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  1. Yes it's a skeleton thing: I guess you installed AppleJam before Bodymorph, or at least it was overwritten in the order of loading the assets (MO2 left column)
  2. Oh I'm sure they'll come out very well! don't forget to check this thread eventually, maybe something was already converted
  3. It would be really better if you follow dborg2 suggestion and try to convert that boat from FO3 to TTW. Check TTW forum, there were informations and tools to make it in quite a simple way.
  4. check that message, the last one I wrote in that thread, there's a reset for facial expressions.
  5. how curious. I went online on steam, I updated a random game (to see if everything was working), I have many games on update queue that allow me to play since they all are set to 4 am, I played Skyrim SE too, but look at its specific queue... 25 november WHY
  6. Pick with a grain of salt because today I go online on steam like once a year to manually update things, not sure if something changed. But years ago I remember I solved this problem inside the settings, specifying "update only from this hour to that hour" and setting something late night like from 4am to 5am, those years that was the solution I found online and in truth it solved my problem, it never updated on its own.
  7. if you have a minute, you could try the file I attached in this post:
  8. Hello pal how are you, nice to hear you again. Yes NVCS doesn't work and it's intended... I'm sorry but it already has so many bones and I wouldn't like to patch it for BoMo too. If there wasn't that damn problem on the legs which can't be morphed without breaking the foot inverse kinematic, I would have patched for sure (no comments about the fact it does work on cbbe, this is another story). So well I tried instead the path of a scripted patch, either because I was curious to test these functions and to make a workaround. But... it ended up with BoMo not working at all for me, no matter what skeleton I was using, so I couldn't test the patch! and I gave up.
  9. @Shadd Ashborn Can you try this one please? if you have MO just load after sexout, it'll overwrite its own reset, or call with PlayIdle SexoutNGReset Allnarta.zip
  10. I can be wrong but... I think this happens because she is moving and the locomotion animation stacks with the idle. But the idle has a highest priority so she's apparently stucking in that pose, all the skeleton bones except the breast bones, so these still move as if she was walking / running. Game engine magic...
  11. Setting off the geomorph was enough, without setting the single values of the phonemes back to zero. It worked fine for years, probably there's something we're missing. yes it resets everything but I don't think it resets the penis. I remember that was the specific reason why the reset.kf was changed in 2015, amra animations were causing some distortions causing misalignment on those animations where the penis wasn't animated. Or something like that, it was a long time ago...
  12. I checked the reset animation and apparently it seems fine. I ask you a favor if you can test: you said that you too have this issue with the facial animations, right? if so, can you try to manually reset the face of a NPC selecting it on console and then trying the following console command? PLAYIDLE SexoutNGReset (if you want to try the same reset on the player, you should first go in third person, then TFC in console, then close and reopen console, then click on player and do the command) if it's executing the command, it should answer with the path of the animation. I'd love to understand if it doesn't reset the face OR if it's stuck (which is happening more and more in the latest years)
  13. Strange, the version is not new, it's 31 march. No worries I'm gonna do it when I can. Same for the reset, it probably requires some merging with the actual one first. It was also supposed to correct some deformations derived from amra animations.
  14. Me too I think it should be resetted only when necessary, as SO does (was supposing to do) at the end of the animation. Resetting constantly probably makes other mods (i.e. FEEL ) not working as intended Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh just had an idea... need to hear Allnarta for this...
  15. It was, once. I made the face reset for Prideslayer around 2015. I can assume that during the years the file asset got replaced by mistake, it wouldn't be the first time that this happens. And it's perfectly understable, since these files seem all the sames if you didn't specifically made them. If you have a working reset face idle, maybe we could ask the Doc if he can update the SO package or update a fix on the very same page?
  16. I think he's correct. The script checks for 360Corr0, I took a look at RS and it lacks 360 bones, maybe you used a previous version? (Next weekend I hope to find the time to update, I saw that request for CBBE-NV too)
  17. I'm still a bit away in these days. But I want you (all) not be dependent by my chores, feel free to update if you feel confortable. Please contact Kicho666 (ragdolls), he could have pendent updates to merge eventually. He's such a pretty one, I'm sure he'll be super helpful in whatever you decide to do
  18. Hello, when you feel fine we're gonna merge on nvcs eventually
  19. Hello, it works, just install NVCS over everything else https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/68776
  20. Did you already convert all the vanilla outfits for the DoA race with Outfit Studio? if so, it's probably just a matter of where BS saves the nifs when you generate them with the batch button. Check the files inside the DoA bsa archive (you can use any software you like, for example B.A.E. from Nexus), you will find a sub folder probably under meshes which contains all the custom nifs for the player >>> you need to tell Bodyslide to save the nifs for your custom character here. EDIT: wtf I completely misread it... sorry -_-
  21. I never checked the latest updates of Lucas Jose, but with the original DoA it was not possible to use a body replacer (at least, not properly), because every armor had to be adapted to it. Every time that a cyborg wears a vanilla armor, it's immediately changed with a custom model which is contained on a custom folder. So, a mod like CBBE (but more in general, every body replacer), can't work with it properly because they will never put the assets in that custom folder, first, and then because everytime you have an exposed piece of skin it won't be "robotic". Body replacers are going to change the npcs, but not the DoAs (or in general custom races using custom folders) To use it for the player, it would require first to make conversions for every vanilla armor for the DoA body, and then put it in that custom folder. Again, assuming Lucas Jose didn't make some drastic change in some recent update.
  22. Why are npcs different than you, since the paths are the same? Could it be that you're using a custom race for your character, something pointing to a different folder than vanilla? if so then you must manually put the textures in that path, and... probably change the nifs too? mmh... well, let's do just one step first.
  23. I admit I missed the whole part where you were talking about the package in the previous message. Yes I agree, the dialogue had to start when you were entering. Also, the script had nothing peculiarly weird, the only thing I see is something *could have happened* if you were going to delilah instead of katrina in the previous quest stage, but I should really inspect the esp on geck to tell for sure. Anyway glad you solved
  24. There are many lines under GREETINGS, you are only showing the one you highlighted, I don't know if the other ones are referring to delilah or not (by the way the one you highlighted is Proctor talking, why you say he's not there on GREETINGS? ...) Also, there could be more GREETINGS, in some other quests. The fact you say these two dialogues are similar doesn't mean much to me, you tend to set every topic with the GetIsID condition to make dialogue working properly. SQV is the console command to show a quest variable.
  25. When it comes to dialogues, it's very complicated and my suggestion is to ask the modder. However, if you want to make your own extra check, here some infos for you. If the npc must approach you and start conversation, then there must be something triggering it, it can be a trigger activator, a script... so, many things could be involved, not working, the script, the activator lacking a simple flag, the AI package etc. and you need some further inspection on GECK to gather more infos. If you have to talk to the npc and you expect that topic to show up, then you must look for the previous topic, not the one involved. Check the GREETING topic where the GetIsID is LegionCityDelilah, see if it links correctly the next one (which is the one you want to show up) The typo you saw on the script is not important, it refers to a variable whose name is wrong but it's just aesthetic, it could have been called also "deelaila" and it was ok, the important is that both the script and the condition have the same word (or it would return an explicit error anyway) By the way conditions are written/edited/erased on the bottom window, under the dialogue lines, I think you simply have all the columns shrinked on the left, I remember it was a bug on Win10 with GECK but should be possible to enlarge them.
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