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  1. SkyAddiction

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Thank the modders here and at Nexus. I can't do anything without them.
  2. Neither the Empire nor the Stormcloaks can afford five people at a time, so I tend to stick with one. Handily defeats follower issues, especially when you can't afford him/her half the time. Besides, where's the fun in showing up with literally everyone in your squad when those losers can't even muster a team?
  3. SkyAddiction

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    I'm no screen archer, nor do I ever go out of my way to build picture-perfect characters. My normal method is to pick a preset and a nose blindly, then work the face and eyes to fit for a while to get something you might see when you go get coffee or some such thing. You might say I like flawed characters, and you'd be right. Every once in a while, I get something rather striking. 15min of work in RM:
  4. LOL At least you don't have the typical pituitary cases most Skyrim mods make of the men. I had a hell of a time slimming them down to reasonable levels and buffing the women to the point where they looked like they could take a strong blow.
  5. I always assumed he had a thing for Irileth and was staring at her assets while daydreaming, but my headcannon is suspect.
  6. I wouldn't call it unprofessional, just callous and utterly selfish. I mean, what kind of a walking bag of dicks does one have to be that they don't first check if the deceased wanted to be buried or cremated? So yes, I snipe them first. Not to mention no one ever said they like getting dead guy on their shoes and meant it.
  7. It's not level-dependent at all. Any change to installed mods with scripts can and eventually will cause problems, it's just a matter of time. Whether or not you notice at all or it completely breaks your save depends upon how much was baked into your save, and generally the longer you play after the mod removal, the more problems you'll see. Clean saving will help and often cause minimal problems if done well, but it's far better to keep an intact load order for an entire playthrough. Mods with just textures, meshes, and an .esp can generally be removed without issue, though. Simple texture mods are perfectly fine to add and remove. Good modded game practice means developing a core set of mods you always use and building your game with that. Once you have it, make a convenient save, and only then start adding mods you intend to test or otherwise evaluate for future inclusion in your core set. This way you can simply uninstall them when you're done and revert to your save before your forked your game without having to clean save. It's cleaner and allows you to keep your game much longer, as well as conveniently allowing you to skip things like Bleak Falls Barrow for the 30th time. Of course none of this matters all that much if you don't particularly care about restarting. I'm a pretty good example of that, since I rarely carry a save past level 25-30 before I get bored and start adding/removing out of curiosity.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one to remember the hotel. That entire story line was years ahead of its time. That place is cursed. There's something weird and different in that mine every time I visit it with different mods. The latest is holes in the ground that extend to Aetherius. I'm positive it's just a texture problem I'm far too lazy to fix since I very rarely go there, but I still refuse to step on them. Other fun things: 1. I almost always play non-Dragonborn, so I use Timing is Everything to set the random dragon attacks to 200 days and 0%. Because I'm too lazy to use a "not Dragonborn" mod. That means every 200 days, a dragon will appear, fly around and attack things, then land only to instantly and mysteriously die. It goes without saying that dragon bits are rare and my under-powered characters can't handle the sleeping ones, so dragon tools would properly be the most expensive things in Skyrim if the economy were dynamic. 2. Last time I tested PO, I got arrested in Windhelm, paraded through the streets, and since I have Populated Cities, Towns, and Villages, there were about ten people trying to whip my character at any given time. Well, the whips deal quite the damage so by the time it was over, half the inhabitants were dead from accidentally hitting each other. No wonder the Empire is failing; the Imperials can't even take a single hold while one unfortunate little woman under level 10 sacked the capitol of the rebellion when unarmed and in chains. 3. I added SD cages to my last playthrough to see how it works now without the badass bandits and such. I never saw a single one until my save started coming apart. See, once I start getting bored, I'll start testing mods and clean saves can only do so much. Anyway, I raided Fort Neugrad, killed everyone outside, cleared the prison, then confidently walked into the main hall with my follower in tow and promptly shot the nearest bandit sitting at one of the tables. For nearly no damage at all. Up popped Baddass Bandit. That's when the entire hall appeared to be crawling over itself (it's kind of dark with my ENB), and so many red pips appeared on the compass I couldn't count them. I immediately turned around and sprinted the 5m to the door. I've never noped out of a fight so fast in all the time I've played Skyrim.
  9. SkyAddiction

