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  1. Ordinarily, I would respond to this by dusting off my RTFM meme. However, given the dearth of actual instructions for the mod (because it's a Beta release), after checking your post count and reminding myself that we were all Skyrim modding noobs once, I'll just strongly suggest that you run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after installing or uninstalling any animation mod. SexLab Framework is an animation mod. You do the math. Welcome to Lovers Lab! 💕
  2. Oops, my bad, then. I have all rough/aggressive animations suppressed, so I don't see this particular one. Sorry.
  3. This happens from time to time and nobody knows why. Just use your SL actor-alignment controls to fix it. The first thing I try when I get one as bad as this is the "Realign All" hotkey ( [ by default) which fixes it 99% of the time. If not, disabling Auto-Advance Stages helps to give you enough time to fix really bad ones.
  4. Oh, the humanity! *shrieks and runs off, shouting incomprehensible imprecations at random passersby*
  5. Assuming you really mean the inner surface of the breasts, yes- this is my black recolor of Petrovich's Vest (image taken over a year ago, before I got my ENB sorted out, so the quality is pretty low): And this is an item I call "Biker Jacket" that I extracted from an Apachii Divine Elegance Store outfit (ENB fully sorted!): Here is what the original Apachii-made jacket-and-shorts "Cowboy Armor" *snicker* looked like before I separated the shorts and jacket into separate items, then removed the red plaid top in Outfit Studio using the "mask > invert > delete vertices" functions: And before you ask for me to share the "Biker Jacket," I can't- I already sent my modified separates meshes to Apachii (months ago), who did not respond in any way. *shrug* Obviously, tastes vary. It's her mod. The only reason I included it here is because I think it's awesome, and to show you what you can do yourself with Outfit Studio and Apachii's Cowboy Armor. However, Petrovich's Leather Clothes mod (the one I got the vest from) is widely available so you can get that easily.
  6. Aw, thanks, but after I posted it I realized that it would have been more informative had I offset the camera more to the left so the Inventory menu wasn't obscuring most of the bikinis as I cycled through them, then zoomed in on the face as I cycled through the sunglasses. Serves me right for trying to rush.
  7. I agree that the defaults are too short- I set them to approximately double or triple their default durations.
  8. Well, duh! But the OP was talking about diminishing random phalluses phalli? dicks! I can't in good conscience go along with any such project.
  9. I was going to mention those mods (especially since the SE port for one of them is mine) but he talked me out of it with the "glorified sexy underwear" disparagement. 🥴
  10. LOL! That sounds to me like "Detonating a tactical nuclear weapon in my camp site seems to have cleared out the mosquitoes."
  11. I just discovered this mod (thanks to an inquiry on the SSE "What is, where is" thread) and made an SSE UUNP-HDT conversion including the BodySlides. The texture swaps are working perfectly in my game (see video a couple of posts above)- all the colors are showing up properly. During the conversion process, I scanned all textures for SE compatibility, and they're all fine including the cubemap, which is the texture type that is the most likely to be incompatible (SSE does not tolerate uncompressed cubemaps). 💀 So I'm suggesting that you might want to make sure your SSE conversion was done correctly, or use mine (above), because something in your particular installation has to be what is causing your colors not to change.
  12. There is now, please see above post, and thank you for this work!!
  13. I made a Skyrim Special Edition UUNP-HDT conversion: Spring_Slingshot_Bikinis.mp4 Here is the SSE Conversion 7z archive including BodySlides- just drop into your Mod Manager and hit "install."
  14. OK, I just converted this to SSE and it's well worth doing, especially with the *surprise!* of the sunglasses! Here's a quick video tour of the mod: Spring Slingshot Bikinis.mp4 It's UUNP, which is the body type I use, not "maybe 3BBB" as you mentioned. I posted the files (including BodySlides) on the mod thread.
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