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SexLab Aroused Creatures (2016-01-20) 04.0 Beta 05

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About This File

Allow friendly creatures to take advantage of your character and NPCs.


Any nearby non-hostile creatures with a high enough arousal will rape (or seduce) your character or any available NPC. There are lots of configuration options to customise your experience.


Some effort has been made to provide compatibility with Submit, Defeat and Deviously Helpless by filtering creatures rendered non-hostile by their respective calm spells but the results may not function perfectly.


Ultimately this mod is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the venerable Lover's Victim Dogs & Horses which is sadly no longer supported. However, SLAC has been built from scratch and does not share any code or other assets with this predecessor.


v04.0 Beta 04
This is the beta version of the next release of Aroused Creatures. The big updates for this over v03 are the addition of a pursuit option that allows creatures to chase victims prior to engagement and the ability to filter consensual and non-consensual animations (this only works for SLAC engagements). There is also some very basic support for creature gender but the options are limited right now. From Beta 01 Aroused Creature will default to using quest aliases instead of a cloak spell for detecting nearby creatures. See the change log below for more details.


The beta will only function with SexLab Framework v1.59c and later. Animation filtering and creature gender options will only function with v1.60 RC2 and later.


See SexLab Aroused Creatures SE for the Skyrim Special Edition compatible version.


SexLab 1.59c+
SexLab Aroused or SexLab Aroused Redux


More Nasty Critters (adds aroused creature models)
SexLab More Creatures (adds more friendly creatures to the world)


Use a mod organiser like NMM or MO. Alternatively drop the contents of the archive into your Skyrim Data folder then activate the SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp in your load order. Obviously this should be loaded after the above requirements. Once in-game make sure that creatures are allowed in the SexLab MCM.


How to Use
After installing this mod and starting your game Aroused Creatures should be active automatically. Approaching creatures now has a chance to trigger an animation depending on the creature's arousal level.


With the default settings engagements will be relatively rare. To increase the number of engagements open the Aroused Creatures MCM and reduce the Creature Arousal Threshold in the PC/NPC settings. Note that there are separate thresholds used for PC and NPCs.


Use your mod manager of choice or manually delete any of the following (not all will be present):

  • Data/SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp
  • Data/SexLab Aroused Creatures.bsa
  • Data/Interface/sexlabarousedcreatures.dds
  • Data/Interface/Translations/SexLab Aroused Creatures_ENGLISH.txt and other language files with the mod name.
  • Data/Scripts/slac_*.pex
  • Data/Scripts/Source/slac_*.psc

It is important to remove the script files as these may otherwise try to execute after disabling the esp. This can lead to unexpected behaviour.


It is strongly recommended that you disable the mod in the MCM (uncheck Mod Active) and wait until any ongoing SLAC-triggered animations are complete. Uninstall, then load your save and wait at least 2 minutes real time in-game, then wait 2 hours using the wait menu before saving again. Then install the new version.


Known Bugs
In some instances the Pounce option provided in v04 Alpha 03 can trigger combat when a creature pounces on an NPC. This option defaults to off and should be used with caution.


Submit and Defeat events may occasionally be interrupted by this mod triggering in the time between the player being downed and an animation starting. The actual result of this will vary from nothing to the enemies remaining calmed after an event. While there are now checks built in to try and prevent this the actual cause of incorrect progression in those mods is rarely clear.


There can be quite a lag between a creature being selected for an engagement and the animation actually starting. You might find your character teleported a short distance back to where the engagement was actually triggered.


With a long check frequency it is possible to run past a valid candidate creature in the time between checks. Lower the time between checks or increase the engagement radius to decrease the chances of this happening.


For performance reasons the Nude Only option uses the Nude Faction from SexLab Aroused. This means there can be a delay after equipping or unequipping clothing and armour before Aroused Creatures detects the change.


The Require LoS option is very buggy: creature and victim can be standing face-to-face, inches apart, head-tracking each other, and apparently still not have line of sight. If this is causing you problems it is recommended to disable it. Without Require LoS it is possible for creatures to teleport through walls to reach their victim.


Versions 01.1 through 04.0 of this mod have been cleaned in TES5Edit.


