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  1. Yay! I already have it, with physics no less, lurking undiscovered in Dint999's big SMP hair pack! Thank you!
  2. I wouldn't say "common" although, admittedly, I can only vouch for 5 or 6 people: Vyxenne, Chastity, Alexysse, Amberlyn/Amberlynne, Gonad the Ballbustrian (token male drowning in an estrogen sea ) Xarlysse, Polly Amrysse... so OK, maybe 20 or 30 characters since SSE launch in 2016... Anyway, I only experienced it once, back in 2019 or so, and I'm not sure you could call that "common." To me, a "common" bug would be something like being unable to enter combat stance (ready a weapon, spell or fists) when I forget to cancel Free Cam before the end of a scene, which occurs reliably whether the sce
  3. Wooooo.... +1 +1 +1 I neeeeed that wig, esp if it's got SMP physics!
  4. I think we'll just have to disagree on this- it's a regular snarkfest up in here...
  5. Yes, that would be my suggestion as well. No need to use Google Search, where the Sexlab chunk of Github is the very first result... That would be too easy, right? And (*shivers in horror at the thought*) it would deprive you of another opportunity to whine... So yeah, by all means, search all of GitHub and let us know how tedious and annoying you are the process is. EDIT: I just realized that you must not know how to use Google search. Sorry for my initial reaction to your inane comment (quoted above). Here's the fix for your problem: You're w
  6. You might have better luck posting this on the wide-audience "What-is, Where-is, Searches and Requests" thread.
  7. I didn't miss what you said, I just know that all of us think we did one thing and later find out we've done something entirely different. It's part of the human condition. Since you have the current SE versions of Skyrim, Sexframe Labwork and SKSE69, I'm out of ideas since the error you're describing can't be happening.
  8. The more I see from this Wabbajack guy, the less confidence I have in the whole project. Last night I read a statement on a Wabbajack mod page stating that the Steam overlay "messes with ENBs." What does "messes with" mean, exactly? Stops them from loading? Turns everything green? CTD on farting? Which ENBs? The binaries, affecting all ENB Preset mods? Just ENB Preset mod "X" and ENB Preset mod "W?" How would I know if my ENB was being "messed with?" I turned my Steam overlay off and tested with my new Re-Engaged ENB- there was no visible difference whatsoever.
  9. There are many. A lot of them are called "catsuit" so your Googling might start with that search term. And as others have pointed out, they all have meshes.
  10. You have apparently installed the Oldrim version of SexLab Framework into your SSE game, and it is (correctly) asking for the only version of Skyrim that it will work with: 1.9.32, which is an Oldrim build. You should probably uninstall SexLab and try again with the version on the first page of this thread: SexLab Framework SE 1.63 Beta 8.
  11. Yes. There's a dev version on Github. Work is ongoing daily. You could read about it in the thread... but oh wait, I forgot, there're too many pages for you to bother with reading any of them. Nothing has been released yet. Anyone who looks at the first page of this thread can see that every new release carries an incremented "Beta x" digit, and that all releases are on the first page, not scattered throughout the thread as you implied, so it's easy (for most people) to instantly see that Beta 8 is the latest release. Why all the angst over a new version? Is there somet
  12. Damn, gurrl, you must be psychic! I installed Re-Engaged ENB about 5 hours ago and just now got (kinda-sorta) through tweaking it. I think it looks extra good: Thanks!
  13. I'm looking for a concise ENB-settings tutorial. Something along these lines: To Change Visual Effect | Adjust ENB Setting(s) GlarbleFlarble in the Flumglubble | CATEGORY > FlibbleFlabble My immediate issue is that in bright daylight, shadowed areas are so dark that there is absolutely nothing visible inside their area of effect- stepping into the shade of a shop's canopy or balcony is like switching off the sun, and people standing in the shade of a tree are engulfed in inky blackness and thus invisible- I have to light a torch o
  14. Because your posts after I gave you a detailed guide indicated that you did not follow that guide. OK, cool. I had no way of knowing that since your posts directly stated otherwise. The only difficult part about installing SexLab Framework is making sure you have the right 3 or 4 prerequisites, all of which are listed on the first page of this thread. Those prerequisites and SexLab Framework itself are drag-n-drop-then-click-once-to-install procedures in Vortex. I have no idea how to do it in MO2 but based on my limited, brief experience with it a few years ago, inst
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