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These are a few animations I've put together using Blender. Right now it's just some horse animation intended to liven up the non-consensual options for SexLab Aroused Creatures SE. I am by no means an experienced animator and the workflow for this is tortuous, so I'm not sure when or if I'll be doing any more.



Fore's New Idles in Skyrim, run Generate FNIS for Users after installing.    

Sexlab Animation Loader SSE and all of its requirements.

Animated Beast Cocks for the labelled ABC animation.


Install with the mod manager of choice (see Known Issues below). Run Generate FNIS for Users. Once in-game go to the SLAL MCM select SRB Creatures, enable the animation and select Register Animations.



Install over existing installation and run Generate FNIS for Users. Enable new animations in SLAL MCM. New names may not display for existing animations in UI.


Creature Animations

  • SRB (Horse) Horse Aggressive Doggy - 5 Stages
  • SRB (Horse) Horse Aggressive Doggy 2 - 6 Stages
  • SRB (Horse) Horse Cowgirl - 7 Stages
  • SRB (Horse) Horse Aggressive Missionary - 5 Stages
  • SRB (Horse) Horse ABC Aggressive Doggy - 5 Stages (requires Animated Beast Cocks)


Change Log


SLAL SE Animation by Sailing Rebel [SRB] v3.00 - 2023-11-04

  • Added: One new horse animation: SRB (Horse) Horse ABC Aggressive Doggy - 5 Stages. This uses an animated penis, requiring Animated Beast Cocks or similar.
  • Changed: altered naming convention.


SLAL SE Animation by Sailing Rebel [SRB] v2.00 - 2018-08-09

  • Added: One new horse animation: SRB (Horse) Horse Rape Doggy 2 - 6 stages.
  • Added: Custom khajiit / argonian tail animation for all stages.
  • Changed: Animation naming updated to match current convention.
  • Changed: SRB (Horse) Horse Rape Missionary Stage 5 replaced with alternate position that is actually possible for the character to reach from the previous stage.
  • Fixed: SRB (Horse) Horse Rape Missionary Stage 3 replaced with alternate animation which should not cause IK glitching.

Known Issues

  • An apparent bug in later versions of NMM may prevent proper installation. Renaming the mod file to remove spaces from the name is reported to work around this. Switching to Mod Organizer 2 is highly recommended.
  • The animations have been created using UUNP/CBBE and the nude meshes from the current MNC/ABC, all at scale 1.0. Using other meshes and/or not using Even Actor's Height in the SexLab options may result in clipping and/or misalignment, which may be fixed by editing the positions in SexLab.
  • These animations are not intended to be in any way "realistic."

CC BY-SA 4.0


Edited by Sailing Rebel
Adding one new animation, minor edits

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