Change Log


v04.0 Beta 05 (2015-01-20)

  • Added: Direct invitation now overrides the Allow Creature Followers option.
  • Fixed: Direct creature invitation prevented by global cooldown.
  • Fixed: Heavy traffic areas exhausting quest aliases - the number of scanned creatures can now be increased to 20 (default is still 10).
  • Fixed: Summoned creatures starting pursuits they cannot complete.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary or inaccurate notifications for version updates.
  • Fixed: Actor RefIDs displayed in place of names in some instances.
  • Removed: ActorTypeDaedra exception to allow Dremora - dremora are no longer considered creatures and will not be handled by AC.

v04.0 Beta 04 (2015-01-17)

  • Fixed: Aggressive Animation Toggles page not available in the AC MCM in Beta 03.

v04.0 Beta 03 (2015-01-16)

  • Added: Option to allow actors currently involved in quest scenes to be engaged as victims or attackers.
  • Added: In-place version update support. Clean saves should no longer be necessary.
  • Fixed: Unable to toggle Allow Follower options.
  • Fixed: Direct creature invite blocked by the global cooldown.
  • Fixed: Failed pursuits chaining endlessly.
  • Notes: Cooldown is now triggered at the end of failed pursuits to allow victims time to escape their pursuer's engage radius. Pursuit can still chain if the CD is very low.

v04.0 Beta 02 (2016-01-10)

  • Added: Clean Actor option to manually remove Aroused Creatures magic effects and factions.
  • Fixed: Pursuit quests allowed to overrun if the mod is disabled in the MCM while a pursuit is active.
  • Fixed: Aggressive Animation Toggles page exceeding permitted number of MCM options.
  • Fixed: Dremora being ignored... again.

v4.0 Beta 01 (2016-01-08)

  • Added: Quest Alias and SL FindAvailableActor scan methods as alternates to the Cloak Spell for locating nearby creatures.
  • Added: Invite hotkey which allows the player to directly invite a targeted creature.
  • Added: Basic support for transgender characters (untested).
  • Added: An option to allow only male or female creatures if required.
  • Added: Option to prevent creature followers from engaging victims and NPC followers from being engaged as victims.
  • Added: a couple of extra shared dialogue comments during non consensual pursuits ("By the gods.." was getting a bit old).
  • Fixed: Defeat progress interrupted by Aroused Creatures engagements - thanks to Goubo for the assistance with that.
  • Fixed: Default aggressive tags not being added to creature animations if SLAC is not loaded before the animation registry is updated. Animations are now checked on every game load.
  • Fixed: Humanoid daedra ignored - animation filtering is not currently supported (other than through SexLab options)
  • Fixed: Missing conditions on magic effects (not entirely sure how these were deleted)

v4 Alpha 03 (2015-09-18)

  • Added: Very basic support for creature gender filtering (only FF/MM pair filtering for the moment).
  • Added: Aggressive Animation Toggles MCM page for setting which animations will be filtered for consensual and non-consensual engagements.
  • Added: PC gender option as basic support for gender switching, so the PC can be automatically ignored when male for example.
  • Fixed: Non-consensual animations not registering actors as victims.
  • Fixed: PC/NPC Preference always using No Preference regardless of setting.

v4 Alpha 02 (2015-08-18)

  • Added: Support for SexLab Framework 1.59c without animation filtering
  • Added: Aggressive tags added dynamically to known SL and MNC creature animations (not currently configurable).
  • Changed: Animation filtering now uses the new GetCreatureAnimationsByRaceTags() function.
  • Fixed: Missing slac_Utility.pex (...seriously. I uploaded the wrong archive)

v4 Alpha 01 (2015-08-16)

  • Added: Pursuit options for PC and NPCs including consensual seeking behaviour for aroused NPCs.
  • Added: Aggressive/Consensual animation filtering.
  • Changed: Default Engage Radius from 24ft to 60ft to better accommodate pursuit.
  • Changed: Default Required Arousal for both PC and NPCs from Both to Creature Only.
  • Removed: Creature ignore effect.
  • Fixed: Incorrect conversion from feet to Skyrim units for Engage Radius.
  • Fixed: Cloak Radius resetting on reload.
  • Fixed: Debug spamming notifications - Debug messages will now be sent to the console instead.
  • Fixed: Debug option persisting through multiple sessions - debugging is now automatically disabled after SLAC maintenance in a new session.
  • Fixed: SLAC Active Actor Spell addition showing in notification area during engagement.

v03.1 (2015-05-11)

  • Fixed: PC/NPC/collared arousal thresholds leaking into each other in some configurations.
  • Fixed: some dogs always "busy".
  • Fixed: setting PC/NPC Preference to No Preference either always or never selects the PC first.
  • Fixed: some minor errors in the interface.
  • Added: additional info in debug mode.

