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Can anyone help me with CTDs, I only need to know which mod causes errors!

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5 minutes ago, AtteroPL said:

I have an CTDs in open world, I use LOOT to sort my mod load list.

I don't know which mod is causing troubles, please help me with that!

Many of the mods you are using are grossly out of date.


Particularly Sexlab Nude creatures.


It would help to know *where* in the open world the crashes are happening, but based on the presence of Nude creatures in your load order, it probably doesn't matter.

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I will add that you also have mods that are incompatible, and couple of them is some you should not use.

FCO and RDO are NOT compatible, it may work in the way you have them loaded, but in what order did you install them?


Why do you have this plugins loaded? You dont have those mods. You are using Convinient Horses.

RDO - Immersive Horses Patch.esp


And you need to start one new game after you have done all suggestions. It is one must to do.

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