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Now available, an extremely hard-to-find mod!


This mod that adds x117 NPC Children to Tamriel (much like the Tamago/Hiyoko Children Mod for Lovers with PK).  This is not a companion mod, nor a mod that puts the player through an epic quest or grants any special skills.  It is merely meant to give an extra bit of flavor to your game for those that wondered why the world is populated solely by full grown adults.


Some teens may be trainees for the Imperial Guard or working as guards for their related towns.  Some kids may have set up small vending areas to sell trinkets or goods.  And after the Siege at Kvatch, some children have been orphaned and may be found here and there.


Some of the gear may be wearable with new meshes provided, and some new weapons (including an actual firearm called a blunderbuss) have been added.  Okay, who gives a shotgun to a kid???


And new dialog, actual vocal content with matching (and actually synced) lip sync files, have been created for the children.  But as stated, this mod requires the MBP (Modular Beautiful People) and the x117 Race as the base races for the new NPCs.


This mod is not to be confused with Children of Cyrodil by Emma (creator of Children of Morrowind and Witchgirl).
Emma's Mods available at Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45948



Download all zip files containing the four (4) .bsa files as well as the .esp file and copy them into Oblivion's 'Data' folder.  Activate in your manager as expected.

Initially uploaded by LongDukDong in the four (4) bsa format in May.   The latest version has replaced all the .bsa and .esp files... so replace all of the old ones with the new ones.



Easy.  ERASE THE CHILDREN ANNUAD bsa and esp files!   In this format, you don't have to go any farther than the data folder.

♦       ♦       ♦



CHILDREN'S ANNUAD replaces and alters certain features that are standard to Oblivion such as creatures and summoning spells. With this and other changed content, it could be considered an overhaul.  For those who wish to have the classic, vanilla style of Oblivion restored, @fejeena provided three different .esp files, each with a different level of restoration.  These can be found in the "Altered Esp files (Choose only one)" zip file now supplied.  If you wish to play CHILDREN'S ANNUAD as it was intended, do not use any of these.  But if you decide to have some content from Oblivion returned, choose only one of the three altered .ESPs provided in its stead.



Edited by LongDukDong
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53 minutes ago, myuhinny said:

You do know that this was made by the same author as Emma as Emma was their second account on here.


You sure?

Emily was Triratna who in turn was Emma?

Because you know... Emma surely didn't strike me as 'Triratna type' to me.. was a more mature person if my memory serves right.

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Triratna created a version or addon that was banned here at LL ( for the usual Triratna reasons )


But the original Mod is still available here at LL.

Here post 52



Ok, to have it in the download section makes it easier to find.



Where are all the posts that were above mine?  :classic_wacko:
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? Seriously?  There was a link here?  *checks*  Yeesh... some hate in that thread.


Okay... now I know the original author was (OMG) the maker of Monster Girl?  Wow, her modder's journal at Deviant Art (as Triratna) does confirm she was the maker of both (and wanted an 'OUT' of modding.).  "It was intended an suicide because, personally i need to quit from modding and cut my entire responsibility & connection to LOVERSLAB. I went too obsessive with modding and somehow i can't quit on my own so it was necessary to get all negative values and blacklisted on the second powerful modding community."


And as to Emma and Emily/Triratna.... nope.   Emma put in a number of child protection features like 'No hitting', 'no talking to naked people' and 'greetings with fixed topics'.  Active in 2016, she expressed in 2015 that she wanted no killing of her children... ever.  And the children in hers has (what I think is) a more European accent while Children's Annuad have straight American accents.  :D She recorded her cat purring for 'khajiit children' for the Morrowind version.


EDIT:  Just added her name(s) to the main post.

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She? I don't think so. Unlike Emma. And I don't buy what drama or imaginary mental disorder "she" makes up for excuse for whatever thing. :P Both did have much affection for children... just in a bit different ways... But anyways.


