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  1. I'd very likely just make a whole set of different characters , label them (Imperial 02, 50wt, Apachii[X]), then pack them up with a screenshot for each and let you decide which ones you want and which character they become. It's probably much easier to take a character, look through a list of screenshots, then have that moment where, "Yup, this is her." happens. That neatly sidesteps wasting work that you might not like or builds for characters that don't need to change while also providing you with the greatest flexibility of use. If I give you twenty and you find use for eleven, that's still eleven you didn't have before.
  2. Okay, great. :) Quick and dirty 15min new character in RaceMenu to test out Kai makeup with my current ENB: Obviously I wouldn't be using some of those assets (like KS hair and a citrus head) and I'd spend time sculpting the problem areas, but if that's generally acceptable work I can definitely make some characters for you.
  3. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    1) Not every BodySlide file, even given the best information, will get you what you want. I've absolutely had to go into Outfit Studio and build them myself. It's a hazard of the system. 2) I'm 100% convinced your generated files aren't being used. Yeah, you might build them, but they're probably just sitting there not being used. Again, not a personal criticism. ;)
  4. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    At this point I'd 100% recommend rebuilding your load order from scratch. Add one mod at a time as well as be certain the attendant BodySlide files are there, then start expanding. I realize I have no real credentials to help/persuade people here. I'll tell you this: I built the shit out of my mods, and relentlessly tested them because I knew I wanted to them to work to potential. I'm not saying trust me, but trust my painful experiences of constant failure when I speak in definitive voice.
  5. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    That's known as AIO, and... can be incompatible depending upon your chosen HDT mods as well as texture mods. However... I'm still leaning much more toward a failure of BodySlide (user failure, mind you...) or a failure of HDT, which is a tiny possibility. You're 100% not giving me the tell-tale signs that point to other causes. Sorry, it's a thing. :)
  6. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Understand it's very difficult to understand what's causing your issues. If meshes and textures are a barrier, look here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6152/? That's a lot more than you will ever need, but it should, in parts, absolutely get you an understanding of how the game works from a graphical point of view.
  7. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    You're being arrogant and evasive. "the master" You're essentially telling me you have CD enabled. That's a mod I absolutely wouldn't stress test unless I 100% knew what I was doing, and I don't. It's complex, takes very considered edits from its author, and is a very poor indicator of the viability of the new DD items simply because it's not in any way been designed for said changes just yet. EDIT: That seems a bit aggressive... 1) be very careful about what edits your scripts. 2) be very careful about what you think you know about SL mods. they're generally cutting edge for Skyrim and break most known "laws" of what can and can't be done with mods, so they're somewhat... particular. do what you can to understand those peculiarities as best you can and adjust. ;)
  8. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Don't be sorry... adjust. ;) Your problem sounds suspiciously like you don't have the actual products of BodySlide working in your game. I'm not sure for NMM because it's been a long time, but for Mod Organizer you have to create a mod of the textures you build in BodySlide and actually activate it. If you're using NMM, it should be a similar process - whatever allows you to add the textures to your load order is the method you use here. Note: you need your generated files from BodySlide to actually overrite or otherwise replace your base meshes from the files. e.g.: you need BodySlide generated files to replace XXXX.nif, where XXXX.nif is the original file. Meshes and textures disappearing is the hallmark of mods that can't compensate for BodySlide. Hopefully that helps. :)
  9. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    It's important to be specific. Which devices appear? Which do not? Do you have any specific mods which conflict with the DD mods? Simply stating you're having trouble and not providing the necessary context to understand that information isn't going to help you in fixing your issues. ;)
  10. Appreciated. I'd prefer to hear from the man/woman him/herself, but that absolutely gives me something to work with.
  11. I'm not sure whether I love this mod more because it makes a darker Skyrim more believable with SD+ (surprise! you're not the only one bad things happen to!) or because of the nuggets of dev trial and error Blackbird leaves in this thread which will eventually help me when I start my attempts at serious modding. What would it actually take to make NPCs? Would it be better to copy and strip down my load order to basics in MO? Do they really just require the head .nif for this particular application, or do they need the .dds for the tint mask too? Are there mods I should avoid when doing this to avoid things like the grey face bug? I'm asking because making decent characters is something I'm pretty good at but need to learn to do better, and I should have a large block of time at my disposal sometime over the next three weeks. It's not unreasonable that I could churn out 20 to all of the necessary NPCs in that time using RaceMenu and CharGen export if that's at all a viable way to do it.
  12. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    To answer your initial question? Immersion. Consider this example: I recently made a throwaway playthrough to test a few mods. Usual stuff, i.e.: copy the MO profile, strip down the load order, load character preset, breeze through MCMs, etc. Well, it stuck with me because I ran the "I was attacked and left for dead" LAL start, and it occurred to me that it would make sense if my character had nothing at all to work with. Except I did. It's easy enough to toss everything on the ground, select it piece by piece in console, and type "disable", but my focus was on the new mod to test, so I just unequipped everything and pretended my inventory was empty. However, I could not shake the knowledge that I had basic food, clothes, etc. if I wanted them. I wasn't going to use them and I wasn't tempted, but they were there and I knew it. It may seem insignificant, but as I do eventually plan to start making mods myself, I've been paying attention to the little things and how they inform the player about their environment. Two people at odds over an MCM setting might not seem a big deal, but if you can please them both at little cost and greater functionality it may well be worth the effort.
  13. Petition To Revoke EA's Star Wars Licence

    I'm singling this out because I promise you they're not. Investors are paying attention to the stock prices and nothing else. If EA were to tank on the market, and I mean really tank, then yes, you're getting somewhere with them. I'm not saying "Don't put pressure on corporate systems," because that's the absolute base foundation of all counter-capitalist systems ever. What I am saying is temper your expectations. If you and others want to win this fight, you have to positively convince EA to never go after profit over the consumer. That's going to be a very long fight. Why? People aren't terribly bright. We're a species mired in emotion over reason, and when 99.9% of our problems are rooted in poverty and mortality, we're nowhere near as sophisticated as we would like to believe. The potential is there, the execution is not. What's my point? Until we actually figure out that there are better ways to live than "He who dies with the most toys dies best," we're going to have difficulty overcoming the idea that profit is more important than product or people. i.e.: If I can sell you a sewer disguised as a palace, I can and will. (Note that doesn't reflect my actual opinion, but the general opinion of most people with sewers for sale.) Thus: 1. Be realistic in your expectations. 2. Understand that victory, if attained, is temporary. 3. Be prepared to fight the same fight over again. 4. Realize you're fighting against something outside direct human control, e.g.: mortality and fear.
  14. Deviously Cursed Loot

    Thank you for that. I know DA functionality isn't the primary focus of DCL, but combat surrender is just so much better than everything else out there.
  15. Deviously Cursed Loot

    Oh, I'm aware of it; it's the only one I ever use. ;) Let me rephrase my previous post. DAYMOYL is blacklisted from my load order - too many problems. The only other DA mod worth using is also here on LL (Devious Surrender), but while it's very good at what it does, the current actively developed version is quite basic right now in that it doesn't really connect to anything. That leaves your combat surrender system Kimy, which not only has a variety of options, it links to SS. SD+ works best when triggered by a DA system. Right now only DAYMOYL does that. I'm simply saying this: If combat surrender hooked into SD+ and did so by checking for and denying an SD+ outcome when quest devices and special collars (slave, slut, etc.) are equipped, it would not only provide the same functionality as my current most hated mod, it would actually do all things better than DAYMOYL ever did. If you were to add in a provision for accidental death or player suicide, it would basically be the best DA system out there right now.