v03.0 (2015-02-22)

  • Fixed: Out-by-1 errors in some arousal checks.
  • Fixed: Seekers and Dremora being ignored.
  • Added: Engage Radius now uses feet instead of Skyrim units in the MCM.
  • Removed: Nude Creatures arousal display feature (this is now handled by Creature Framework).

v03.0 Beta 04 (2015-01-09)

  • Fixed: NPC engagements triggering even when NPCs are disabled in the MCM.
  • Fixed: Adaptive Consent option with Both Aroused requirement causing arousal thresholds to be ignored.
  • Fixed: Consent options being ignored and all engagements being treated as rape
  • Fixed: Aroused Creature engagements interrupting Defeat-triggered animations and preventing progression (AC now checks for alternate an calm effect and Defeat faction).
  • Fixed: Creatures teleporting into the water to engaged swimming actors - swimming is now treated as sitting.
  • Fixed: Horses bucking their riders to engage pedestrians.

v03.0 Beta 03 (2014-12-01)

  • Fixed: Invite crouch option not functioning and interfering with normal engagement options.
  • Fixed: Sleeping victims causing animations to clip through beds. Animations should now appear on top of beds.
  • Fixed: Seated victims causing animations to clip through chairs, benches, walls, etc. Seated victims will now be moved to the creature's location.
  • Fixed: Engagements interrupting or delaying scene progression by stalling required actors.
  • Fixed: Engagements causing issues while trespassing (breaking stealth, preventing escape). Trespassing actors are no longer valid victims.

v03.0 Beta 02 (2014-12-01)

  • Added: Creatures may appear aroused outside of SexLab animations (requires Nude Creatures).
  • Added: Option to disable enemy creature engagements with their allies.
  • Added: Creature Only and PC/NPC Only required arousal options.
  • Added: Creatures Prefer Collars option which uses a separate arousal threshold for the creature with collared victims.
  • Added: Manual soft dependencies check to update references to Submit, Defeat, Deviously Helpless and Nude Creatures.
  • Fixed: Soft dependencies being checked twice on first load.
  • Fixed: Invite crouch option should now work correctly.
  • Fixed: Deactivating the mod in the MCM now properly disables update events.

v03.0 Beta 01 (2014-11-23)

  • Added: more rigorous victim searching (up to 4 NPCs plus the PC)
  • Added: more reliable PC/NPC priority. The "no preference" option will still produce mixed results.
  • Added: support for nude-only victims (PC/NPC specific) using the SL Aroused nudity detection (nude armours should work).
  • Added: victim collars - select a collar or amulet via MCM that will be used as a condition for allowing engagements.
  • Added: Invitation option to lower creature arousal requirement for the PC when crouching.
  • Added: support for all ally / neutral engagements so bandits and other enemies can be raped / seduced by their own creatures.
  • Added: option for basic notifications about engagements.
  • Added: OnHit interruption for PC/NPC as well as creatures.
  • Added: option to ignore sleeping NPCs.
  • Fixed: soft dependency failure after mod updates or load order changes.
  • Fixed: occasional permanent actor exclusion requiring console commands to free them up.
  • Fixed: occasional surprise engagements with sleeping draugr.

v02.1 (2014-07-07)

  • Added: option to disable OnHit animation interrupt.
  • Added: Deviously Helpless Calm spell filter.
  • Fixed: bug causing foreign cloak spells interrupting animation (hopefully).
  • Fixed: player engaging while set to inactive.
  • Fixed: NPC Consensual setting being applied to PC.
  • Fixed: crouching and drawn weapons effects being ignored when Creatures Prefer PC is off.
  • Removed: ski_playerloadgamealias.pex/.psc from BSA.
  • Numerous: corrections to MCM localisation files.


  • Added: support for NPC engagements.
  • Added: more rigorous validation of victims.
  • Added: an ignore state for invalid creatures.
  • Added: optional settings for effect of crouching/drawn weapons.
  • Added: option to use arousal levels exclusively rather than in combination.
  • Added: option to exclude seated characters.
  • Added: OnHit event to end animations early (creatures only).
  • Added: Improved LOS registration chances (slightly).
  • Added: Global Cooldown now triggers at the end of every engagement (PC and NPC).
  • Added: Moved MCM localisation files outside of BSA to facilitate easier translation.
  • Fixed: mounted player engaged by their mount.
  • Fixed: engagements trigger while on cooldown.
  • Fixed: player taken out of the dialogue menu by an engagement.




