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  1. Most mods work best on new games. Try restarting and see what that does. (note: you can start a new game, then type "save game_name" where 'game_name' is whatever you want in the console to differentiate in the game to get a new, disposable game going.)
  2. @Lupine00 I just got back into town a few days ago, and I've played with the latest iteration. It's astonishing what you continue to do with back-end data. Every release feels like an entirely new game. I love it - never stop. I only wish I could advance my skills to the point where I could release my projects. They'd immensely benefit from your work and continued iteration on ideas.
  3. I'm just going to quote this for people who are completely stumped on this and want to complete the escape (look at UnEvenSteven's previous post for help). It works, and now it can be searched in the forums. Good summary.
  4. A couple of points: 1. If it were my mod, I'd actually consider making SLSO a soft dependency, not SoS. You could add a tie-in to SL-completed scenes as an alternate and a deprecation scheme to compensate. I don't know what the SLSO user group looks like, but given the number of patches needed, it's probably lower than other potential adopters. SoS, on the other hand, is fairly universal. Your decision obviously. It's your mod and I respect that and your choices. 2. I would create a "broken system" based on elapsed time in-game. If configurable by MCM, that would be ideal. 3. "Size" feature can be created through SoS data. Check the scripts. It might be a real pain in the ass, but it's worth a look. 4. Adding relationship rank detection is trivial. If you want it, do it. All my personal projects except one use this as a tool, and it's powerful.
  5. That reads a bit defensive. You've nothing to be defensive about. Most of your decisions seem to be based around immersion, and DF is pretty seamless. It's quite impressive, really. The rest seems to be more an appeal to users to let you be creative. That's unfortunate, since your personal creativity is on par with your modding peers and lacks for little to nothing. Honestly? You do you. It's worked so far... No one's going to give a shit, and I (and I'm sure others) am personally curious to see what you create next. As an aspiring mod author, I know how much work goes into this, and I absolutely appreciate it. Keep doing your thing... I bet it'll be both useful and creative. 😉
  6. Gods, yes. If I ever finish any of my projects, they're all balanced against vanilla Skyrim. I mean, isn't that the reason mod authors added MCMs? To balance against the base game as opposed to mods? Edit: That looks superbly sarcastic when it's not. Modders use base Skyrim as a reference because it's sensible. It's the pure base game after all...
  7. There are at least a handful of us who do our best to squash the rocket-fuel economy of the base game, and a fewer number of us still who then take the further step of forcing character advancement through training as opposed to skill use. It's probably a small minority either way as it can actually make the early game difficult and the consequences for combat failure catastrophic. Having said that, if you were to put something like it in the mod, people would probably engage with it anyway just to make use of the content. It is a bondage mod after all...
  8. Try waiting or just go about your normal routine of devastating Skyrim's less than upstanding folk. Both Leon and Leah now use the XDFF framework, so they should add random tasks over time. Check the patch notes or search the thread if you don't understand the concepts and conditions of XDFF. Kimy herself stated this is just a prototype of sorts, so don't expect too much just yet. I did little beyond confirming it functions (I don't generally play as a slave), so I can't remember how much content exists at this time, but I can say it's more functional and natural than the old system. Looking at your previous post, heavy bondage and/or high security items generally need to be removed by a blacksmith. Have some gold set aside and talk to a blacksmith (can't remember the dialogue option as I rarely get those in my build) to initiate the process. If you don't have enough coin, they should offer you a quest alternative, usually as a messenger to another city.
  9. No, it's hardly the 'devil' in that respect, just infuriatingly difficult to figure out why it fails, and the author refused to address its issues even once, so pretty much every other alternative is better. Pretty much everything else fails in easily determinable ways: DCL, Defeat, Submission, etc. That makes them objectively better. DAYMOYL isn't worse, it's just mistifiable in its failure, which is kind of inexcusable when there are better alternatives.
  10. DAYMOYL introduces intermittent, stupidly difficult to isolate, and unrecoverable bugs. It's not that it's unplayable, it's that the problems are so hard to track down and identify. Being forced to reload for no identifiable reason is fucking aggravating. That's why I ditched it and possibly why Kimy doesn't support it. Does it work as a mod? Yes. Does it work the majority of the time? Yes. Does it occasionally fuck your last hour of play? Yes. It's the last that's exceptionally frustrating and can't be fixed because it's almost impossible to figure out exactly why.
  11. If it's NMM, I don't know what to say. Mine's just for mod projects. I use MO for play, and that 100% fixes those issues for me.
  12. Some of the DD items will T-pose when equipped if they're not built in bodyslide. Anything that locks the arms in position, in particular. Failing that, re-run FNIS.
  13. That's a new function, so if you were naughty before 8.2, it likely wasn't tracked.
  14. No, I get it, but then I come from a family full of attorneys, so I can parse your terms of use without any real difficulty. I do (sort of) apologize for baiting you into that extensive reply, but posting a "Kimy says" liturgy doesn't have anything like the same force or legitimacy as "Kimy actually says herself." I think the issue should be clear to everyone and the why as well. It's what I expected and it's a fair argument. Oh, and thanks for the TL/DR. That kind of sassy turnabout is quintessential Kimy and it made me actually laugh out loud.
  15. I think, to clarify, people are asking if you'd be willing to allow Ed86 to make a patch for SLSO that affects DCL, not asking you to patch DCL to accommodate SLSO. That would correctly place the onus of maintenance on Ed86 to maintain compatibility between SLSO and DCL, not on you to maintain compatibility between DCL and SLSO. If users were to successfully lobby Ed86 to do so, you would assume no responsibility for broken saves or any problems that might arise from your updates of DCL, and Ed86 would assume responsibility to update the DCL patch for SLSO after you make changes to DCL. It's not the worst compromise, though you would still have the reasonable argument of denial that SLSO problems could show up in the DCL support thread when you update DCL. the tl/dr: I think people are still confused by the amount of control you're reserving over the mods you manage - is it a "no patches, period, ever" stance, or "no direct patches to mods I manage, but other mods can patch theirs to mine if they assume full responsibility for maintaining compatibility with mods I manage, of which responsibility I assume none" sort of thing? I think that distinction is something a lot of people don't understand and has resulted in a fair bit of discussion in this thread over the last month or so. Edit: super tl/dr - Can other mod makers make and maintain compatibility patches to their own mods to ensure they work with DD/DCL? That's what people don't really understand.
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