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SexoutSewerSlave 25 June 2015

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About This File

A mod intended for female PCs only. Such individuals going on scavenging runs around Westside might find themselves in a spot of trouble including, but not limited to, being enslaved in a sewer. Surprised?

Talk to Dermot in Westside to get the quest started.

This mod was a group effort for quite some time but eventually fell by the wayside. After slightly over a year, I've taken the mod and revamped the scripting to the new UDF standard, as well as fixing several things that looked a bit weird. That makes this mod, essentially, a port. All the old features are still present, but the stuff that didn't go anywhere before still doesn't go anywhere. For the time being I plan on making it playable, since it was never the most reliable plugin even before I screwed with it. Once it's working as-is, perhaps it can be expanded. Bug reports are needed to get this working. Nothing can be fixed if I don't know it needs fixing.


13 June 2015

  • Theoretically fixed sex acts not matching dialogue
  • Blocked soliciting of NPCs that should not be able to be solicited

6 June 2015

  • Fixed exploding collar on load issue
  • Removed obsolete MCM menu options

9 May 2015

  • Assault-based kidnapping functionality completely removed
  • Fixed slave controller looping issue
  • Made potentially annoying message potentially less annoying

3 Apr 2015

  • Fixes to opening sequence
  • Player is now properly collared
  • Assault-based kidnapping is no longer supported, though the actual functionality remains for now

15 Feb 2015

  • Assault-related kidnapping checks now use the new flag check system instead of being always active

11 Jan 2015

  • Sexout calls now use fnSexoutActRunFull

7 Jan 2015

  • SewerSlave now checks Sexout version instead of the presence of SexoutZAZ

30 Dec 2014

  • Fixed overwrite of vanilla dialogue topic
  • Fixed references to old SCR records
  • Removed multiple unused records and scripts
  • Various minor dialogue tweaks
  • Fixed some scripting running only on game restart and not game load
  • Fixed some things that may have been broken intentionally
  • Fixed multiple incorrect and/or missing dialogue flags
  • Added yes/no option for caps demand
  • Switched forced ingestibles to direct spells


What's New in Version 25 June 2015


  • Fixed possible version-checking error
  • Removed obsolete MCM menu

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