Version Issues
If you are using, or are planning on trying earlier versions these are things to take into account:





PC, NPC and collored arousal levels can become switched causing unexpected engagements - leave the required arousal to Creature Only as a workaround. Some dogs will become permanently "busy" in a stuck "Stupid dog" scene.



v03.0 Beta 04


Seekers and dremora are ignored. Under some circumstances arousal level checks may be out-by-one. The soft dependency on Nude Creatures will cause issues with later versions of the mod due to the addition of the Creature Framework - disable the Use Nude Creatures option in the MCM.



v03.0 Beta 03


NPCs can be engaged by creatures even when disabled (but not when both PC and NPCs are disabled). Setting Required Arousal to Both and Consent to Adaptive causes arousal levels to be ignored and engagements to trigger back-to-back. Consent options are ignored and all engagements are treated as rape.



v03.0 Beta 02


Invite option causes issues. Patched scripts can be found




Do not uninstall or upgrade while a SLAC triggered NPC animation is in progress. This may result in the involved actors being permanently ignored by future SLAC installations. If you suspect an actor has been locked out of the mod in this fashion open the console, click on them and enter
RemoveFromFaction xx000d62
, where
is the load order position of SLAC - this should removed them from the
SLAC Engaged Actor
faction. If you are not sure of the load order enter help "slac engaged" to get the full ID value.




Soft dependencies for Submit, Defeat and Deviously Helpless may become disassociated by updates or load order changes requiring SLAC to be reinstalled. The PC, NPCs and creatures can become excluded from SLAC requiring console commands to clear them again (see Upgrade section for instructions).





Animations interrupted by cloak spells from other mods. Some incorrect application of settings under certain circumstances such as the inactive PC being engaged, or PC engagements being treated non-consensual despite opposite setting. BSA contains SkyUI file that might interfere with future SkyUI/MCM updates.





PC only. Player can be engaged by own mount. Engagements can interrupt dialogue menus. Other minor issues.




All contained code and assets:

  • Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
  • GPLv3

Pick one or both.




Q: Why can't I get this mod to work?
A: Make sure you have Allow Creatures toggled on in the SexLab MCM. Under SexLab > Toggle Animation navigate to the creature animations page and check that these are all toggled on. If the page is blank useSexLab's Rebuild & Clean > Clean System option. If this doesn't work and the page remains blank then there may be something wrong with the SexLab install.


Q: Why are the characters just standing there without moving?
A: Make sure you have run FNIS. This mod does not require it but you should run it as a matter of course after making any changes to your mod collection. Run SexLab's Rebuild & Clean > Clean System option.


Q: Why won't this creature use my character even though I'm standing right next to it.
A: You can check the arousal levels of yourself and the creature using the N key (default for SexLab Aroused). If you have Require LoS turned on then either the creature must be in your cone of vision or vice versa - even so, LoS calculation is buggy and will not always register. Also, not all passive creatures are non-hostile, stolen horses for example may be treated as hostile by this mod. Creatures may be ignored for a few hours if they had no available animation during their last check (if creatures were not enabled in SexLab when they were first see, for instance). This can be fixed by setting the Ignore Duration to zero then waiting one hour in the wait menu.


Q: Why do my SexLab animations keep getting interrupted?
A: There is another mod hitting the creature with an invisible cloak spell. Turn off On Hit Interrupt in Global Settings in the Aroused Creatures MCM.


Q: Is this mod interfering with my Defeat/Submit encounters?
A: Maybe... a bit? It's really hard to tell. those mods are very complicated and lots of things can go wrong. It's difficult to determine if a failed encounter is a result of this mod, or another one, or a bug in Defeat or Submit themselves. I haven't seen this mod do anything that I haven't seen happen without it.


Q: Are the sexual preferences/orientations of NPCs or creatures taken into account by this mod?
A: No, those stats are completely ignored.


Q: Why is my dog always busy?
A: This is a bug in a vanilla greeting quest which triggers the "Stupid dog." dialogue and cannot be easily cleared. v03.1 of Aroused Creatures fixes this.


Q: Can I translate your mod?
A: Yes, please do. And thanks.


Q: I'm a modder. Can I use y-
A: Yes.



Thank You
Ashal for the SexLab Framework.
redneck2x for the SexLab Arousal Framework.
Quisling, jbezorg, and everyone who has submitted advice, bug reports and suggestions.
Everyone who has helped by reporting issues and testing development versions.

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