The voices in CA and MG COC were just ripped content from other games, including Fallout 3. For example, much Little Lamplights kids voices for CA kids, and MG COC's angel girls voices were of a half-crazy religious woman's voice from some Fallout 3 DLC area that I don't even recall its name right now.


What version is this or the one that Fejeena's link to Annafly's links leads to? The one I last kept was (iirc) 0.9 RUMOR or something.

I quickly looked up my old cloud stuff and found out that all of them but one are misteriously missing.



These have no mention of any 0.9 or RUMOR, but interestingly it has one another file named 17_CHILDREN ANNUAD PATCH 28.8.2012 that cannot be found in Annafly's post.

I believe the files contained in the above folder are a relatively complete collection (of as far as what I cared to gather) - they're to be cumulatively installed. I just don't remember if this was the RUMOR.


I leave a link here in case other links disappear into oblivion in the future. Tritatna was very good at cobling things together... CA is a solid and enjoyable mod, if internally unstable just like its creator.


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HOLY HECK.  Okay, what I uploaded was  an easy-to-handle variation of file numbers 14-16, the 7z.001 to 7z.003.    Do you have any explanations/descriptions for the others, or if the 7z 001 to 003 was the most complete????




Well... since you might know something about it, eh?  :P


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The characters named after modders are a Triratna's way of crediting mod makers whose stuff he decided to include... it's just that he didn't bother doing it for the vast majority of them. No, I'm not involved in CA's making. How the heck did you dig out that one. I think there were more of my stuff in CA though. Maybe this Movomo is selling them?


I think the *.7z.00? are whole rather than incremental. But it might be worthwhile to check the file numbered 17, in case it does contain newer stuff. Otherwise why would I have named it 17? It must be a patch.

The lower index files are probably indeed incremental as I said. Again, I *think* merging everything below them will produce an equivalent of the *.7z.00? files. Those archives are just as originally released... even the file names, except for the prepended index.


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Dude, I talk to ya a bit here.  ;) Couldn't HELP but see your name.


And yep, some things appeear missing or at least partially.  The NPR textures fix has two more textures than the final 3 .7zs.  But it may take a while for full examination for an update.


? Yeah.... not EVERYTHING I found (and just opened) related to ANNUAD will get posted.  I just found some sick load screens that were made based on the children.  NO, not uploading.  Not ever.

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Missing textures , dirty nif files, no or wrong path grid .... that are Triratna / Emily Mods, see Monstergirls. ( puddles has still not fixed all bugs in the Mod )

I only played one of Triratna's Mods, one of the "single" Monster girl Mod befor he merged all in one. I spent several hours with cleaning before the Mod was playable. His next Mods checked esp and folders ....  and then decided not to play ( to much work to fix it ) 


And yes he is male! Not female!


I have never checked the CHILDREN ANNUAD Mod or the files. I only checked that the mediafire Links all still work.

I would be very surprised if the CHILDREN ANNUAD mod would be playable, without missing meshes and textures, no crashes and right path grid.
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ACTUALLY.....    :D   Yeah, it can work without the custom meshes and textures.  But you get big honkin 'missing textures' issues wherever you see a brat wearing the custom clothes.   A 'Derobe' spell works wonders fixing that while it lasts.


So far, I haven't seen issues 'AS YET' with missing textures with what I uploaded.  But who's gonna take any chance?  Not I.  Gonna take a look some more.


Oh, and I found some weird patch that adds some weird moogle-like character.  I think I saw a screenshot...  Yep, by Emily:


On 7/22/2013 at 10:14 AM, Emily said:

Here emily screen-shoot from children annuad mod. :lol: The mod has psycho frisky minikaka on shivering isle and new sheoth.

Apparently voiced down with taokaka japan voice from blazblue to oblivion.




pretty cool stuff.


I found a patch that added THIS FREAKY LITTLE THING!  Well... actually, an upgrade/update as its esp is CHILDREN ANNUAD.esp, overwriting the original.   So if there's any other ANNUAD esp without it, I figure its probably older.   Emily posted this thing in 2013.


