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On 11/3/2019 at 3:08 PM, Heroine of the Night said:

Any of you peeps do the daily videos from Suspicious Observers? The talk about space weather and its effects on Earth, Ive just started checking them out,You get a bunch different space news and topics pertaining to space weather. outro music for all videos is a nice kicker too

Thanks for posting!

Sends me into unexplored regions of space... errr... youtube ??‍?

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Carl Sagan is an ignored hero. Thank you!


For everyone else:


If you're feeling lonely, ignored, or unwanted, consider this:


The universe condensed in the noise of radiation. Over billions of years, radiation cooled and matter consolidated. Stars formed, and matter centralized. Stars ran out of fuel, created a broad swathe of elements in an instant, and exploded. Other stars formed, and planets began to form. Earth began here too. We were lucky. We had a Jovian planet (Jupiter) to collect harmful asteroids, a friendly star to provide appropriate radiation, and enough mass to create a planetary dynamo. We also got a moon to generate tides.


Over millennia, intelligent life evolved. First, impressive primates, then humanity. We continue to evolve. We exist. We thrive.


If you feel lonely or depressed, or unwanted, consider the improbable events that were required to allow your existence. You're special. Truly, extraordinarily special. You shouldn't exist, but you do. Think of all the forces which combined, by accident, to create you. You're the son or daughter of stars. Your unlikely existence has meaning. Use it as best you can, because despite what others may tell you, you are special. Your mere existence is proof, and your life is valuable.


Use your powers wisely.

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