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  1. This should be stuck to the top of the sub-forum. I'd been putting off the SMP switch time and again because of the effort required to convert outfits, but goddamn if this isn't just the kind of quick fix I needed. It worked flawlessly. Like any "batch" job it's far from perfect, but it's excellent for what it does, the problems are minor, and confined to specific outfits that can be fixed later with OS and/or xml editing. Took about 100min, and that's with my obsessive digging through every mod I'd forgotten I had hunting down outfits. More organized people could indeed do this in the advertised 10min. Excellent work.
  2. Nice timing. I spent the day switching over to SMP and updating/rebuilding my load order, and I saw this just as I was about to rebuild my patches. I'll definitely take it for a spin.
  3. Handy! Appreciated.
  4. SkyAddiction

    Real World Costs of Player Homes

    This is why using game economies is ridiculous. You use real-world equivalents and rural averages since Skyrim doesn't get a population greater than 20k in any one city, even if you give it a 200:1 ratio. In the US, that means roughly 70-100 USD per square foot. Using Ye Olde Dining Table Chair Units, I'd bet Breezehome would total a bit less than 900 sq/ft. That's actually not all that cheap. Of course, you could go full nerd and use Norwegian values per square meter, and then I'd bet it would cost a fortune.
  5. SkyAddiction

    Real World Costs of Player Homes

    Amusing, but very flawed. Game economies don't work terribly well, so using in-game currencies is kind of silly. A more practical approach would be to measure the property in units of Ye Olde Dining Table Chairs (they're pretty similar the world over), convert it to proper imperial or metric measurements depending upon target audience, and use general real estate prices in rural areas for comparison. That would make more sense. /nerd
  6. SkyAddiction

    Devious Followers (7 August 2018)

    To add to this, it's a good general rule to keep as many saves as needed to cover the beginning to end of your average play session. There's a persistent myth that Skyrim saves get corrupted if overwritten, but that's entirely false. I save-scum like a champ (early modded play habits die hard) and generally play about two hours or so at a time at most, so I have about 20 saves dedicated to any one profile and overwrite the oldest as needed. It absolutely helps isolate mod incompatibilities and identify when you need to pause mods or alter MCM settings to encourage better compatibility.
  7. SkyAddiction

    Devious Followers (7 August 2018)

    @Lozeak This mod has seriously come into its own and made itself indispensable within my load order. Any time you're seriously considering spending perks in speechcraft when you're not playing a character that needs persuasion, that's a Skyrim economic accomplishment of the highest order. Oh, and the rest is fun too... A few really low priority ideas: 1. The ability to delay gold control for an hour or two. I managed to trip gold control in town, while on my way to sell the loot from the latest dungeon crawl. It wasn't anything I couldn't weasel out of within a few days, but it struck me as fairly incongruent that my follower would take over my purse strings just when I was about to pay him. It's not a big deal, just immersion-breaking for a bit. Solution: Add a force-greet dialogue to gold control that gives the player two options. Example: 1. "Hey! I'm just about to sell all our loot from the last hole we crawled through! Give me an hour or two!" (literally gives an hour or two to get money) 2. "Your eyes become daggers that can kill, but realizing you're too far away from civilization or without sufficient means to placate your companion, you silently hand over your purse." (1-2 hours won't help you) This would probably apply equally well to debt enslavement and enslavement selling, but I haven't used those in a while because the deal system has far outgrown the current enslavement system. I'm sure you have plans, but I'll stick with the deal system for now. Another idea... One of the more subtle factors that DCL and SLA together introduce is the need for an actual sex life. Unless the player seriously bumps the minimum arousal for DCL traps or massively reduces the weighting of arousal in the triggering of traps, the player actually has to make their character engage in sex to lower arousal. It's kind of a management mini-game, and it might be interesting to introduce options where the player can engage the follower as a lover and receive a small, temporary bonus that keeps the attitude of the follower positive toward the player... until the gold stops flowing. Maybe sex with your follower means they become more controlling if the money stops coming in?
  8. If not a brand new game, I'd absolutely try that first to see if it works. You have a lot of big, game-changing mods and several script-heavy mods, so I'd start a new game and see if that fixes the issue first. It may or may not help for this, but it'll help for future troubleshooting: establish a base non-SL build, then create an SL "addition." Your mods are all over the place. I take it that's a pure LOOT-driven LO? Regardless, I sort mine like this, particularly since I use MO and can see the individual conflicts between mods: <<Core>> 1. All .esm-based mods 2. Texture mods 3. Basic gameplay mods 4. Advanced gameplay mods <<SL>> 5. SexLab 6. Sexlab additions 7. SL-based mods <<Enablers>> 8. Bodyslide and generated files 9. FNIS and generated files 10. Skeleton and physics stuff It's only after all that when I add crash-related mods, a merged patch, and then a bashed patch. With this setup, I have a verified core modded Skyrim that I know just works. Most of the changes come within the SL block of mods, and this entire build allows me to easily pinpoint problems to within one or a very small group of mods and either topic-search for fixes or ask for assistance. Note also that I will absolutely shift .esm-based mods lower in my load order to keep key scripts from being overwritten. There's no law that says you have to keep a specific LO, no matter how much the various tools scream at you. I realize the important part of the answer is the first sentence, but hopefully the rest helps you develop your own method to create a stable build which allows for simple troubleshooting.
  9. SkyAddiction