    Simple Slavery Plus

    In a nutshell. When I looped jfraser in on a conversation about this, he basically said he didn't know how to make it work, so if this gets fixed I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Credit where it's due, he's kept SS running rather well despite the issues, and it's properly the responsibility of defeat-type mods, which are generally poorly maintained and not specifically DD-aware. That unfairly drops the burden on SS, but... it's a modding community, not a AAA production team; it has to be addressed before the SS-receiving mod hand-off. Just going to second this because if I can find the time to get my project off the ground and publicly available, it's all SS outcomes, so this would make it a much less complicated task for my code-rusty butt.
  10. SkyAddiction

    Time modding vs Actually Playing?

    I have about 1,500 hours in Skyrim, and I've played it vanilla for about... 100 of that? About 300 went into SFW modded Skyrim, then I discovered this site. Add about 300 more testing mods to figure out what they do and which don't play nice together. Now add about 300 in the Quest for the Perfect Modded Skyrim. (This I finally managed to find.) Then tack on about 300 learning to use various tools, learning CK basics, and dabbling in Skyrim-related projects with toys like Substance Painter and ZBrush. So... I've played NSFW modded Skyrim for about 200 hours, and half of that I'm still thinking, "Oh, now that's a cool idea. I wonder if I can do something with it in the CK/xEdit/<insert tool here>?" Now if I can just find the time to raise my skills in any one area beyond Experimenting Newbie, I'm sure I'll never seriously play the game beyond mod testing again.
  11. LOL! Ancient history nerds, unite! Anyway, I'm constantly impressed that your game hasn't crashed, especially given the sillyness you've shown.
  12. Since it's being held by Andromeda, I'm going to assume she's supposed to be the Andromeda of legend, and that's an Aspis. That would make it appropriately sized.
  13. Honestly, I think key-drop is fine as-is. DCL's ridiculous flexibility is its core, and Kimy has been saying for a while that she's pushing the limits of DCL's MCM. DCL is my balancing mod. I use it mostly for the built-in combat surrender as well as a moderator for other mods that use DD devices, with the occasional cursed loot event to toss a spanner into the works of a given game. It also generally adds to my "Skyrim is dangerous" theme. Some good examples are DDi 4.1 beta MCM changes. Now that key break is back, I have it set to punishing levels to simulate makeshift keys and unknown lock mechanisms with the barest minimum escape cooldown. Struggle difficulty is default. I had to correspondingly increase key drop, then decrease shaky hands and cursed loot event settings to levels that would've been insane before. I have well over one hundred keys, but devices can easily eat ten or so before being removed. The point is it feels right for the theme I have set, and it's DDi and DCL that control how all DD-capable mods I have enabled tend to function. If people are gaming the systems they have in place, then they need to use the MCMs to make those systems better fit their vision for what these mods are supposed to be doing for them.
  14. SkyAddiction

    Devious Cidhna (May-5-2018)

    I do have BDC. And now I can't get it to repeat, even reverting to the save that I was using to test it. Probably just Skyrim being Skyrim.
  15. SkyAddiction

    Devious Followers (25th May 2018)

    @Lozeak Potential Bug: Slavery failure might not end the quest. I was racing through the slavery aspect of the mod to test it. Upon release, my follower "left", bounties were added, devices were added, and everything seemed fine. Except... my follower never actually left... I use EFF, and I think that might be the culprit. At least I couldn't pin it on anything else, so... yeah. Dismissing the follower through EFF, resetting the mod, sleeping, and re-hiring allowed testing to continue without interruption. I realllly want to say it's EFF, but I have no proof and wont have any because I'm not exactly sober enough just now to produce it. If someone else finds their way into the same issue with the same mods, then perhaps you know where to look.