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Mod idea: SL Kidnapped + Horrible Harassment + Checking on the roads


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What if these mods were integrated:



The initial integration point would be altering the kidnapped chance based upon recent harrassment (in city or in the roads).  The idea is that if you rebuffed your assailants in the city or roads as a woman, would potentially increase the chances of getting kidnapped later?


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Oh that sounds like it would be a lot of fun. So long as all the mod authors came together and agreed, I could definitely see this as a great merge...


Edit: Ooh and it looks like checking on the roads already has Harassment as a dependency, so that's a good sign. I don't know how well Kidnapped would work merged with other mods, I've always had troubles getting it to not CTD but I would love to play with these all combined for sure. 

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I will prefer a repeated quest when you get caught by ...bandits whatever then you have to talk to them (dialogue quest) the goal is to buy time for find a way to escape yourself or waiting "the knight in shining armor" a npc to save you.

If you get raped , black out and you will have to take your money back like by find these "bandits whatever" ("live a other life mod").

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