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? (Reshade link) ?

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? (Reshade link) ?

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This old one's gone, but you can get Reshade from


(example w images)

(few might also need DirectX 2010! https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109

>extract anywhere, like Desktop, then another .exe!)


Haven't played sims in a long time, and someone let me know this was broken, so at least changing it to working links.

Some presets from Gshade https://github.com/Mortalitas/GShade might look nice with this game.

Hope everyone is holding on, to a bit of happiness.


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    (Some PCs) DirectX RT 2010 in link!


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Oh no, the same one you use to bring walls up, next to insert/page up.




Thanks for reminding me, I added a note in download hah. In my keyboard it says inicio, so I get it... ?


If nothing else works,  place this ReShade.ini in your Bin folder and the key 9 will open Reshade, after first loading screen. Hm, I should change in main download...

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Hey man, good stuff as always.

Sorry for asking, but do you still keep your old stuff? The reason why I ask it because I just upgraded my pc and reinstalled everything and like the dummy I am, I forgot to back up the .ini and LUT you had made. If not, that's fine. Just thought I'd ask before I go to the corner and cry ?

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Oh yeaa I remember, haha well I can add it pretty easy, so you don't have to choose. Oh wait, 0.2 does not have a LUT in it hm. Might be some other folder.


Ah there are three folders that say HD, might be the LUT from one of them, see if you recognize it






I remember not liking all that color and thinking it was a failure, hah. Though my sister would probably agree with you. I do like the dark nights.

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Oh ok, no problem hah, glad you like the stuff.


If I remember correctly, instead of building it on top of normal screenshots, I had dpx and curves on, and then took the screenshots, and adjusted the lut to correct those, hah maybe I should do that again.

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Glad you like the stuff, Fuzzy!  Ha a complete ENB for Sims would be awesome, like the ones for Skyrim/Fallout. I believe I saw many different LUTs in a single download. If we could get many LUTs working, it would be better, instead of 1 single preset which kinda works everywhere/in every lighting, which is kind of hell to make haha.


Guys let's form our own ENB team, with blackjack and hookers!

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Oh if you mean the newest one, I think it notified you when I was adding the video, and then I added the other video back in. And then I added just that one line before the video.  And then I went to sleep. Ha a more responsible person would have it ready at the same time. :classic_happy:


Well, I was also trying 30 different names, and found Cul was available. Ass in french, so it's a fancy ass. Then I googled petite cul for img, then I went to sleep.

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