    Devious Followers (7 August 2018)

    A few animations and devices. May or may not break your game, though since I seem to recall you're one of the few who ran DD and ME together, you're also probably one of the few who is used to working with major incompatibilities.
  10. SkyAddiction

    Devious Followers (7 August 2018)

    Yeah, not particularly a fan of creature content here, but I agree that your idea is sound in principle. Either way, it would feed directly into my "avoidance" style of play quite neatly. God, this mod is great; combined with DCL, my PC has to be very careful doing just about anything, and that now includes employing a follower in the first place, something my custom, modded difficulty and economics almost demand at certain points.
  11. Heh. I meant that to imply that I have two profiles that don't have anything to replace vanilla jail, and for various reasons POP isn't going to fill that role. It's really just an idea. If it's simple and interests you, great. If not or it's just a big pain in the ass to do, then don't bother, obviously.
  12. Now this is clever... How difficult would it be to add say, an MCM option, to have it handle normal bounties instead? For various reasons I have two somewhat frequently used MO profiles that don't have POP and there's really nothing out there with a similar function. If it's easy to do, then you've just built a mod that can be used to handle literally every crime and punishment scenario without the boring old jail.
  13. SkyAddiction

    Advanced Animation Framework

    @dagobaking This is progressing handily. You're absolutely making me want to delve full time into animation, adding to the long list of things "I can't do well at all but want to try to do a little." Thanks for helping/perhaps taking over for Vin/jaam and whatever issues they had to deal with regarding FO4 anims and FourPlay. You've got me in full creative mode. Not that it will ever result in anything anyone will ever see, but I'm definitely busy making things... ?
  14. SkyAddiction


    If that's the case, you're on the wrong site. I'm most likely one of the most mean-spirited people here, and I generally let people be. Most people here are 100% focused upon building the game that either caters to their kink or their fantasy, and neither are exclusive. Kink-shaming is ban-able here, so that's not an issue. People come here because there's generally something that caters to their interest, and no other reason. I'll volunteer myself for example: I want a really dangerous Skyrim. Not death-and-reload, but actual consequences for what is effectively an immortal player. Are not some of our worst fears sexual? What would we do to avoid them? Consequent that, my characters run - a lot. They have fear. They're very, very human. Now, you can contest that, and you can consider that deviant, but I don't care. I get a game full of adrenaline, and I get a game full of suspense. My character has serious consequences for (his) her actions, and the world is suddenly significant. It matters. If you can get behind that, or if you can get behind your own fantasy, you belong here. If that's true, you're actually not a troll at all, and you're welcome. Find some deviant fun here... I really don't believe you or anyone else can do without... we're all wired differently after all...