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File Name: SexoutWillow
File Submitter: BruceWayne
File Submitted: 02 Feb 2013
File Category: Quests
Requires: SexoutNG, Sexout Common Resources, Willow - A Better Companion Experience

SexoutWillow by BruceWayne
This mod replaces the Fade-to-black sex scene from the Willow Companion Mod with a random Sexout scene. To get the Sex scene you have to complete Willow's romance quest.



July 2015

You need at least Sexout 0.93 or above. As such you need all the new requirements for this, as NVSE 5 and NX 16.

Fixed the broken kissing animation.

Additional info:

Due to the way the original scripts work, I had to work around the fact that the stages are timed and coupled the timer to the sexout timer. This was true for all old versions as well. The problem is, that if you pause the animation timer with SexoutPositioning, this doesn't translate to the script timer of NVWillow (it still uses the time set in your SexoutNG settings, plus a couple seconds extra). If you have to adjust your anims, do so with an unpaused timer. To rectify this, set your timer up to give you ample time to adjust and save the offset, so you won't have to do it everytime and can go back to a shorter duration. Read the SexoutPositioning instructions on the Sexout main pages to find out how.


Old Updates:




Hey folks,

I've added sexout to the classical fade-to-black scene in- and outside the bungalow. I've tested both scenes for a couple of times and they seem to work. Please tell me, if you run into any trouble. This version doesn't yet have the diaphragm fix, so I can't tell if that is still causing freezes. I guess it does, unless Hal changed them to non-apparel in which case there shouldn't be a problem.
This one needs NVWillow 1.01, SexoutCommonResources and the Sexout beta, though I guess it might work with the stable version as well. Also you need NVSE 4b2 and the current extender (NX12). Links to those are in the tutorial in my signature.
Next up will be playing the kissing animation for kisses (if I manage to shoehorn that one in), positioning on the bed in the bungalow (?), "bonus" scenes and bugfixing, if necessary.
NEW! If you have sex in the bungalow, it will automatically take place on the bed.
NEW! Amra's kissing animation included. Available after completing the romance quest.




Hey folks,


Willow 1.0 has just been released this weekend. That probably means that this mod doesn't work with the newest version available. I have set up my FNV install once again and I'm trying to release a patch soon-ish. Since Willow has to run on a clean save, I don't have a savegame that I could use for testing. I'm not sure how reliable I can cheat my way to test out the ftb scenes, so I probably have to speed-run through it to get to the "relevant" parts. :D


Stay tuned.
Update: June, 2013


SSR Version!


You can now download SexoutWillow requiring SSR instead of SCR, in case you want to switch.


*discontinued - always use the SCR version*


Update: 04/11/12


I've tidied up the script some more and fixed some minor errors and inconsistencies. This should fix the Pregnancy-related freezes. This mod was made, using the NVSE beta 3b2. So you might need to upgrade to this version. If you've updated SexoutNG to 2.6.71 you need (or better have) the new NVSE (3b2) anyway. As always, feedback is very welcome, be it good or bad (it better be good though:D) If you don't feel like typing or posting, clicking the "Thanks!" button would be your sign of approval;)


Update: 01/11/12


Experimental V3 out. Please test and report if it resolves freezes related to pregnancy. If other issues arise, please report them. Plugin is found here.


Update: 29/10/12


More and more users are running into freezes while using SOPregancy. I don't know the reasons that might cause that bug, because I'm not using SOPregnancy. I will look into this, after I've updated SexoutAffairs and try to fix it. In the meantime, you could try using the old version and see if the problem persists. It doesn't have strapon support, but should work fine otherwise. Additionally it'd help me to know, if it's related to strapon use or not, so please report, if it works with the older version. For all the mod-savvy users out there, I posted the code of SOWillow here. Feel free to have a look at it and report any possible errors and I can fix them immediately.


Update: 03/10/12


Okay, 3 weeks, 500 downloads and only one bugreport are enough for me to call this one done.
One user reported issues with pregnancy, but no one else seems to have any problems.


Unless there are major changes to sexout or NVWillow, or unforeseen issues should arise, there is really no need to call this WIP anymore.
You can still report bugs and I try to fix them, if you can prove to me that this mod is the culprit.







SexoutNG by prideslayer
Willow - A Better Companion Experience v1.09 by llamaRCA
Sexout Common Resources by Halstrom
NVSE 5+ or higher
NVSE Extender 16 (a.k.a NX) or higher




Drop the files in your data folder. Answer "yes" if you are asked to overwrite files.
Make sure SexoutWillow.esp is loaded after NVWillow.esp!


Additional Info


I enabled player controls during Willow's "warm up" dance, so you can get a better view. :cool: Don't run away! (I guess she will eventually find you, but you never know..)
Make sure she is following you, when you ask her. If she is in wander mode she might run away during her dance... (I think this also happens, if you don't use this mod)


I'd love to hear feedback, suggestions and/or constructive criticism. So rate, comment, troll, whatever.. :D


If you want to run SexoutWillow with version 0.97 of the Willow mod, click here.

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What's New in Version V4.4   See changelog


  • Fixed broken kissing animation

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