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BodySlide Conversions for FNV/FO3.

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This is what I hope will be a thread dedicated to and including many people's conversions for BodySlide for Fallout NV or FO3. I have been working with BS since the beginning of last year, doing many different bodies and conversions. But, I never focused on doing all of a mod before this. This is open for ANYONE to contribute their conversions to for everybody to enjoy!!!


This is Gypsy outfits by Azar for the "Babe" body- NOT CBBE. This will work for FO3 or TTW (any version).


How to install;

1) You will need to install the original mod from Here. The babe body version at the top, not the other one (though it shouldn't really matter). Note that I did not do the Malika add-on pack- maybe in the future.


2) If you want BnB or BaB animations for breasts, you will need to download one of those mods from here or here and install them. Then install whatever body you like with the textures you like. Any Type 3/6 textures will work. I built these conversions for breast animations, but they are not necessary. This mod might require A.J.'s AppleJam skeleton- I'm not really sure. I use it anyway.


3) Download and install BodySlide64 (the latest version) from here. I installed mine in my data folder- you should have a file in data labeled "tools" when you are finished. Do not try to build anything yet!!!


4) This is my conversion package for the mod. You should be able to install it with you mod manager of choice or manually.


5) Build the outfits- either one by one or as a set using the batch build function. I have included my BS preset for you to use if you like or you can make a new slider preset. Some of the outfits I added zaps to, so you might want to use them.


6) HAVE FUN!! This is kinda experimental, so you might run into some problems. If you do, just post them here and I will try to help. :)


Also, I am in the process of converting Kristina's Closet and the BnB outfits. Will upload those when they are done/working.






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  • 1 year later...

Well, I got two sets of conversions.

Hopefully they'll be of use to you.


First is the Bunny Suit conversion. As always, you'll need the original mesh and textures from the original mod here.


The second is a conversion for CH Raider Armor. Same drill. Get the meshes and textures.


You don't really need the esp files from the mods if you get Sexout Store, the store carries them, though you need to supply the nif and dds yourself.


Now, full disclosure, I only use CBBE, though I can guess how to use other replacers but I used to play Skyrim with CBBE and it didn't let me down.
Also, in the CH Raider Armor set, I don't know if the download was faulty or I messed up and overwrote something, but the 4th and 5th armors were the same when I loaded the nif for editing. I don't now if it was a choice made by the creator to have two identical armors but have one be medium and the other light or something, I remember that happened a lot in Skyrim, or if I made a mistake somewhere along the line.


So double-check if you like, or don't and just build both, they don't overwrite one another.

CBBE Bunny-suit.zip CBBE-CH Raider Armor.zip

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And here are the Strapons that come with SCR.

Very important if you modify them, I found out through trial or error, make sure that you Save as... and check that "Copy reference shape into output" is unchecked. Otherwise you'll get a strange texture on the model. Sometimes it flickers or gets darker.

That happens with every toy, I've found. So make sure you double check.


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I've added Zaps to a couple of the ones I've not shared just yet.
And I've not messed with high heels yet. Babysteps at first.


Wanna show you something.


image.thumb.png.e191a0c00eb90617baa86648bd70ffa7.pngThis is a vanilla mesh from the HH DLC.


image.thumb.png.b99238c8083bbcaa3c63ebab9ff83367.pngSee the distance between the mesh and the body?


image.thumb.png.a6c15a8cd679ec78a16c3dd3f30be322.pngThat's how separated they must be so that it doesn't clip with my testing preset.



And this is the same mesh after I faffed about adding vertexes to it.


image.thumb.png.3c3cd069d894a7cc01f39e95ed906aa3.pngNotice the distance.



No clipping.


Sure, it takes more time to do, a lot more time, but it makes it cleaner, less lumpy and it can really sell the skintight look.

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As for the rate of conversions...would you believe that it's just that it really annoys me when I find a vanilla or mod remnant in-game?


There I go, wondering the Mojave and suddenly I find an NPC that has a really ugly looking armor, or an armor that clips all over the place or the dreaded Nipples on their hips.

Really grinds my gears.

So I play a while, kill a few things, find something awful, save, quit, and straight to OS.

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Well, just need to do Lonesome Road and I'll finally be able to play in blessed peace.

...untill such time as another mod calls to me and I find myself needing to make more conversions.


Still, just a few more meshes and I'll be finished with every mesh I have in my data directory.

...hopefully I won't find out I need to go through the Main BSA with a fine tooth comb to catch anything else I might have missed.


Edit: Jinxed it. Remembered I haven't converted the Radiation Suit nor the Bright cult robes or their space-suits.

Dead Money CBBE.zip Honest Hearts CBBE.zip Old World Blues CBBE.zip

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What a wondrous stakhanovite :)


It almost makes me want to come back...


By the way, the High Heels he mentioned is THIS. Once the model is ready, it only requires a txt file in a folder and it'll work as heels.

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With this...I'm finished with the Vanilla DLC armors.

Blessed be the fact that I was actually not missing out a lot of vanilla armors. Just a couple of them and the radiation suit and the power armors are unisex, unless I look for a mod for that...

...not right now.


Also, just made a high heel mesh, gonna try it later, see how it handles.


If it works well, then maybe I can finally make a shortstack character that uses heels to look taller...

Lonesome Road CBBE.zip

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A.J. if you read this, maybe you can help me out here. I installed the High Heels esp and created the ini for a mesh, but the model remains the same height.


There is sound, so the esp is running, but there's no height change.


If it changes anything, I did change the character scale.

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8 hours ago, Svartr564 said:

A.J. if you read this, maybe you can help me out here. I installed the High Heels esp and created the ini for a mesh, but the model remains the same height.


There is sound, so the esp is running, but there's no height change.


If it changes anything, I did change the character scale.

Heh, I hear you. Because you have to relate with dumb individuals, who become even dumber when the sun is so hot as in these days. When I wrote you about heels, as a stupid I didn't take in consideration that it requires the NV Compatibility Skeleton, which I decided to NOT make compatible with CBBE. Sounds like a paradox, I know, but calling it "NV Compatibility Skeleton NOT compatible with CBBE" was too long. Well jokes apart, there's some precise reasons behind it, behind my choices, even if they seem "peculiar" sometimes.


The good thing is, I could probably solve modifying the script of the framework, I have this idea since few weeks but god I still didn't have the time to try it. Next weekend I swear I'll do it. And if I won't keep the promise, both you and KoolHndLuke have full permission to insult me.

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Hey man, no worries. They look good and the skeleton works.

Will I appreciate something that makes them look better? Damn right I will.


Will I turn into a rage monster, decrying you as a charlatan, if you don't keep to an arbitrary deadline that you decided in what sounds like the middle of a heatstroke?

Nah, not really.


I can wait, and, in all honesty? It's a bit of a relief.

...because I checked and a lot of the meshes included in the BNB Armor pack use heels, so I got to touch them up using the CBBE HH reference, and I just finished, darnit.

I can use the breather.


Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, I'll have touched them up, compiled them in a single ZIP, and I'll share them here.


Now, if you will excuse me, I have to bash my head in and start the game over, because I have a corrupted save file and like a moron I only keep two relatively close saves.

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