Let's just call Emily an 'it'.  :P  How's that?

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Yeah... it sure looks like Emily ripped quite a bit.



On 6/22/2019 at 11:56 PM, movomo said:

I quickly looked up my old cloud stuff ...

And I began checking all your cloud stuff.  (6)Missing NPR textures does have a couple missing textures, or at least Emily added some more to the Textures folder.  (8) Missing Petite Devils has a CRAP load of new textures and meshes not in the package. (11) Marisa missing textures does supply new ones.  And I reapplied (14) Engineer meshes fix in case there were problems with the existing ones.



On 6/23/2019 at 3:12 AM, movomo said:

But it might be worthwhile to check the file numbered 17, in case it does contain newer stuff. Otherwise why would I have named it 17? It must be a patch.

Nope... not worthwhile.


The package is a textures folder of the eyes already included within Oblivion, and an extra set of eyes.  I recognize them as the Rogue Vampire Eyes from "Unholy Darkness" by  Joel "Madmole" Huenink.  No .esp in the patch, I checked all available ESPs in the others and Emily never once used these eyes... probably planning to use them later.


The last patch was apparently the one that added the brats to the Shivering Isles.  Sheogorath now has a matching purple top-hat ala Mad Hatter, you have dark seducer brats, those ...  Kimikimi whatevers, and you may encounter 'McGee's Alice'  She's a bit of a bastard.  :P  It and all the other actual fixes and inclusions will be available soon.


ALSO... I've begun working on an extra ESP file for those who want to protect the kids.   I dub it "CHILDREN ANNUAD Protection.esp" and is modeled after the EMKidScript used in Emma's Children of Oblivion.  Not only will it make children temporarily 'vanish' if the player harms a kid, it applies certain tokens:  xLoversPkrDisableH from LAPF's esm and xLSTInviolableToken from LST.  Simultaneously, it ensures the immediate removal of the xLoversPkrFlagSlave ddd flag from LAPF and the xLSTEnslavedToken flag from LST.


UN...fortunately, some kids are violent, so I willl need to make a second script for those, solely responsible for LAPF/LST flag removal.  And if anyone has flags to recommend, shot them this way.

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Eh, kinda don't see the point of "protecting" them when they're just a bunch of ones and zeroes. Because you know, watching a slasher movie doesn't make you a potential serial killer... but this is on your plate so I'll pester you with this no more.


Before this "CHILDREN ANNUAD II", I remember there was this "CHILDREN ANNUAD" which was more of a MONSTERGIRL - CA Edition. That one gave Triratna too much trouble (yes, even on the Hongfires) and he decided to strip the "messy" stuff off the mod and this is the version 2 we're seeing. I don't think you can get those stuff today unless someone else shows up and dump his archive.


Speaking of brats... I remember in the classic Fallout, you could make the town pickpocket kids blast their own thieving asses by arming a time bomb and letting them pick your purse for shits and giggles. Of course you may want to dump all your other stuff in your car before that and set your timer long enough, lest you blow up your own eggs. See, Black Isles had balls. They even made a special character title for that... although not the proudest one to have.


In my first playthought of FO3 I badly wished I could do that to those pesky Little Lamplight brats. In the next playthrough I've somehow grown attached to them.


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OH... well, the protection mod is an extra add-on.  I'm not forcing anyone to use it.  But recommended so kids from this mod can't get molested.  Hell, its probably going to be more protective of kids than what Emma wrote... except the hard-coding of topics. :D

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* Includes the two missing NPR Textures

* Replaced the meshes from the Engineer Mesh Fix

* Added all the missing files from the Petite Devils Fix
* Upgraded to the version that includes the "Minikakas" that frequent New Sheoth in the Shivering Isles


* EXTRA:  An optional extra .esp file to use with Children Annuad that adds protective scripts to the kids so they cannot be enslaved (even LST slavery) and prevents sex.  For the bulk of 'passive' Kid NPCs, it also includes anti-violence code matching that from Emma's 'Children of Oblivion'.



