• 3- I see now that genitals have physics; dangly balls, stretchable vaginas and HDT stuff.. Is that readily available and part of the existing genital mods? 


• 4- I remember there were two main sex systems for Skyrim, Sexiles and another composed of 2 letters.. With some different anims/controls.. Do they work well together?

• 5- Are the Atlas and Demonica bodies still around/updated? I loved the Demonica, but it was quite a pain in the ass to go around browsing all that russian stuff for content.. Where may I find more info/content for them, these days?


• 6- I see lots of videos and pics of extremely nicely-modded chars in modern-day settings, with outstanding glossiness and a lot of lighting play. What people use to achieve those? What about those photo studios - is there a popular mod around that provides something of the sort?


• 7- I have never used nor tried playing SE; it came out close to the time when I stopped playing. I remember there was a lot of incompatibility between SE and most mods around. Is that so? Is it ok for me not to use SE, at all? Is there something actually reliant on SE?



Thanks immensely for the help, in advance!


As soon as I start getting things in place and find out where to find this or that, I'll be able to carry on with things, more smoothly..


PS.: I dont know if it helps in finding out where to start rebuilding, but, I still have the modlist (or at least most of them) I used when I last played, below.


(I think some mods are kinda gone from anywhere (like some of those which added raptor-like feet to argonians and so), so maybe if that's true I could upload any here, too. I dont know if some of them can be reused.)













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1 - I don't know, but I doubt it.
2 - There are a few people around who say they still use NMM and are satisfied with it, so it would appear it's fine. Neverteless Nexus Mods has phased it out and replaced it with the new "Vortex". Personally I prefer Mod Organizer 2.
3 - Yes. Dangly balls are part of regular SOS, if I'm not mistaken and for the dick itself, there's "floppy SOS".
If you mean female bodies, then yes, there are fully HDT enabled (i.e. bouncing breasts, butts and bellies) available as well as animated vaginas. For CBBE derivates CosioHD seems to be the best choice, there's an entirely new body called SMP which is all about physics and if you prefer UNP there are also similar mods available for that body.
And of couse there are outfits that also have extra dangly bits, like earrings, cloaks, skirts and such, all moving with momentum, gravity and sometimes also the wind.
4 - I have never heard of Sexiles and I'm not sure what the 2 letter one is. Right now the VAST majority of people use SexLab. Then there's also OSex. Those are the big two right now and have been for quite some time.
5 - I'll have to pass on this one.
6 - This one too. Though ENB is part of the mix for sure.
7 - Since SKSE has a working version for the SE a lot more modders are making SE versions of their mods, but the more complex stuff is often still "Oldrim" only. I've also heard people complain several times how Bethesdas patches for the SE ended up breaking existing mods and to make it worse those patches didn't appear to do anything other than bring creation's club content into the game (i.e. mods you have to pay for), but since I don't play SE myself that's as much as I know.

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Welcome back to modding Skyrim!

1. First off, there is no single guide to show you how to mod everything in Skyrim, there are guides for many different mods and parts of Skyrim modding but no single guide to show you how to install every mod. There is however tutorials, small guides. and tons of information to read about mods on the internet. My Skyrim is heavily modded as I've gotten tons of mods and tools over the years, basically just explore around for all this information. Everytime I start modding a Bethesda game, I just start looking up the necessary mods that I absolutely want, like graphic mods, patches for my game, quality of life, female body replacers. Your pattern of modding that you showed seemed like a pretty decent idea.


2. I still don't understand why people even use Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex, or any other mod manager besides Mod Organizer. I used to use NMM when I first started out, but then I realized how primitive it was. Some people are happy with NMM but it should really be used for just super simple modding. When you heavily mod your Skyrim, you want to be able to control everything. Mod Organizer 2 is so freaking helpful and has a ton of information about it, just google a tutorial on learning how to use it. Being lazy with modding will cost you dearly.


3. For genital/vagina and physics mods, there are quite a few now. Mods like Floppy SOS and SOS Grower, and then there are vagina collision mods, and lots of female body physics mods. Always be sure to read descriptions of any mods before you install them and install each mod's required mods.


4. I've just been using the Sexlab framework and any other nsfw mod on Loverslab that I find appealing. I don't know much about any other sex systems besides using Animated Prostitution a long time ago and hearing about the system called 0SEX. 0SEX looks pretty appealing. Btw, Sexiles is a mod for Conan Exiles I thought? xD


5. Haven't ever messed with the Atlas/Demonica body mods, if they were ever hosted on Nexus I guess they got removed? Otherwise I'd just explore the internet for information on them or the files, use a translator if you have to go on Russian sites lol. In my opinion, I think CBBE and UNP have always been the most mainstream/popular female body mods. I use CBBE myself, I love Bodyslide and all the support for CBBE that mods have.


6. Its probably an ENB and a few graphics mods that you're seeing, just find some ENB on the internet to use and learn how to install it. ENBs are amazing, you should definitely use one for any game that supports it since they are so amazing. They can be a bit tricky to install sometimes, but its worth it! I use Kountervibe ENB Northern Light, I love it~ There are tons of other great ENBs to find though. ?


7.  If you haven't heard, Skyrim SE is x64 instead of Skyrim LE being x32. That tends to be really helpful for people's PCs and mods, can make your modded game go more smoothly sometimes. I still use Skyrim LE though because of the massive library of mods that it offers on the internet, Skyrim SE doesn't have as many mods on the internet to choose from currently since its newer. A lot of mod authors convert their LE mods to Skyrim SE, but a lot of authors still don't care enough to convert, or find problems with converting since it takes a ton of time to sometimes do. I tried modding Skyrim SE when it just starting getting mod support, but I ran into a lack of mods to choose from and there is also the fact that the stupid Creation Club is on Skyrim SE. I hate CC, its a total joke and it should be removed. You have to update the game through steam every once in a while just for the stupid Creation Club. I just disabled updates and stuck to a stable version at the time, like I did with Fallout 4.


Anyways, this took forever to type lol, I'm gonna go work on modding my Skyrim now. Hope this helps somewhat. Happy modding! :blush:

If you need ideas on what mods to get, I could show you the ones I have installed.

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