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Uunp nipples glitching


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On 1/15/2019 at 8:33 PM, DestroMan98 said:

Ive been trying to get uunp working all the mods i try come up with this same problem. When i build the body in studio it looks fine but idk what happens,side of hips also have some glitches sometimes.




me is something else noticed, bronze effect on the breasts.
the problem, this mod has been removed from the nexus.


No More Ugly Bronze Shine


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1 hour ago, DestroMan98 said:

i dont know how


The Texture files for the female body, maybe you need to reinstall them completely but it looks like only the _msn file is wrong. Whatever body texture you installed probably what you used to make the body have the muscular shape was for a different body type than what you are using.

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