I also added INSTALLATION/UNINSTALLATION notices that you have to replace 'all' files in question.  All of the .bsa files in this mod have been upgraded so they all need replacing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I doubt it, but asking questions saves trouble later on. Would C. Annuad conflict with C. of Cyrodil?


Y'all three are awesome and thanks for everything y'all have done over the years to make broken games legendarily good. Something that folks on other forums almost never do. (ie: The WH40k Mod called Chapter Master and /vg)  



@fejeena @movomo



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I don't think Children of Cyrodiil has many overlap with CA. Other than possible & occasional buildings clipping things I think it will be fine. But then I never had them installed both at the same time. And I'm not even certain if CoC is refering to a one coherent mod... I think Emma's CoC and CoC from CoC forum were two different things but I don't remember. Maybe I should excavate my hard drive later.


And what's with Chapter Master? I had heard some rumors that the collective simpletons that is geedubs were going to sue the makers.

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Don't think they conflict ( no crash)

But can happen that the Mods add children in the same cell ( so a family has 4 instead of 2 children  )

And CA add some hostile children ( but I think only in caves and the IC sewers )  if C.o.C. add children in the same cells they will fight, or flee. But I think C.o.C. does not add children in caves and sewers.


So the only "problem" you can have is too many children in one house or one city.

EDIT:  If you think that there are too many children.... you can open the esp and delete the children you do not want.  You can delete all CA children in cities and villages so you have only C.o.C. children. And the CA children you still have in caves and sewers.

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No conflicts between the two.  I have both running simultaneously with no issues.    And regarding violence, Emma's Children are not violent at all.  And if violence is done to them, they disappear (become disabled) until the next day.  Simultaneously, their dialog is 'LOCKED', in that their custom greeting only permits 3 or 4 specific topics to appear.  No lovers topics should intrude or appear when talking to one of her kids.  Sometimes a temporary glitch occurs though... very rarely.

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I examined my hard drive and there indeed are two different Children of Cyrodiil's.

One is Emma's of course and the other is from a very old forum named (again) Children of Cyrodiil.

The forum died some 8 years ago. The people there had an exodus to a new forum named Honorhall, but their later trail is nowhere to be found in  2019. Maybe they changed name again or just died out.


Just like Emma's, this mod too does not contain any nefarious content.




Childrens of Cyrodiil v4.0.txt : their readme


Oh wait... the mod's name is Childrens of Cyrodiil.... So subtle. o_o




Are you sure CA requires x117? (It's listed in the requirements)

I think x117 requirement was removed in the later versions. Probably everything after CA 2.

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@movomo Chapter Master is a mod for a game called Interstellar Army Simulator. Based on what I read from the 1d4chan wiki, I.A.S was developed with the intention to be made as a framework exclusively for a Warhammer 40k mod. The mod is a complete overhaul of the game and replaces everything in the base I.A.S with Warhammer 40k related items such as, and not limited to, Space Marine unit types, a new executable, and replaced images and icons. 


If memory serves correct, GamesWorkshop company was really pushing the development of the mod to stop, getting ready to sue, and were close, if they did not, to issuing a cease and desist order after discovery of Chapter Master. The game's existence is barely legal and has frequent crashes like base new vegas Lol.


The game feels more entertaining to play than most other free to play games out there but far more entertaining to watch than play to me. I'd say it's on the same level of development as CoC (Fenoxo and friend's Corruption of Champions and related mods) when one considers that CoC is reading and Chapter Master has text and images, despite the official CoC being at the 0.9xx stage, last time I checked, and Chapter Master at the 0.655 something stage of development.



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You tempt me to risk my whole game stability by saying that there's not conflict. Awwww maaaaaaan……….


@fejeena Editing the esp might actually reduce the stress if I'm not mistaken. But then again, we can't have everything and smart work earns you most things. Editing the esp might be difficult, but, if I use the mod, I'm definitely deleting some of the little shits since I've got a good homeostasis with the current install.

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